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This is a story about a young werewolf who is destined to become the alpha of her pack, when she finally becomes a full wolf her peers begin to notice her... btw this is an erotica sorry its kind shitty this is my first try

Erotica / Fantasy
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A call from within

I woke to the sound of muffled voices and excited squeals outside my bedroom door, the morning was early the sun still struggling over the horizon and the first call of the birds hanging limp in the air, i could lie here forever enjoying the peace but the excitement from beyond beckoned me. Id sat up in bed preparing myself to face my family, today was my sixteenth birthday, which meant today i would fully transition into my fullest form as a werewolf, i'd be looking forward to this day for as long as i can remember but now i felt no excitement all i felt was dread, i knew i would only have a short amount of time to adjust before being thrown into pack life as a young alpha, i was of the royal bloodline, my mother was the alpha before she passed last summer, now that i'm sixteen her role had fallen to me. I put one foot down on the cold marble floor feeling the freshness seep through me, waking me up a bit more, “seraaaaffiimmmmaaa.” i heard the call come from beyond my door, “are you almost ready sweety you have school in half an hour and need to have a chat first.” My aunty tries her hardest, id been living with her since my mother died, after that my father spiraled and he couldn't bear to see me anymore, he said i reminded him too much of her, “ya, coming aunty!” i picked my crinkled school uniform of the fall and slipped on the frumpy grey blouse and tucked it into my skirt that sat a little higher than it was meant to, i threw my hair up in a haphazard bun, itd do for now and made my way into the hall, “ahh sera you look gorgeous, you have the glow of someone is freshly sixteen...oh wait! Happy birthday.” “thanks aunty,” ….i guess. “....but there are a few things we need to cover before you head to school, the main being, other werewolves will now be able to sense that you are mature, they can be a very….pushy bunch, just be careful.” she said in an uneasy tone, i was fully aware of what awaited me and i couldn't wait for it, i had longed for the feeling of another's touch against my skin, and now maybe it would finally happen, i highly doubt anyone would want to mate with me though, i was a medium height, with plain dark brown hair and icy blue eyes that and an almost disturbing quality about them. “I know aunty, you've told me before, i'll be careful, i should probably get going though.I grabbed'' I my bag and scooted out the door and along the road. Wheni got to school I couldI could instantly see the reaction of my pears. As i entered the classroomclassroom i felt the searing stares of ksenia on my back, she was tall with raven hair that fell neatly just above hers shoulders, it was pin straight and tucked behind her ears, she was one of those girls youd find underaged in a bar trying to rangle some free drinks, and would rathe r make snide comments from the back of the class than listen, she was your stereo typical bad girl, she hung out with julian who was equally as trouble prone. Im almost ninety percent sure that this is the first time that theyd noticed me. I dint want to turn and look, it would almost definitly lead to awkwward eye contact. I sat down in my seat at the front of the room as usual. All through the lesson i oculdnt get past the feeling of eyes on my back, i felt a pit in my stoumcauch start to grow as i felt my core begin to throb, my clit aching for attention, it was too intense, i had to get out of here, i raised my hand, “miss may i go to the bathroom.” she gave me a bored nod, i practically spirted out the door and to the bathroom, i swang the door open and walked over to the vanity, i looked myself in the mirror and splashed cold water on my face, but it didnt numb my urges. I heard a small creak of the door and turned around, ther was ksenia leaning against the door of one of the stalls, i stammered, “oh sorry, you can use the sink i should be getting back to class.” she starred at me, “no,” her voice was a low rumble, i started walking towards the door, but she grabbed me by my shoulder and forced me against the wall, i wanted to squirm out of her grip, but another part of me said no, i wanted to see where this went and i longed for her touch, her lips drew closer to mine and i felt her warm breath brushing my skin her face softened, then she thrust her hand around my neck, to show me she was still incharge, pressing into me with her hips she began to undo my shirt, she tugged it of my arms and let it fall to the ground she looked at my breasts for second then realeased me a little from the wall to begin un clasping my bra, she lifter her hand to my breast and began running her finger a long my nipple, teasing me a little, she moved her hand cupping my whole boob and gently squeezing, i let out a little moan, she put her hands over my mouth and starte suckking on my nipple i could feel her tongue tracing over it, making me wetter and wetter, i needed to feel more, i needed more, she swund me round pressing against my ass and moviving her lips across the back of my neck her touch light but then she bit down hard on it, i lavished in the feeling of her teeth sinking into my skin, a prickle of blood emering, she licked around it, then running her hand across acrooss my stoumacuh her hand wiggled under my shirt and into my wet panties, her finger making small cirles on my clit, it felt incredibble and painful at the same time my limbs felt week and my head lulled back, i felt all of my muscles tense then all of the presure released, i moaned into her,it was loud but muffled enugh,she plungged her fingers into my wet pussy, only doing a few strokes before drawing her hand away and placing her fingers in my mouth,”you like the taste of that?” she eased her grip on me and i turned to face her, making eye contact for what felt like the first time.

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