Lockwood Mansion

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WARNING this book is VERY EXPLICIT, with very explicit sex scenes and vulgar language, and it is not a book for the innocent. Cotter City isn't your normal city. At the age of 18, selected girls are brought to the Lockwood Mansion to receive training to learn how to please the man that selected them, also known as their suitor, when they turn of age. But they are being trained by another man known as their trainer. Rhaya Kingsley just turned 18 a week ago and is very nervous to forgo the Lockwood Mansion training. She has the perfect body, beautiful long bronzed hair, a gorgeous smile, and to top that, a virgin. Lawyer, 28 year old Gareth Alexzander is now Rhaya's suitor and is awaiting for her to complete the stages at Lockwood Mansion, so she can finally be his. lan Williams is 25, and a trainer at Lockwood Mansion. He now is going to be training a Kingsley girl. When he meets her he has an instant connection. Then he finds out she is a virgin and has never been touched, he then is drawn even more to her.... will he be able to train her to be another man's property?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


I never thought this day would come. Where I'd have all my belongings in one suitcase, and being shipped off to Lockwood Mansion. I knew there was always a possibility that I could be chosen by a suitor once I turned 18, but now that this is reality, I’m not quite sure what to think of it.

Most girls going to Lockwood Mansion are not virgins. Gorgeous girls surviving high school without the boys wanting to pop their cherry? Not very likely. Well, except for me. Cliché I know, but I always expected my first time to be romantic with someone I love, not in a lustful backseat of a car. But how ironic, my first time will be with some trainer at the Lockwood Mansion, who is a complete stranger. So much for my fairytale.

As the car comes to a complete stop, I look to my right, out the window there is a huge red brick mansion, with a towering iron fence surrounding it. Assuming some girls try to break the law and run away. Good luck with that.

As my driver punches in a code, the sky-scrapping gates open and we drive through. The Mansion was spectacular, and historic looking. I observed the landscape, the white shutters, the wide cobble stone trail leading to the entrance. My driver opens my door and collects my suitcase. Still taking in the scenery I step out of the car and walk towards the brass door not knowing what to expect from here.

The doors open and I am welcomed by a very attractive man. "Hello, Ms. Kingsley." He offers his hand, "My name is Damien, and welcome to Lockwood Mansion." I smile.

"Thank you. But please, call me Rhaya." I watched as his eyes danced around my body, and his lips turned into a grin. "Rhaya." He nodded.

"Are you going to be my trainer?” I ask as I offered to take my suitcase from the driver. "Unfortunately, I'm not." He almost seemed disappointed. "I believe Ian will have the pleasure to train you." I could sense a bit of jealousy. Ha, pleasure? Nice use of words there.

"Let me show you to your room so you can get ready." He grabbed my luggage from my hand, touching my hand for a couple seconds too long. I pulled my hand away and let him take my belongings. "Ready for what?"

"For Contract Introduction Night. You will meet your trainer and your suitor." Damien started walking towards the massive staircase, I followed. "What should I be expecting?" Following him up the stairs, as we reached the top he stopped and turned towards me, "You're nervous aren't you?"

"Yes. I've never experienced anything like this before. I guess you could say there will be a lot of 'firsts.'" I swallowed, as he watched me closely, "Lockwood Mansion isn't your typical..... ah, you’re a virgin?" I didn't answer, and then I saw excitement in his eyes. Feeling like a prey to a hungry wolf, I started to proceed walking the same direction we were headed moments before, "Can you please show me which room is mine?" I looked back at Damien, he cleared his throat and began to walk down the hall.

Damien opened the door to a giant room, where a short black dress was lying on a king size bed with some heels and jewelry. I gasped, "Are these for me?"

"Yes, your suitor picked everything out. And he did a damn good job! You will look fucking sexy in that dress. But even sexier without it." He was grinning and inspecting my body again like he was undressing me with his eyes. I felt a little uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to say.

"Ian and your suitor are two lucky sons of bitches. But anyway I'll leave you to get dressed. Unless you'd like some help?" He winked. Stunned by his forwardness, "Um, no thank you." And with that he left with a devious smile on his face. Not being used to someone so forward in a sexual manner put me a little on edge.

Looking in a long silver mirror, I almost didn't recognize the girl looking back at me. The short black dress was tight, showing off all my curves, and it rested in the middle of my thighs. Mentally I was thanking myself for my diet and exercise routine.

My C cup breasts looked perky, and I had the perfect amount of cleavage showing. My hair was straightened and pinned behind my ear on one side. The black heels made my legs look even longer. The jewelry my suitor picked out for me was a diamond necklace which complemented the medium size stud earrings. These can't be real diamonds right? I took one last look at myself, I sure as hell don't look like a virgin.

There was a knock on the door, "Come in." And it was Damien, "Are you....." I think he was as shocked as I was, I didn't look like the girl that walked through the doors a couple hours ago.

"Fuck me." He was staring. "You would like that wouldn't you." I teased. He paused, taken back with my humor, "Oh, very much so." He cleared his throat and stood up straight.

He was dressed in the same white T shirt and jeans, so I assumed he wouldn't be coming to the event.

"I will escort you to the conference room. Ian is in there waiting to meet you, and later you will meet your suitor." I walked over to him and took his arm and he escorted me to the unknown.

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