Amber & Her Baller (UNEDITED) Book Two

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They say that one guy can make you hate all the guys, but one man can teach you, that not all guys are the same. Amber: I first fell in love when I was 16, or what I thought was love between me and Pablo, was nothing but a bet between him and his friend. I thought we were going to start our forever together, more fool me. He broke me in the worst way, he played me, he made me fall in love with him. I vowed to never be swayed so easily by a man ever again. Until HIM! Russ: To say that I was a player on and off the pitch is an understatement. Besides my family, all I ever cared about was football and sex. Nobody ever caught my eye beyond the sex, not that I wanted it. That was until I met this sexy little tigress, her body called to me. I'd never had this feeling before. Until HER!

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Prologue- Amber 16yrs Old

God, I'm bored, so fucking bored....

I'm currently spending my summer holidays with my mum and dad at my abuela's home in Mallorca, Spain. My Abuela, my grandma, is really my great-grandma— but she hates being called Bisabuela, as it makes her feel old.

I know, go figure.

And I'm bored, I'm gutted, Eva. My best friend couldn't come with us, my mum came up with some bullshit excuse about my abuela not liking strange people in her home. I recall our argument a couple of days before we were due to leave. "Amber, babe, you know I'd of brought Eva along if I could. But you know how your abuela's gets" mum says.

"I don't see why I can't just stay with Eva then, am sure pops an ma ava wouldn't mind" I whine.

"No, absolutely not, you know Ava and Paddy are having a hard time with holly. And they're stressed out enough as it is with waiting for Holly's diagnosis," mum says sternly.

"Fine, fine—Am gonna be bored off my head though mum" I moan.

"Amber, you're spending your summer holidays in Spain, am sure you'll find something to do, now come on, blow dry your mum's hair," she tells me grinning. I roll my eyes as I get my new hairdryer out that mum got me for when I start college after the summer holidays.

"I can't wait until you're a qualified hairdresser, you can hook your mum up" she grins with a wink. I laugh. "I'll give you family discount" I tease wink back at her, as I get to work blow drying her hair we don't talk about the trip to abuela's again.

"It'sa beautifula view isn't it?" A male voice asks me breaking me out of my memory, I blink a few times taking my eyes away from the ocean view and lay my eyes on the beautiful man before me. Oh MY God. "I—I, yes, it is" I stutter. "Sorry, I was in a world of my own then" I smile. He laughs softly. "Aaaah, It'sa okay Mi Amor, I too geta lost in my head" he grins his voice heavy with a Spanish accent. I blush at his endearment. Jesus, he's gorgeous. He must be about 18-19? Dad would absolutely shit a brick if he saw me with this lad, he's about 6ft, dark hair with mesmerising blue eyes. His tanned body is hidden behind a white vest and black cargo shorts, his arms muscular with a tattoo of a cross on his upper arm. "So, youa here ona holiday?" He asks staring at me. "Sorry, uh, forgive me—I just felt so entranced by your beauty, that I had to talk to you. My name is Pablo" he smiles putting a hand to his chest and a hand out for me to shake.

"Amber" I smile. Holding my hand out to shake his, but he clasps my hand in his and brings it up to his mouth to kiss it. "Amber?" he says my name so softly, almost like a caress. "A precious and beautiful jewel—quite fitting for you, no?" He smiles kissing my hand again. Oh my gawd!

I blush again. "Thank you" I whisper.

From that day, Pablo and I were inseparable over the weeks, the only time I didn't see him was when abuela wanted to teach me about our culture and heritage. As much as I loved my abuela she can talk your ears off. It was the week we were going to leave for Liverpool, Pablo had told me that he would move to Liverpool for me, that he loved me, he already knew that I loved him. Tonight I wanted to give the last part of me, he already owned my heart, so I was going to give him my body. We'd experimented a lot, but he always knew not to push until I was ready. He was my first kiss, I wanted him to be my first everything. The night I lost my virginity, it wasn't as nice as I thought it would be, it hurt. Pablo told me the pain would ease and to not worry. I tried to relax but it wasn't easy. I though Pablo would ease into me gently, but it seemed like he was in a rush. By the time the pain subsided and I began to feel something, Pablo had already came and started to remove himself from my body to remove the condom. I laid there not knowing what to do with myself, Pablo walked back in, now wearing boxers as he was starting to get dressed. "I'm sorry Mi Amor, but work has just called, they need me to work the night shift, Rafael called in sick" he smiles sadly. "I'm sorry I can't stay, but I need the money especially if I'm to move to Liverpool" he tells me with a kiss. That makes me . "I know, and it's okay. I understand I'll call a cab, will I see you tomorrow?" I ask hopefully.

"Aaaah, I don't know mi Amor, I have to work a lot this week. You understand don't you?" He asks me holding my face.

"I guess," I say sadly. "I love you," I tell him.

"Me too" he replies as he gets up to finish dressing. I go all week hearing nothing from Pablo, with no replies to my calls or texts. I resort to going to his workplace where I know he works at, they tell me he's been off work for the last two days. Worried, I go to his apartment and use his spare key I saw him get out whenever he'd forget his keys. Letting myself in, I walk in as I go to shout his name I hear groaning and squeaking noises further inside his apartment. I walk towards where the noise is coming from and gently open the door. And there is my Pablo, lying on his bed where he had taken my virginity. Only this time he has a brunette riding his cock "Fuck, si mi Amor, just like that, faster" he groans. His eyes are closed and the woman is riding him like a fucking bull rider. What the?

I gasp, covering my mouth as I sob at what's happening here before me, my boyfriend who's meant to love me, meant to be moving to Liverpool for me is cheating on me. Calling the woman the name he had always used for me. My gasp must have given away my presence to being here cos the bull rider stops riding him and she looks at me. "What?" She asks unaffected by my tears.

Pablo opens his eyes. "Mi Amor, why did you stop? You were fucking me so good" he growls.

"You have company," she tells him jerking her head over to me. He looks to me, and the tears stream down my face. "What are you doing here?" He growls, patting the girl's arse to let him up.

"What the fuck Pablo, really? You tell me you love me, you say you'll move home with me—you take my virginity, you don't answer my calls or texts, and you ask ME! What I'm doing here?" I sob.

He picks a towel up, wrapping it around him and growls. "Come with me" pulling me behind him. "I'll be right back, Mi Amor" he says to the slut on his bed. What the actual fuck? He's fucking talking to her as if am not even here?

He pushes me into his living room shutting the door, and turns to look at me. "I thought you loved me?" I croak. He laughs humourlessly. "No, mi Amor, you were just a conquest—a how you say? a bet with my friend, I told him I'd make you fall for me and give me your virginity and you did, you served your purpose" he shrugs no remorse in his eyes.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now? I gave you my heart, I gave you my body—my virginity is not something I can have back, who are you?" I cry feeling my heart breaking in two.

"Someone who made 500 euros off a bet" he grins smugly. I gasp, slapping him hard across the face and he looks at me in anger. "Leave now amber, go back to Liverpool" he growls angrily. I turn to leave, as I get to the front door—I shout. "You were shite anyway, couldn't even make me come—prick" Slamming the door behind me. I managed to keep my shit together until I got to Abuela's house, avoiding everyone I got in the shower and let everything go. I swore to never tell Eva about Pablo, even though she's my best friend. I just couldn't tell her about this, I feel so ashamed of myself. And I swore to never let a man fool me ever again.

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