Her New Boss

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She has a new boss. She had no idea that he wanted a different type of personal assistant.

Erotica / Romance
Kat Thomas
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Chapter 1

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Petra stood in front of the mirror and knew this was not going to work out well. The dryer had completely ruined her outfit, and she was left with one white blouse that one could easily see-through and a short pencil shirt that she would have to be careful of doing anything still left in her closet. She didn’t even have a clean bra to wear, which just added to her dilemma. So her already large chest was going to be bouncing around every which way but that with the combo of the shirt, someone could easily see her dusky colored nipples. This was not the way to start off her job with the new boss. She was about ready to cry when she remembered a blazer that she had in the back of the closet. That would help some of her problems.

She started out the door when she turned locked her door and saw one of her neighbors. The creepy one who always stared. She wondered to herself if she was making an impression that she was strong-minded or simply slutty. Either way, she wanted out of her run-down apartment building. She had two buses and the subway to catch before she would be late for this day. This was going to be the worst Monday ever she had. She had the impression this might be the last day she had working in this position.

Though she had worked for the company for a few years now, this new boss had recently been promoted to this position, and she was promoted to be his personal assistant. She was looking forward to meeting him as she looked around the bus as she found a seat and hoped she would make it through the day without a major embarrassment. She couldn’t afford to lose her job. She wanted to get out of this apartment by the end of the year. The clothes issue was exactly that an issue. She had an idea that she knew what had happened, but she wanted to move on from it as well. The simple fact the creepy man she had seen this morning had been taking her clothes and also placing things in her loads of laundry to ruin the items in it. She just wanted to find something a little better and maybe a little closer to work as well.

As she switched from one transportation to another, she kept her head down, and her jacket pulled tight. It was working a bit, and no one was openly leering at her. If she only to get through the day. She would brave the day in her blazer if it meant she could get through the day even though she was burning up in the office building. She would go to the store after work and get some new things for work. She was already planning it. She knew she needed just a few things.

She walked off the subway and to the building across the street. She scanned her id and went inside and had to wait for an elevator. She saw a few people from the division she had just left as they all looked at her. She knew what they were thinking. She already hated this day. She hated her apartment’s laundry room. She also hated the fact she was not one to shop for clothes often like some women were.

She got in and called out her number for the floor and saw that it was pressed. She kept her head down, and soon it was time to get off the already packed moving room. She pushed her way to the door, and she made her way off onto the floor. She turned and went to the new offices that were being filled. Maybe her new boss would not be in today. She hoped that was the case, and she could just answer calls in peace and without having to face him. She got to the office suite and saw her place was already set up. She placed her bag down and looked around. The clear desk and the empty bookshelf behind the desk. She had a seat in front of the desk and the simple couch against the glass wall. She looked around and saw the door that led into the office that her boss would be in. She turned back to the front and had to like the non-cluttered office and the simple set up of the room.

“Not much if you ask me.” A man’s voice said from behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned to look at him to see who it was. She didn’t know this man.

Instantly she knew who he was. This was her new boss. Though he was in a button-up dress shirt without a tie or jacket, it was plain to see he was the one she now worked for though he had not introduced himself to her. She looked over his form. Though slender and tall, he was not one someone who want to cross. His arms were well-formed and probably very strong. His face had strong features that in her mind she had seen before but couldn’t remember where. His golden amber eyes shined in the low light of the office as she had not turned on the full set of lights. They were the type of eyes someone could call feline-like, and at that moment, she wondered if they would shine in the dark. The idea that this was her new boss sent a shiver and a lightning strike of warmth running through her with awareness. This man was dangerously handsome.

“And what is that exactly?” She asked as she tried not to let her shock show.

“Your office. You don’t have much there.” He said as he glanced her over.

“I have what I need to work and get my job done. Why would I need more than that?” She asked as she tipped her head to look at him better as she looked around the office and preferred it clear.

“Most have something to make it their personal space. You don’t,” he replied with a shrug of her his shoulders as he walked back into the deeper office.

“And you are?” She asked, already knowing who he was.

“Mikael Anderson.” He said with a grin. “I believe you are my assistant.”

“Crap.” She said to herself. This man was more than what she bargained for. He was undeniably handsome and younger than what she had thought. He must be only a few years older than her at twenty-five.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing.” She replied as she grabbed a notepad from her bag and followed him into the office. “I need to ask you a few questions so I can do my job better. That is if you don’t mind.”

“Okay.” He said as he looked at her. He got up from the seat he had quickly sat in and walked around her and shut the door.

“So first.” She said as she went on to ask him the basic questions that would lead her to be able to do things for him, such as how he liked his coffee and other things that an assistant would need to know.

“Okay, since we are getting to know each other here.” He said as he leaned forward at his desk. “Why don’t you get more comfortable.”

“Excuse me?” she asked as she stood in the middle in the office. “This isn’t about me getting comfortable.”

“It is rather hot in the office. Why don’t you at least take off your jacket?” he asked with his eyes raking over her. She knew her face was beginning to flush, but it wasn’t the heat in the office that was doing this to her. It was him staring with those golden eyes.

“I can’t,” she replied and continued on with her questions. She was not going to let him throw her off her game. Though she knew he already did.

“So, Miss Thompson, you have asked every question under the sun, let me have a turn. Do you have a significate other?” he asked as she was done and about ready to get up and go back to her area. She was surprised by the question.

