Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Eight

I walk into my class, take my coat off and hang it up, I see Nikki and Tracy are sorting the room out ready for the kids to arrive.....

“Morning ladies, how was your weekend?” I ask, Be careful Eva don’t look too happy, they’ll know something’s happened...

They both look at me with a smile on their faces...

“Mine was ok babe! Took the kids to watch that sing film... Oh, it was funny as” Tracy said

“Awww, that’s fab, eh, apparently Odeon is doing an autism friendly screening next week... Maybe we should take the kids?”

I’ll have to remember to text me mum at the break... I forgot to tell her I got an email from Odeon this morning... Justin’s fault.. I start to think of Justin, Of his smile, The way he holds me, Kisses me... I’m still on cloud Justin, when Nikki breaks through my thoughts of him...”Sorry, what babe?.... I was in a world of my own then,” I tell her

She laughs at me “I was asking what you got up to over the weekend”

“Oh, nothing much just hung with amber and the family” I say, trying to avoid eye contact

“Oh really? Did you not go out on Friday night? Cause I could of sworn I saw you in Club Circo?” she smirks

Shit... She knows something... Shit, shit!

“Oh yeah our mate Jen got us VIP tickets in” I shrug

Nikki smiles and nods “I saw you, I wanted to come to you, say hi but I wasn’t in the VIP area.. And the bouncer wouldn’t let us through... You looked gorgeous, and I’ve gotta say, you and Justin make a lovely couple” She states arching an eyebrow, daring me to deny her seeing us together. FUUUUUCK!!!

Tracy breaks the silence “What are you two talking about? Who’s Justin?” I hide my face when she looks at me, I hear her gasp “Fuck right off now... Are you shitting me? You’re dating Justin Casey? The fuck did this happen? He was only here on Friday!!” She says

“Yeah, I know he was... Calm your tits, It turns out he’s my neighbour” I shrug, Tracy frowns confused

“How is an Everton player your neighbour? Why is he living in Kirkby and not somewhere like Formby or somewhere?” She asks

“What does it matter, Trace? He’s an Everton player... And.. That doesn’t define who he is, And I’ve never known you to judge someone” I scowl at her

She sighs “I know, am sorry! Am just baffled... It’s just... I mean he was only here Friday and now he’s your fella AND your neighbour, It’s just a surreal babe” she says

“Well, his little brother Brandon is starting here on Wednesday he’s autistic... Maybe that’s the reason he’s local” I say

“Does it matter though trace? We shouldn’t be judging Eva or Justin... Are you happy Eva babe? Does he make you happy?” Nikki asks

I smile, “He does you know... It’s strange... It’s new, yet I feel like I’ve known him for ages... It’s just... I can’t explain it” I sigh

Tracy and Nikki are looking at me with grins on their faces

“Ladies, Your kids are here” Jill says through the walkie talkie

“This isn’t finished missus... We want details, ” Tracy says sternly, I roll my eyes at Tracy as Nikki’s laughing her arse off behind us...

The day is long.... The kids had the opportunity to go in the pool and the Jacuzzi this afternoon...

The Jacuzzi helps de-stress and relax the muscles on the kids we have calming lights and music on...so I take advantage of the Jacuzzi time too...

“Miss Eva”Abbie asks

“Yes Abbie?” I look at her curiously

“Are the Everton players coming back? I really liked playing football with them, ” she says, rocking back an forth

“I don’t know my love...” I answer honestly

I don’t like promising the kids anything I don’t have control over

“Oh, I hope they do, ” she says excitedly

I smile at her and notice her’s and Kieran’s fingers are starting to wrinkle

“Right come on my kiddywinks time to get out of the water... Our fingers are starting to wrinkle” I say showing them my fingers

They laugh, cringing away from my fingers.... I laugh at them... I love these kids!!

We get back to class, it’s 2.45pm the kids minibuses will be here soon...

Nikki and Tracy haven’t mentioned anything about me and Justin since this morning, Thank god, Am not out the safe zone yet no doubt...

We walk the kids in the hall were the children’s Carer’s and drivers are waiting for them...

“I’ll see you tomorrow guys... Be good for your mum and dad’s” I say to Abbie and Kieran... I’m Abbie and Kieran’s assigned key worker in school... I’m assigned to them for one to one work as they struggle with group work and other areas in school.

I’m in class putting on my coat and get my phone out and switch it on...

