Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Epilogue- Eva

Four Years Later

“Hey, girl” Amber smiles, as I open our door

“Hey, babe, Where’s TJ?” I ask her

Amber and Russ was married, when Amber was three months pregnant with Theo James Berkeley-—I remember the day he was born. TJ, as we all like to call him, was born full term, he weighed 9lb 10 1/2oz, she had an awful time giving birth to him. His head had gotten stuck at some point, Helen-—the same midwife, who tended to Aidan and Anaya was helping Amber give birth to TJ.

“Right Amber, am just going to have to make a cut so you can push him out, try not to push”she asks her apologetically “Watch her” she tell’s me and Russ as she goes to the trolley with all the surgical tools on. Amber wanted me by her side, as I remember her she asking me before we left for the hospital “Please girl, I’ll need you” she pleads

“But Russ” I tell her

“Will just be making jokes about how wide my hooha will get, trying to make me laugh—that won’t make me laugh Eva” she growls

I shake my head at the memory as I remember the birth. Helen had moved to retrieve something from another trolley, then all of a sudden. Amber wails “Nnnnnnyaaaaaaa” she pants breathlessly

Helen comes over hurriedly “I told you to keep an eye on her”she panics

Me and Russ look at her confused What?

“She’s gone an pushed his head out herself” she growls “Come on, amber, one more push lovey” she tells amber as she starts pushing again “Good, love—good” she croons to her

Pulling him out, he’s not crying, Helen springs into action cutting TJ’s cord and takes him over to where the weighing scales and stuff is. He’s still wrapped in the sac as Helen unclogs his wind pipes and starts rubbing at TJ’s chest.

“What’s going on?” Amber pants from the bed “Russ? Eva? What’s wrong with my baby? Why isn’t he crying??” She wails

I run to her to comfort her as Russ is in a state of shock. “Ssssh, He’ll be okay, you’ll see” I croon to my best friend

“Please be okay, Please, TJ, come back to mummy and daddy” she sobs

Then we hear a sharp wail coming from TJ and Russ collapses on to his knees and starts to cry “Oh, Thankyou God, is he okay?” He croaks to Helen

“He’s fine—I think he may have swallowed something from the sac, but he’s seems fine now” she tells us as she wraps him up in a blanket

“Here he is, he’s quite the big lad too, mummy 9lb 10 1/2 oz. Well Done!” She praises as she hands him over to Amber

“Oh,Thankyou” she cries happily and looks down at TJ cooing at him

He’s gorgeous, he has a mop of brown hair on his head— his skin is slightly tanned, which probably means he’s going have a complexion like Barb. His eyes are a dark blue colour, he’s got cute little button nose and pouty lips.

“What the actual fuck, is that?” Russ says in disgust looking down to were Helen is between amber’s legs

“Language” Me and Amber growl

"This, is the afterbirth Russ.” Helen giggles

“Ur argh, that’s fucking disgusting” Russ shudders

“Russ” Amber sings “You better stop that swearing around our boy, before I rip your tonsils out” she sings sweetly

“Sorry baby, but I’ve already had me tonsils out” he says smugly

“Oh, okay, keep swearing around our son and I’ll rip other dangly bits off instead, reckon they’re still there, seen as though we’ve got our son here” she says smugly looking down at Russ’s crotch

Me, Helen and amber giggle, as Russ flinches as he holds his crotch

“Cruel baby...” he pouts

“Watch your tongue then, and you’ll be fine, babe” she says with a wink

I come back to now as amber talks to me. “Girl! Where did you just go right now?” She teases

“Just remembering when you gave birth to TJ and you threatened russ” I laugh

“At least that man learned his lesson though, holds his tongue while TJ’s round. Russ is just having the nursery talk with TJ” she says as she rolls her eyes

It’s Aidan, Anaya and TJ’s first day at nursery

“Babe” Russ shouts “He’s forgot his bag, am gonna nip back to ours to get it”

Russ and amber had bought a house similar to our home, three doors down from us. It’s lovely to have my best friend so close to us, especially with TJ and the twins.

“He’s four, babe. How can he forget it? don’t you mean you did” she shouts at him chuckling

He scowls at her “Don’t make me come over there an spank you, woman”

“Bring it Russmeister” she teases him

He chuckles at his nickname from years ago “Me and you baby—be having words later” he growls

She chuckles “Looking forward to it, babe”

She turns to look at me “So, where are my twinny twin twins” she asks

“In the living room with Justin, we’ve just gotten them ready. I can’t believe it’s their first day of nursery already” I tell her as we walk into the living room where they are.

