Eva & Her Striker (UNEDITED) Book One

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Chapter Nine

It’s Friday and I still haven’t seen or heard anything from Justin, Brandon has already started and settled in well in our holly’s class.

Should I text Justin? Should I leave it? He might still be upset with me?! My thoughts are disturbed when I hear a car door slam outside, I look out my bedroom window and see Justin getting out of his car with a mysterious brunette, I gasp in shock

“Well, there’s your fucking answer Eva, that’s why he’s not bothered getting in touch” I whisper sighing sadly

Just then, Justin looks up to my window as if he can sense me watching, our eyes connect and he looks shocked.

Why the fuck does he look shocked? He’s fucking cheating on me! I growl to myself “Who the fuck does he think he is?” I snarl as my phone sings with a text notification.

I look at my phone to see I’ve received a text message...

It’s from Justin...

Justin: It’s not what you think x

I snort “Yeah, right, it’s not what I think, Daft fucker must think I was born yesterday” I growl

I turn my phone off, as I can’t be arsed with the outside world today, I go downstairs to the living room where our Catherine, Holly, Mum and Dad are... “Hey, baby girl... you okay?” Dad asks

“I’m fine daddy, no worries” I say reassuringly, Dad narrows his eyes at me... Shit, I only say, daddy, when I’m upset or when I’m after money, he knows I’ve only just got paid as well.. Before he can comment “Hey, mum dya fancy coming to see the new fifty shades with me and Amber tonight?” I ask mum, she looks up from reading a story to Holly, “I can’t babe, I’ve got plans with Justin’s mum tonight,” She says excitedly

“Oh, no worries mum, just thought I’d ask”I smile

“Speaking of Justin, I haven’t seen him around lately” Dad says crossing his arms

I avoid eye contact with him, the man can suss a liar out so fast, it’s unreal... I swear, it’s like living with a lie detector.

“Yeah, he’s been busy with training,” I lie shrugging my shoulders

Dad’s just stares at me, ignoring my lie “Wouldn’t happen to be doing with this bullshit I’ve been reading online, would it?” Dad asks accusingly

“LANGUAGE” Mum scolds

“Sorry baby” Dad purrs and she melts at his words, smiling at him and blows him a kiss

“The hell, dad? What are you the mum whisperer or what?” I tease

Mum and Dad laugh their arses off at my comment “I better be the only mum you whisper to?” She warns playfully

“Baby, You are mine, and I Am yours—No worries there, EVER! Don’t worry, that fine arse of yours will be getting it later, I’ll give fifty shades darker... on that arse of yours” Dad growls in her ear, Mum moans in response

“Okay, What the fuck is it with you two? Do go in your own Lil Paddy and Ava universe and forget about everything else? Am going to need some serious therapy after hearing that shit!” I admonish

It’s a good job Our Holly’s got her earphones in

Amber saves the day again “What up my adoptive family” She shouts “Who’s about to get their fifty shades on... whoop whoop” she shouts, I turn to mum and dad and point between them “Don’t you say nothing” I say pointing between them.

Mum and dad hold their hands up in surrender, making googly eyes at each other Urrrgh!

“Come on, let’s go before we see shit we can’t erase” I moan

Amber starts laughing her arse off as we leave

“Have you phoned a delta taxi? When does it start? I ask amber

“We’ve got half hour before it starts, but you’ve got them shitty commercials beforehand anyway, so we’re sound,” she says as she gets her phone out and rings for a cab to take us to the cinemas as we wait the silence is obviously too much for her.

“So have you heard from Justin, since he rang?” She asks cautiously

“Not really, I seen him earlier getting out his car with some girl and he texted me after he saw me looking out my window, and he had the cheek to tell me that it’s not what I think,” I say rolling my eyes.

Amber’s looking nervous kicking at the floor

The fuck? She’s normally more opinionated by now...

“What did you say?” She asks

I shrug “Nothing, I switched my phone off, I don’t see or hear anything from him in days and he comes home with someone else?... What am I meant to think?” I say sadly

“Maybe it’s not what you think?” She says defending Justin

“The fuck amber? What the fucks gotten into you?” I snarl

“Girl, just hear me out!” She defends as our cab turns up “I’d rather not amber, I wanna just go watch fifty, and not think about Justin and his new piece,” I say getting in the cab

“Okay, but she’s not his new piece...” she defends him again

I glare at her, and she holds her hands up in surrender “Okay, okay...I’ll leave it....” she says

I sigh in relief, until she adds “for now” for fucksake

I sit in silence in the cab, as the driver takes us to the cinemas...

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