I have five missed calls and a text from amber... And a Text from mum telling me we’re having Spag bol for tea

Nothing from Justin...

Hmm, strange... He did say he had training today!

I open the text from amber...

Amber: “Ring me bitch x”

Nice, don’t hear from her over the weekend and that’s what I get... Typical

I leave her to stew a bit longer like the “bitch” I am, I laugh to myself!

Nikki and Tracy come in they have questions to ask, you can see the curiosity on their faces....

“Right... What I want to know is... Is Justin your file now?” Tracy asks

“Yeah, ” I say “We made it official yesterday” I smile

“Wow” Tracy & Nikki say at the same time

“And his brother is starting here on Wednesday?” Tracy asks

I nod

“Does Chelle know babe? Cos you know there’s rules for these things” Tracy says

What the fuck does she mean? Justin’s not Brandon’s dad!

“That’s only parent’s and teacher’s though, isn’t it?” I panic

They smile sympathetically at me

“We’re not sure babe... You’ll be best querying with Chelle” Nikki says

“Anyway, there’s no guarantee he’ll be in our class... He’s the same age as our Holly, ” I argue

“Just double check with Chelle babe” Nikki says

“I’ll go now, before I leave” I say

I leave before they can say anything else to me...

I run into Chelle’s office and knock on her door, “Come in” Chelle says

I take a deep breath in... You got this Eva, Everything will be okay, I walk in.. Michelle is sat behind her desk writing

“Hey Chelle, have you got a minute?” I ask nervously

“Hey Eva, Sure, what’s up?” She asks putting her pen down

“Um, I don’t know where to start really, ” I say nervously

“What’s wrong Eva? You can tell me!” She assures me

I smile, and hope to hell I can tell her

“Um... Well, I’ve started seeing someone” I say

“Oh... Well, that’s good! Are you happy?” She asks

“Well, it’s pretty new... But he does make me happy” I say with a smile

“Well, that’s alright then, But what’s got you worried Eva? I can see it on your face, ” She worries

“Um.... Well, it’s Justin Casey” I whisper, my eyes in my lap

She’s quiet.... Like really quiet... I look up, and her eyes are wide “Justin Casey as in Justin Casey the footballer who was here Friday?” She queries

I nod, She looks at me and something changes in her face as if she’s understood my worries...

“His little brother is starting on Wednesday, isn’t he?” She asks, I nod

“He’s going to be in Holly’s class, ” She informs me

I smile at this information, Holly will be happy with this news

“But you’re worried Incase it affects your relationship with Justin, aren’t you?” She asks, I nod again

She smiles this time...

Oh, thank fuck... I’m ok... We’re ok

“I have to be honest Eva, If Brandon was to be in your class, then yes, your worries would have been valid” she clarifies

“But as such, he isn’t, luckily for you, Hey?” She smiles wide

I laugh out loud “I literally shit myself Chelle, soon as Tracy and Nikki found out, they told me to speak to you about it.... And as much as my relationship with Justin is pretty new, I care deeply for him, I want to see where it goes” I say

Chelle smiles “I know you do Eva... You can see it as you’re thinking of him, He’s a lucky man, tell him I said so,” She says

I laugh “I will do, Thanks Michelle... Oh, Erm, do Brandon’s parents know of the classroom situation?” I ask curiously

“No, but you’re more than welcome to let them know, Thank You Eva” she smiles

“I’ll see you tomorrow Chelle, have a nice night” I say

“You too darlin” Chelle says

I leave her office and make my way back to class for my Coat... Nikki and Tracy have already left...

I sign out of our staff book and just as I’m walking out the entrance my phone rings, It’s amber...

I answer “Hey babe, sorry I haven’t rung sooner... I had a few issues in school, what’s up?” I say

She’s quiet at first, what’s going on?... I’m about to ask her if she’s ok, but she speaks “Hey babe, you haven’t been on the internet today have you?” She asks nervously What the fuck?

“No babe, I’ve been working all day... What’s going on?” I ask

She ignores my question which pisses me off

“Has Justin rang or texted you at all?” She queries

“No... Well, just a text this morning saying he missed me” I say with a smile

“Fuck, ” she hisses

What the fucks going on?