“No, but why would that matter to you?” She asked.

“Well, I don’t know why it would be one of your questions either.” He said with a chuckle as he leaned back in the chair.

“That is easy. As your assistant, I might have to remind you of certain dates to remember and also help get you a gift as well.” She said.

“What nonsense. Is that what others really do with their partners? Let their assistants handle their personal life?” He asked, almost surprised.

“Of course.” She said as she looked at him. “I still don’t understand why my personal life would be of any issue for you.”

“Because sweetheart, we will have many late nights together, and I really don’t want to think about some other man in your life coming at me.” He said with a straight face.

“Late nights together?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. This was news to her that her hours would not be the same as the normal business hours. She didn’t mind, but some idea of that before would have been a nice warning.

“I tend to work better in the afternoon to early evening.” He said. “It is often when others are worn down, and I can use my persuasion to get them to my side easier.”

“Okay, then.” She said as she prepared herself for even more hours then she had been putting in.

“Don’t worry, I always compensate.” He said as he looked her over. His grin deepened, and she looked down at her blazer. The button had come undone, and it was open. She knew her life had just become a nightmare. The look o his face was transfixed on her chest. She was internally screaming to herself for thinking this would work out well.

“This isn’t what it seems.” She said quickly, and he almost licked his lips in anticipation for her answer on how this wasn’t what it seemed. He raised an eyebrow waiting for her to go on. “I had no other clothes to wear. Some pervert in my building keeps stealing my clothes. This was all I had this morning. I will be going out tonight to get some more. If we could just forget this happened, I will get back to my desk and start organizing your schedule for the next few weeks.”

“But I have a slight problem.” He said with a wolfish grin that proved he was not going to be the ideal boss she had hoped for.

“And that is?” She asked.

“I don’t forget anything.” He said with a smirk. Her color deepened as she was struggling with the button to close her blazer. “Just take it off. It isn’t like I haven’t seen what I saw.”

“I do not want to continue this conversation.” She said as she forced the button through the hole.

“That isn’t going to hold.” He said, and as she stood up, it did reopen. She walked over to the windows and was trying to get it through the hole again as she was trying not to lose her mind. He was behind her in a minute as she was trying to force the button to stay she found his hands trying to pull the blazer off of her. “Seriously, it is not going to hold the button. When you have to leave the office, you can wear my jacket over your shirt, and we will go out in a little bit and get the clothes you need.” His voice was soft and deep around her. She was now just trying to breathe with him so close to her. He turned her around. “We all have issues at times.”

“But.” She said as he turned her to face him.

“But nothing.” He said as he tipped her face to look at him through her eyes, never met his. She was looking everywhere else. He then grinned and said, “The hell with the rules.”

“What?” she started to ask when she found herself pinned against him as his mouth took hers. His hands found her sides and held her there pinned against him. His hands roamed and found the easier access to her breasts was a blessing. He rolled the peaks of her nipples in between his fingers as he deepened the kiss. They both groaned as he let his hands do the hard work.

“As my assistant. A job you were hand-picked for, by the way. I have some more personal needs that I want you to take care of.” He said on her lips. She looked at him.

“I will not be your mistress.” She said to him.

“Then how about just my lover?” he asked as he lifted her and took her to the couch as he placed her on his lap facing him. “I chose you for this job, sweet.”

“How?” she asked, knowing she had never seen him before. She had never heard of him before in the office gossip.

“I have my ways.” He said as he unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her exposed breasts. He smiled at them and then took one of her nipples into his mouth, and she gasped. Her hips wiggled a bit, and he had to pin her down with one hand at her waist. “Now is that an agreement?”

“Um.” She said. She was weighing mentally how this felt versus how they would ever be able to work together. She was blinking rapidly as he was hungrily looking at her chest.

“Good enough for me.” He said as he moved her and lifted her skirt as well as he did. “This way, you will have no doubt of my intention.” She was lost in a haze of feelings as his hands worked over her. Soon she felt the hardened cock under her still confined in his pants. He smiled at her as she looked at him. “Just looking at you has done that every time I have seen you, you know. Now I can finally do something about it.”

He lifted her up and placed her on his desk as he freed his cock from his pants and then rubbed the silken skin on her wet slit. She groaned as he moved it to her opening and as he slid in slowly. His eyes never left the place they were joined. He groaned as he was now fully impaled with him. He rocked back and forth, drawing out her sounds. He was going slowly and just keeping the pace even as he placed one hand on her tit and the other on her clit. She was now moaning with every thrust. “Keep up those sounds, and I am going to cum faster, baby.” He said as he looked at her. He played with her clit watching his cock ride impale her over and over again. He then pulled out of her and pulled her to a standing position. He then sat back down on the couch and had her sitting on him again. This time she was in control of the pace. She rocked on him harder and faster. His hands at her side to help her keep the rhythm going. He knew she was close. He took her mouth again, and he felt her pussy’s walls clench around him. They were pulling him to release himself in her. She was near screaming in his mouth as she came hard. He pounded into her a few more times, and then he groaned. She felt the sticky warmth of him coat her insides as she fell onto his chest.

“Now, my sweet. I believe you have started this relationship off extremely well.” He said as he rested his head back on the wall and let everything take over. He had to smile to himself as he did. This was the best to start the new working relationship.

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