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Stuck at home, with nothing fun to read? Dive into this book of one-shots to satisfy your erotica appetite tonight! These coeds are hot and horny with exciting stories that will transport you right to a college campus for some raunchy play. Don't miss this special edition, Queen of Erotica, one-shots book!

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Foreign Sexchange Student 1

Tall, tanned, and a body that could rival a Greek god. I made no effort whatsoever to conceal my blatant stare, as I shamelessly eye-fucked the new guy…hot damn. The lust-filled voiced whispered in my mind, slowly filling my head with some blush-invoking thoughts.

Angelo was the name of this perfect specimen. He shook the hand of our professor who seemed rather spellbound himself, and he was a 62 year old dude..With long, graceful legs and the signature swagger of a European man, Angelo crossed the room and slung into a seat a few rows up from the front, pulling out a thin notebook, and a fountain pen. I watched him fastidiously as he leaned back slightly in his chair, crossed his legs, and ran a hand through thick black waves of hair.

His dark eyes, coated with thick eyelashes found the eyes of a gawking female to his right and he gave a polite nod. The urge to tackle a complete stranger had never been stronger until now…

From that point on, my focus on my computer science lecture was just not the same. We were learning about dynamic linear data structures today, but the structure of a particular handsome stranger had caught my curiosity instead.

“Okay students, let’s recap what we just learned before we move on. Dynamic data structures refer to the organization of data in memory that has the flexibility to grow or shrink in size, enabling a programmer to control precisely how much memory is utilized. Can someone tell me the three main types of data structures?

A buzzing silence answered him, as people scrolled through social media and twirled pens.

Professor Akrin paced the floor of the lecture hall and studied the audience until his eyes found my eyes, which were currently fixated on the unimaginably hot stranger.

“Alexa Parker, can you tell us the answer?”

The sound of my name pulled me from my far-reaching fantasy and I blushed as people turned to look at me.

“Oh, those would be, uh..LinkedLists, Queues, and um..” the third answer evaded me as I struggled to recall the lesson.

“Stacks.” A deep, masculine, accented voice answered. Angelo. He turned around in his seat and found my gaze, winking in a subtle way that made me break out in goosebumps.

“Precisely. Er, Ms. Parker, I advise you take on a new study partner before the next midterm, as data structures will cover approximately 25% of the content.”

After what felt like an eternity, lecture finally ended and I sprung out of my seat, wanting to rush back to my room and relive the embarrassment all over again in peace and quiet.”

As I bounded down the steps, an arm reached out in front of me, stopping me in my tracks. It was him, and my god, he was even more beautiful up close! I found myself looking up at him and trying not to sigh as I breathed in his intoxicating light cologne. It was absolutely perfect. His facial structure, pillow-soft lips, dark eyes and brows, and his body. He wore simple jeans and a shirt but there was no denying the muscle tone and strength in his frame.

My hear rate picked up. “Yes?”

He took my hand in his, introducing himself. As if I hadn’t already been planning out our wedding and family home in my mind for the last 75 minutes.

“I’m Alexa,” I replied timidly.

He smiled, revealing a one-cheek dimple and nodded. “So when would you like to meet?” He asked, in a beautiful accent that could only be Italian.

His question caught my by surprise and I must have shown that in my facial expression. He chuckled and even looked quite embarrassed himself. “I mean to study. You want to be study partners, no?”

I nodded my head and managed to get a nervous laugh out. “Oh, right. Um, yes I would like to study together. Do you want to meet in the library at 6?”

“I know it may sound crazy but I actually don’t like to study in libraries. Too quiet and sterile. How about your place? Do you have enough room for the two of us?”

Oh baby, I’ll make room for you anywhere you want…

“Uh, yes I do. I have an apartment off-campus this year so there’s enough space.”

We exchanged information and my hands slightly shook as I typed my number into his phone. He took his phone back and our fingers brushed against each other’s setting off a lightning strike down my core. How can someone be so intimate and sexy without trying whatsoever?

“I’ll see you this evening then, Alexa” Angelo said, nodding goodbye to me. There was a look in his eye that made me foresee we wouldn’t be getting a whole lot of studying done…

Giddy up then, partner…

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