Her New Boss

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Chapter 2

“What were you talking about that you picked me for this job?” she asked when she could finally catch her breath and have a coherent thought again. She had spent years doing this job with no one ever looking at her the way that he just had though her rise through the ranks had garnered some comments like, “She had spent a lot of time on her knees.” Or “She is better on her back then in the chair.” She had ignored them, but now she was wondering if her frustration and him being him led her to do the entirely wrong thing. This was the man who was supposed to enforce the rules about certain interactions and fraternization.

“Petra, I have been watching everyone. That is my job. Though some of the other assistants have found ways to get around the company’s rules, you have not. Do you know how I got this position? It was quite easy, really. It was by reporting on everyone who works here and their ability to help or hurt the company. One name kept coming up, though. Yours.” He said with a smile as he looked down into her sky blue eyes.

“And what was said about me?” she asked.

“One that you moved through the ranks to fast. People wanted to know how you managed that. Of course, an investigation into you led nowhere. You are just good at your job. that first investigation was when I spotted you.” He said as he brushed her hair off her face. “I heard the rumors and also caught most of the people saying them doing exactly what they accused you of but nothing from you.”

“Then why did you think this was a good idea?” she asked as she pulled back and looked at him with suspicion. This was something he might try to see if she was that type of assistant. The floor to her stomach dropped. She felt sick. This was the perfect way for her to lose her job.

“I am a man, Petra. First and foremost. I saw a beautiful woman, and I wanted her.” He said, “Second, when your jacket there failed miserably to close, it was like a sign to try. I did not think that would happen, though. Everything just moved at a much quicker pace, much like adding gasoline to an already huge bonfire. I do not believe the word no was ever uttered.”

“It wasn’t,” she replied as she looked at him. “It won’t be happening again, I assure you.”

“Why is that?” he asked as he cocked an eyebrow at her.

“You’re my new boss!” she said. “it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“But see you are my personal assistant. I require you to take a very personal interest in me. I do believe that we can work very well together in all things.” He smiled at her as he just looked down at her on his chest as she was relaxed. “I do believe that this will work out very well, indeed.”

“Sir.” She began.

“Oh, are we going to try to be professional?” he chuckled. “Or did you forget I am still buried very much deep in you currently.”

“Could you not?” she asked as she felt the heat of that statement in her face as she began to blush again.

“Sweetheart, I think it is time to move again.” He said as he heard a small ding. “Go to the restroom off my office and get yourself cleaned up. My jacket is hanging up. Put it on.”

“What?” she asked at his sudden change of heart. He was moving slightly as she looked over him.

“Someone just tripped the sensor to the main outer office. Unless you want to be seen like this, I suggest you get moving, love.” He said as she nearly jumped off of him. Of course, she didn’t want to be seen like this. She needed a few minutes to collect herself anyway. This was never in her plans. She knew how some thought of her already. She had done nothing other than being her best. She had never accepted the advances of the other men. Why this one? Thoughts like this began to plague her mind.

She made her way to the restroom to have him shut the door behind her as she could hear him pull up his zipper and moved his belt back into place. She listened at the door as she was wiping her legs with a wet towel. She heard the door open.

“So, what do we have here?” one of the other VP’s of the company asked as he walked into the office. Petra knew the voice as someone who often tried to strike up a conversation with the assistants on the floor and then tried to persuade them back to help in his office for an hour or two. He was one who made her skin crawl every time he was around.

“Pardon?” Mikael asked. For where he sounded, it was like he was back at his desk.

“Where is your assistant? She isn’t at her desk.” The VP said as he walked around the sparse office. Though Mikael had made comments on her area, his wasn’t decorated either. There was very little but a few boxes there.

“I had some errands for her to do,” Mikael said as he calmly sat there. It was clear in the tone that he was using; he had no fear of the man, nor did he like him. This was not a friendly get together in the office. Some who even call it a standoff.

“Oh, that little number. I heard it from a few. She gives the best head on the floor.” The man said. He was chuckling as he said it. From her place in the bathroom, she wondered who had said that about her.

“Really, I hadn’t heard that,” Mikael responded with a deep chuckle. “Wouldn’t matter. She is simply the best at her job, and that is why I wanted her to work for me.”

“So, what exactly do you have on the CEO that he promoted you so damn quick?” The VP questioned as he sat down in the chair. The man couldn’t hide his intentions for long. He looked over Mikael and gave a half-hearted smile. Everyone in the upper management knew of Mikael only because the CEO and owner of the firm kept talking about him.

“That doesn’t concern you now, does it?” Mikael responded.

“I knew there was something!” The VP said. “Come on, you can tell me.”

“I never confirmed there was anything,” Mikael said as he glared at the man. “And furthermore, I wouldn’t go telling my piece of information when I can still use it if it is there. That would be rather stupid, and no one has ever presumed I was since I did move through the ranks easily.”

“What?” the other man questioned.

“I don’t have anything on the old man.” Mikael said as he glared at the man, “Take that for what you will. I got this job because of my abilities, not because I blackmailed someone. I didn’t need too.”

“Sure.” The man said as he stood up and left. “Maybe I will request your pretty little assistant when I move up as well. God knows I need something to relax me before I head home to my wife.” As the man walked out and shut the door, a low growl could be heard through the office, “over my dead body.”

She was now as clean as she could be without hopping into the larger shower in the office bathroom. She opened the door with a crack, and she could see him standing off at the window. He turned and looked at her. “It looks like we make quite the team already. Everyone wants to believe you slept your way to the top, and I blackmailed my way here. These people can’t see someone having good intensions if they tried opening their eyes.”

“Did you?” She asked as she looked at him. “Blackmail the CEO?”

“In a way.” He chuckled, “Not the way though most people think, though.”

“Then, how?” She asked.

“I am the CEO’s son.” He replied as she looked at him. “I was hired to start at the bottom and work my way through the ranks, but you see, I am rather good at what I do. He had no other choice but to move me to where I would belong if I wasn’t born on the wrong side of the sheets.”

“An affair?” she asked. Though she knew the CEO by reputation, she hadn’t had the chance to get to know him personally. It was well known he had a few affairs, mostly with his own assistants. Everything had to be kept in a hushed tone, knowing that openly talking about it meant a quick dismissal from the job.

“A long-standing one. Though I don’t believe either he or my mother still thinks of it that way. His wife still does, and so do his other kids.” Mikael stated flatly. It was well known this was a family run business. The CEO’s three sons were in line to inherit the company when he stepped down from the day to day operations.

“So that makes you their half-brother?” she asked.

“That makes me their number one target to get rid of. They don’t know my name, so I am safe as long as my secret is kept.” Mikael said as he looked at her.

“They won’t hear it from me.” She said as she looked up into his eyes.

“Good girl.” He said. “Now, we need to get you something a little less revealing for this place.”

“Don’t like what you see?” she asked with a glint in her eye. It had left her mouth before she could stop it. Though she prided herself on being the professional at work and keeping her life simple with him in front of her, she knew life would never be the same again. The thought struck her much like lightning would. She would have never said something like that to another man in the company. Only him.

“Oh, you little minx. I do believe you know how much I like what I see. I do not want anyone else seeing it, though. That might turn out to be really bad.” He chuckled. “Come, we can go shopping for the morning. I have nothing planned as I am supposed to be getting to know my place here in this office and unpacking. You as well.”

“I have nothing to unpack.” She replied.

“Well then, let’s go shopping and then you can try everything on for me. Then you might have something more pressing to take care of.” He laughed as he looked at her with his jacket on. This was going to be an interesting relationship for both of them.

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