“Girl, me too. They’re growing up too fast” she says sadly

Walking into the living room, amber greets Justin and the twins

“What’s up Rome, Where’s my twinny twins at?” She says giddily

Aidan and Anaya quickly look to amber squealing “Auntie amber” as they hug her legs, Aidan let’s go first “Where’s TJ? Where’s uncle Wuss?” He asks her as he looks behind her

“Awww, they’ve just nipped back to ours lil man. TJ forgot his bag, they’ll be here in a bit” she tells him fluffing his hair “So, who’s excited for their first day at nursery then?” She asks them

Aidan and Anaya squeal “Me” at her jumping with their hands in the air, but then Anaya stops jumping and her face drops Oh no...

“Anaya? Baby girl, what’s wrong? Tell daddy?” Justin says softly as he comes over to kneel before her

“It’s just, am a’cited to go to nurswee, but am gonna miss you and mummy”, she says sadly

“Awwww baby”, I say softly to her as I lower myself next to Justin. He secretly grabs my arse, I look at him rolling my eyes, to which he winks at me “Mummy and Daddy will miss you too, but remember it’s only for a few hours, and you’ll have Aidan and TJ with you. And, you’ll make new friends—it’s only for a little while, then mummy and daddy will come and pick you up, okay?” I tell her

“O’Tay”, she says hugging both me and Justin

“Yo yo yo—People, who’s ready to get Nursuray On!!” Russ shouts as he walks to our house, TJ is on his shoulders

“Me” Aidan and Anaya shout bouncing happily, Russ takes TJ from his shoulders, placing him on the ground. TJ fist bumps Aidan and hugs Anaya tightly. Aww

“Sup man!” Russ says to Justin, fist bumping him “Can you believe our kids are in nursery already? be weird not having them round in the mornings” he says “We’ll have to get you’s two pregnant again” he teases

Here we go—

"Actually”, I say and Amber says it too, we all gasp “What the, Eff?” Russ says shocked

“Are you?” Me and Amber say at the same time, pointing at each other “Yeah” We both say at the same time Oh my God!!

“Holy, fudgemonkey" Justin says

“You got that right” Russ scoffs

“You’re pregnant baby?” Justin asks grinning like a fool, I nod

“And you are too, baby?” Russ asks Amber, she nods

“You hear that kids? you’s are gonna be big brother’s and sister’s” Russ says giddily

“Really?” the kids say excitedly

Me, Justin, Amber and Russ nod

“Yay!” The kids say at the same time

“Wouldn’t it be funny, if you’d have twins again” Russ chuckles

I snort “If that happens, you can get the snip,” I say snipping my fingers with a scissor action, pointing to Justin

He holds his hand over his crotch as if in pain “Cruel babe, so cruel” he whispers in my ear “You’re really pregnant?” He asks

I nod “I wanted to surprise you”, I say

“Well, colour me surprised” He grins kissing me

“Right stop sucking her face Rome, we’ve gotta take our kids to nursery remember”, Amber says rolling her eyes, whilst standing next to Russ. We chuckle, as Justin gives me one last kiss on the forehead, we leave. Walking to Croft primary for the kids first day of nursery, they’re holding hands as they walk up the school path, Justin and Russ are both wearing caps and sunglasses to hide their identities. The kids walk in together “Bye kids, we’ll miss you, see you soon” We shout, but they run away, once they see all the other children running into the classroom.

Miss Richardson, Mine and Amber’s primary school teacher, laughs “Best get used to that ladies, that was the first step of independence, that was” She smiles

Mine and Amber’s face saddens, as we walk back to our husband’s “Don’t worry you two, you’ll soon be able to do it all, all over again” Russ chuckles

And he’s right, we will. I grin to amber, as she does to me...

I hug Justin, then reach for his hand “Shall we go to F & B’s for some breakkie?” He asks

I nod “What about you two? You coming?” I ask Amber and Russ

“Fuck yeah, Am starving” Russ groans

Amber rolls her eyes “You’re always Starving babe” she scoffs

“I can’t believe we’re pregnant at the same time”, I say to amber

“Me neither, at least we can experience this pregnancy together, this time” She grins as we walk side by side with our husbands.

Pregnant and happy...

The End

** Coming Soon Amber & Russ’s Story- Amber & Her Baller**

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