Her New Boss

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Chapter 4

One by one, each item that was covering her body was making a pile on the floor. “Seriously? Here?” she hissed as his hand made quick work of her clothes.

“This is honestly the perfect place. Trust me, this isn’t a first, nor is it the last for something to happen in these dressing rooms.” He said softly. She was completely bare to him by the time he had shrugged of his shirt. He looked over at the pile of items he had brought and knew he didn’t really ever need to see her in them. He thought they were good and well designed. He knew just looking at her was enough to turn his cock hard. Working with her was going to be near impossible for him, but that was his own choosing. He wanted her the first time he saw her. That only grew until she was in front of him, and her wardrobe malfunction gave his mind the one chance to get her with him.

His hand ran down her back and gripped her ass. He pulled her closer to him. He undid his pants and felt her tiny hands run down his torso and then to his hips. He was happily letting her do whatever she needed to do to be ready for this. Mikael was trying to hold back, but as soon as her hand reached around his cock and gently began moving it up and down his shaft, he was in heaven. He knew he had a high sex drive, but in the recent past, he had no one to share it with. His luck was finding the one person in the company that was supposed to be the best at what she did and have her exactly his taste. The tiny hand working his shaft was enough to make him forget where they were and what they were supposed to be doing. He could only think about her and his pleasure.

He wanted nothing more than to grip her and then slip into her hot wetness between her legs. The thought of having her again was making him even harder, and he was beginning to lose the ability to think. He watched her as she moved her hands around him. He looked at her face as she did. There was a soft look in her expression that he didn’t know. He wanted to keep it there.

He cupped her tits in his hand and began gently squeezing them. He moved around them as he finally got to the nipples, and he rolled them between his fingers. Her soft moan told him everything she liked. He turned her around and found himself on his knees behind her. He moved her leg to be on the seat that was there that he should be in as he watched her change into the outfits. This gave him a view of everything he was claiming. “This is a very pretty pussy you have.” He said softly as he moved closer. He began to touch her legs, and he felt the tremor that ran through her body. He smiled as he knew he had found one of those spots that could drive her wild.

His tongue ran the length of her exposed pussy that was already glistening with her slick wetness. “Just a taste, then I will help you find that release.” He whispered. His hand moved to her back and pushed her to lean forward. He was already at her core, using his tongue to move around and delve into her abyss. He found her clit and began circling it, which drew out her sounds. His finger entered her body slowly. The rhythm he set was enough to get her to rock back onto his finger and mouth. He watched as this woman came to life under a few gentle touches.

“Ready?” he asked. Though he knew right then, she couldn’t answer as he was too busy, making her soar higher. He knew he wasn’t done with this part. He moved his finger out of her, and she almost whined. He replaced it with two and began to stretch her walls with them. He was ready to move on when she gave another moan and then started to rock back again. “I think you want more than this, do you, sweetheart?”

“Mhmm.” She let out. He moved her leg and slid his pants to the floor as he moved to the seat and sat down. His cock was pointing to the ceiling and rock hard. She looked at it and almost licked her lips. She moved herself to right above him, and she felt the tip of his cock waiting for her.

“Then come and get something more.” He said, and she moved closer to him as she was about ready to slip herself down onto the length of him her took her tit in his mouth. “These are too good, baby. I want more of them.”

He sucked the tips of her nipples and then closed his teeth around them. Not biting but nipping, which made her shake a bit. All he could think was she was responsive to whatever he was doing to her. This was exactly what he needed to find in a partner. He had very few things he wouldn’t do when it came to this carnal pleasure.

She straddled him and then lowered herself. His hand was around his cock, not that he needed to hold it upright for her to impale herself on it. She did slide down, and he moaned as he let go of her tit. He cupped her ass. “As bad as I want to go slow, we have already been in here a little too long.” He began helping her ride him faster as he was lifting her, and she was bouncing for him. The sound coming from the dressing room was echoing in the smaller area. The sound of her wetness was there echoing off the walls. He continued in and out as she moved to rub her clit on him, and soon she was beginning to falter in her pace. He knew what that meant. He continued to ride into her, and soon he felt her close around him in a systematic pull. She was biting her lip to keep the scream from pouring out. When she slumped on him, he pushed in her two more times and felt his own release add to the dripping of her orgasm around him.