“Amber if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I swear to god girl, I’ll find you and kick your arse” I promise

She snorts down the phone at my threat... Bitch

“Do me a favour, Do not look at the internet, don’t answer any calls from Justin just come straight home and I’ll meet you there, okay? go straight home babe...I’ll explain when am there, ” she promises, then hangs up before I can say anything else

I fuckin power walk my arse home... Amber’s got me panicky now... What’s going on? And why doesn’t she want me to talk to Justin??

I get home, ambers already at the door... I look at Justin’s house, his car isn’t on the drive way...

“Hey babe... Now don’t freak ok, holly’s here, ” she says

“What the fuck Amber?... I know my sister is here, now what’s going on?” I whisper fuming

“Come on,” she says, dragging me upstairs to my room

We get to my room where I see my laptop open... I look at Amber with a frown wondering why she’s got my computer open?

“Look,” she points

I walk over to my computer and see a website, it’s a magazine’s website...

“Justin Casey got me pregnant and left me for Everton signing” I read out loud

I can’t believe this... It can’t be true... I look at Amber with tears in my eyes, she comes over and hugs me.

“Is this true” I ask her?

“I don’t know babe” she whispers, I pull myself out of her arms and read on

Irish beauty, 20yr old Cara O’Donnell tells us that Everton’s new forward had gotten her pregnant, and left her once Everton scouts signed him...

There’s a picture of the both of them, they look beautiful together... Tears fall down my face

My phone rings- it’s Justin

I answer, partially because I missed his voice, And I want to hear what he has to say... I put him on speaker so Amber can hear too

“Hey Baby, how was your day? I’ve missed you, ” he says happily

I sniffle and snort lying bastard

“Oh really? You miss me? You lying bastard” I snarl

“Eva? What’s going on? What happened?” He asks frantically

“Oh, nothing BABE!!" I say sarcastically

“Just having a little read of something on some magazine’s website... A friend of yours Cara O’Donnell" I sniffle

Why did I fall for him so soon? God this hurts ... Amber holds my hand and takes over just as Justin tried to speak...

“Eva? Baby?? You there?” he says

“Justin” Amber growls “This bitch is saying she’s pregnant with YOUR baby.... That you left her once you were signed with Everton, there’s even a picture of the happy couple,” She says the last bit bitterly

“What the fuck?” Justin snarls “Eva, baby, I swear to you I don’t know who this cara is, I swear to Christ almighty, it’s impossible for it to be mine, because as embarrassing as this is to say with amber there with you, I’m a virgin” he says adamantly

I gasp... He couldn’t possibly be a virgin too... No way... I look to Amber she looks shocked as well

“Justin, don’t take us for fools” Amber growls “We see the picture of the both of you, how do you explain that?” She asks

“Fuck, I don’t know, but Eva, baby listen to me, I am telling you the truth here, I’m a fucking virgin, so there’s no way that baby is mine” he says

“But the picture....” I argue

"Fuck the picture,” he growls

We’re all quiet for a bit before Justin sighs and speaks again

“Can you forward the picture to me, so I can see for myself?” He asks. Amber does it for me, I hear his text notification, he’s quiet for a beat “THAT FUCKIN BITCH” He snarls

I’m quiet as I wait for him to talk to me...

He sighs in frustration “Eva, this bitch, she has it in for me! She wanted me to be her boyfriend, she implied that I was in front of all her family and friends... All we did was kiss Eva, I Swear. Then all of a sudden, she starts calling me babe and shit... She’s a fuckin crank... Calling me her boyfriend in front of her family and friends. Naturally, I put her straight in front of them, she promised payback... looks like she’s got it, ” He snarls

“What’s the picture of you two together, then... You look pretty cosy” I say sarcastically

“Fuckin hell Eva, she asked me to come to her cousin’s wedding with her as her date... there was a photographer, she wanted a picture done... I couldn’t be arsed with her whining, so I did” he says

“So, who’s is the baby, then” Amber asks

“Not fucking mine, that’s for damn sure... I’ll get my agent on to it... Matter of fact, I don’t know why he hasn’t fuckin said anything already... He’s meant to be looking out for me, this bitch is already painting me a fucking lie, ” He snarls “Listen, I’m gonna go Eva...” He sighs sadly “I’ll speak to you soon”

“I’m sor—” I go to apologise, but he’s already put the phone down...Shit!

“What have I done, amber?” I cry

“Shh, it’s alright babe... It’ll be okay, “She coos soothingly

I drop on my bed and lay down, crying myself to sleep.

The last thing I think is I hope all will be okay...

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