Time To Play Book 2

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More sexy Orgasm filled Stories that will have you playing so much that you will crave more.... much more

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hiding Blind

You are a college student, and after your late class, you go to the dining hall to grab a bite and hang out with friends. You stay there so late that the employees have to wait for your group to leave to lock up. You quickly pack up your bag, say goodbye to your friends, and then walk to your car and start driving home. After returning to your apartment, you realize you forgot your tablet on the table in the dining hall and need to go back for it. ‘So much for relaxing’, you think to yourself, while grabbing your keys and rushing back out the door.

You arrive back on campus and race to the dining hall, hoping it’s unlocked. Unfortunately, it’s not, so you bang on the door for what seems like forever. Finally, a custodian hears you and lets you in. “Hurry up, I’m not supposed to let anyone in after hours. If my supervisor comes to check on me, I’ll get in trouble if you’re still here”, he tells you.

You thank him, reassuring him that you’ll be quick. You go down the hall to the dining hall entrance and around the corner to get to the table where you were sitting earlier. You find your tablet on the table, but as you pick it up, the stylus falls to the floor and rolls under the table, all the way to the wall.

You bend down to crawl under the table to get your stylus but while you’re under the table, you hear footsteps. Not wanting to get the nice custodian in trouble, you stay on the floor under the table so no one can see you. But then, you hear a familiar voice, so you peek above the table; it’s your best friend and she’s with some guy you’ve never seen before.

They are just inside the entrance of the dining hall at a booth, kissing and touching in a passionate way. She is so excited that she opens her blouse and is kissing the mystery man. You hear her moan, and he moves her over to the padded bench. He is kissing her with tender kisses.

You think, ‘Oh no, I’m stuck’, so you sit quietly on the floor in the darkened dining hall. You glance around, looking for a way to sneak out. But, you’re in the middle of the dining hall, and can’t leave without being seen. Plus, enough time has passed where announcing your presence now would be considered awkward or rude. The custodian seems to be on a break, but you don’t want to chance getting into trouble with him, too.

So, you sit back down on the floor under the table, pull your knees up to your chest and listen as you hear your friend moan a little louder now. The more she moans, the more curious you get. Now you hear her whimper with pleasure. Her breathing is heavy and irregular. You hear her moan a long moan of “Aaaaaaaaaawww”. You peek up over the table to see a sexy sight.

Your friend is leaning over the bench with her ass in the air. He is kneeling behind her with his face buried in her ass, it seems. Her leg is tense, her calves are tight, and her feet are arching from pleasure. You realize wow; he is eating her sweet sexy pussy. Every time he licks her she moans low and long. Now he spreads her ass apart and licks all the way from her clit to her ass hole.

You can’t look away; you’re drawn to her sexy sounds of pleasure and her leaning over the back of the bench. Your pussy starts to tingle with pleasure as you watch, biting your lip. Then you move onto your knees to get a better look. You place your hand down in something wet. You look down to see what it is. You notice a trail of drops running down your legs and onto the floor. You lift your skirt and slide your wet panties off and wipe yourself dry. As you wipe it feels good. So good, that you wipe a few more times, until you hear another sound that startles you, and then excites you. You rise up to look over the table and see what he is doing now.

He is standing behind her now, his cock half way in. She moans, “WOAH! Oh God! You’re too big!” He would push in an inch and stop, to allow her pussy to stretch to meet his size. Soon, he is balls deep inside her. Your friend is rubbing that pussy of hers, faster and faster. Then, he pulls out just half way and pushes back in. You see his wet, shiny cock. He slides it back out, then in again. She is biting her lip, and then her face wrinkles as she opens her mouth to let that sexy “OOOOOOHHHHH” sound escape from her mouth. He is sliding so slowly, but she is feeling every inch of him, stretching that tight pussy, and you wish it was you.

You close your eyes, lick your fingers and find your clit. You spread your legs as your fingers play around your clit. You take your fingers and slide them across your pussy, parting your fingers so that your clit is being rubbed on both sides with no direct touch. The touch is delicious and you imagine the mystery man’s hand between your legs, teasing you.

You open your eyes to see another sexy sight. He has her arms crisscrossed behind her back, as if he was a police officer and she was under arrest. Her ass is in the air, and he is fucking her pussy with rhythmic, long thrusts. Now you’re rubbing your clit with a circular motion as your pussy continues to wet the floor, drip by drip. You look down for a few seconds to reposition your two fingers to slide from the inside of your pussy up to your clit to keep it moist and wet and slick. Suddenly, you hear “OHHHH FUUUCK!” from your friend.

You look up.

And then it happens.

You make eye contact with him, the mystery man

To Be Continued.....

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