“I didn’t try anything on.” She said as she looked at him.

“Doesn’t matter. I will be getting them all.” He said as he looked at her again. “I want to see you in these but later. Right now, let’s go and get back to work. We have been gone too long, but we need to get a few other things for the office.”

“I guess,” Petra said as she pulled herself together. They got her redressed, and to the point, she could stand again. He straightened his suit, and they walked out of the dressing rooms. The clerk looked at the two of them with a knowing look. Petra could feel the heat rising in her cheeks yet again.

“We will take all of them,” Mikael said as he put the stuff on the counter. The clerk’s eyes almost popped out of their head as he began to ring them up. When the price was totaled, Mikael didn’t even have to hear it. He handed over the card with a knowing grin that this was a very small amount to have to pay for his fantasies of her to all come true. Though he hoped the decision was always hers. There was a line, and he would never cross that if it was a problem. Having her around would be enough to give him the air of respectability he needed for his job. Having her as his lover was a personal goal. To him, the two were separate things. He hoped he could make that clear to her in the future.

As they walked out together, he took her hand. They went into a small but office store, and he went on to get little touches he was always told his offices lacked. He was trying to get her to pick out things for her area, but she refused.

“Come on. I mean, this isn’t like I am paying for it. The company is. Just go and get some things for your desk, at least.” Mikael said.

“I don’t need things on my desk,” Petra responded. She was still having a hard time walking. It was like her body was completely boneless as well. Her brain was on autopilot.

“Get something.” He pleaded. “Please.”

“And how would I be able to work with so much stuff cluttering my desk?” She asked.

“This is exactly why I need you around. I think you will help me focus on the tasks and I will corrupt you a bit.” He laughed. “See the perfect team.”

“I am not sure that is how a normal assistant and boss relationship is supposed to work,” Petra said with a smile.

“It sounds like the perfect one if you ask me,” Mikael responded as he nudged her to get something. “I don’t care what you get just get something. If anything, it is the day we began working together. It is a special day.”

“Just working together?” she laughed.

“Well, it is the day we started our new partnership.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes. It was breathtaking to see him this way. He was everything Petra could ever think was handsome. The fact he was her boss was something else. She didn’t know how to separate the two things. She knew he was pushing this, but she was responding in a way that she didn’t understand. This wasn’t like her. What would she do if she lost this job because of this?

She didn’t want to stop this from happening either. He was like some drug that now that she had a taste, she wanted more of it. Though it normally was never as good as the first time with someone, sex with Mikael was better each time. At least so far. This could not become normal. She was not going to allow herself to be that assistant. She picked up a pen and handed it to him.

“Really a pen?” he asked with a laugh.

“It is a nice pen.” She replied as he shook his head at her. He was still placing things in the basket he had. She started to see the things in it were more her taste. She looked up to him.

“Well, if you have such a hard time picking things out. You will have to deal with me doing it.” He said with a shoulder shrug. “By the way. I have been told numerous times I have no taste what so ever.”

“I am starting to see that.” She said as she looked down at the basket. “Fine.”

She began to move throughout the store and placed things in the basket. He was watching her as she would think about what she was doing, and he could see the thought process behind each item. He was just in awe. She was perfect. He knew he was right. She would be the respectable one, and he would corrupt her. Life at his father’s company was finally going to give him something worthwhile. Her. She was going to find that he might have moved fast and would continue to do so, but he would also find ways to spoil her as they went.

Mikael finally had a purpose. She would be it. It was like everything he had tried to grasp for years was now in front of him. He had everything in his hands now. He just had to smile at her as he watched her pick things out. This was going to be the first day of a new life for him.

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