The Way He Loves Her

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Adrian Vanderbilt finds the one thing that he's always wanted. Something money can't buy. On his 25th birthday bash he meets the love of his life. International supermodel LA'Kenna Rys. True romance can land in your lap, when you least expect it. A dream come true for some. When you get what you want. What will you do to keep it? LOVE is the key to the best stories of all time.

Erotica / Romance
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LA'Kenna's ( POV )

"I can't believe you're forcing me to do this." I said exiting the ensuite. "I've had a long week in Veltori. I'm too exhausted to go out tonight." Like the baby faked face I made would help my defense.

Please let it work... Please let it work...

"LA'Kenna. You'll grow into a lonely prude. That day however, is not today." Sydney stated with a fake pout. "All work and no play, makes LA'Kenna a dull girl." she yelled from the walk in closet.

"That's quite alright." I tease, with a flutter of my eyelashes. "Remind me... Why should I go along with your evil plan?" I said as I was actually, clueless.

"I'll be giving him the perfect birthday gift." you could see the shock on my face. When those words left her mouth.

"Adrian Vanderbilt." she added, with a grin on her face.

"Give... Who, the perfect gift?" a puzzling look was all I had for her admitted conspiracy theory.

"Adrian who?" sometimes you'd think I was a ditzy airhead. Always late to catch on... to her scheme. "Oh no... Hold on a minute Syd, I'm the gift?" I spoke in defense to this horibble idea.

No answer from her made confirmation that I was correct.


"Kenzz. You amaze me. I can believe it took you time to understand the situation. Glad you got it in less than 5 minutes... HUGE improvement."

"Wait... Don't think I'll be popping out of some box? Half naked with a bow wrapped around me?" I say, giving her a piercing glare.

"Don't worry. You won't be popping out of anything... Except. Maybe your clothes... So stop whining, freshen up and put this on." she said, shoving a pair of sexy white laced underwear at me. I looked at it with a gasp.???

Dressing for Runway shows or photo shoots was a piece of cake. However, this... this felt wrong. So wrong in every way possible.

I did what she asked. Presented myself to her. A hand to my chest and the other over touching knees. One word "Awkward" I wanted to smack that smile completely off her damn face.

"Now is not the time to play coy with me, Kennz."

She hurried me to the standing mirror. Watching her tie and strap things in place. My evening ensemble, A four inch sheer black band barely covering my breast. The matching skirt was atleast six inches. The two inches extra barely covered my curvy ass and wide hips.

"You can see my undergarments thru the sheer fabric." I blurted turning from side to side. I looked hideous.

She returned from my closet with a thin cropped hoodie and my zebra striped louboutin heels. Stepping back to assess me with an agreeable nod. Like she was Veltori's most famous fashion guru.

"I look like a fucking prostitute? Your friend will get the wrong impression of me." arguing about it would get me nowhere.

"Prostitute? Please give me some credit." She spoke with emphasis. "You'll perform your pole slash stripper routine." she added, the evil grin formed on her stupid face again.

"It's a hobby not an occupation." Already irritated with this nonsense. "Ugh... you're supposed to be my manager here? Not a PIMP or MADAME." I dragged, not feeling the vibe of what she was having me do.

"I'm your manager. I'm managing you to make my childhood friends' dream come true."

"Hire a professional pole slash stripper. I do it for excercise purposes only.

"LA'Kenna, If I win the bet... I'll split the winnings with you."

"What bet?" I replied, a little more intrigued at where this was going.

"The bet is amongst us five friends. Whoever brings Adrian the best birthday gift wins five thousand dollars.

"Why would you care about money? Sydney your family is one of the wealthiest in the world." I said, while she ignored me adjusting and fixing my hair.

Sydney was like this. Ready to put me out there with the right people. As for tonight... This shit was the worst idea ever. But I figured what the heck, right. It was a one night thing. In and out. 45 minutes tops. My work will be done.

"I'll do it on one condition. I get 75 percent of the win? If we win."

"No way..." she chimed as she sprayed strands of hair into place.

"That's the deal... Take it or leave it." I placed a hand on my chin pretending to think. "I'm showing up. I'm shaking my ass and rubbing my precious flower bud up and down a pole. I'm doing it in front of a complete stranger." I stand hands across my chest.

"You're such a B.I.T.C.H. Kennz." she whined like a child, realizing I was correct. Shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Right back at ya, Sweets." I chuckled. "Now let's get this money." I rubbed my hands together like a crazed maniac.

I was doing my invisible "happy dance." I will swallow my insecurities and make a PRIVATE fool of myself. Just to help my friend slash manager win a bet.

As for Sydney Miller... she was at the right place, at the right time I guess. My parents managed my career since I was the age of 10. Last year a tragic plane crash led to their death. That's when I met Sydney Miller... Our senior year at Salvanin University.

Bumping into each other by accident. As I was trying to get away from several want to be managers whom caught me on campus. I simply told them I already had a new manager and latched onto her arm, like we were buddies.

She saved me from the likes of swarming sharks... Circling around me trying to sink their promises of fame and fortune. Which I had already gained at the very start of my career. My parents were no fools... investing their time and money on my modeling career. Was their number one priority.

"Sit." she said, waking me out of my memory. My hair was made into a messy rose style bun. Rummaging through her makeup kit. Sydney gave me a smokey eyes with a hint of metallic green, that brightened up my light caramel colored eyes. A touch of mascara and nude lipstick.

She handed me a long trench coat. Giving me a final assessed approval with a nod.

"All done. Let's go." as she pulled me out of her house.

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