Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 10


I had no idea where Ian was leading me, but I could tell it was something exciting by his mischievous smile.

After a quick walk through the mansion Ian opens a door and we walked inside, it is pitch black. As he shuts it behind us, he clicks a button on and the wall and dozens of candles light up.

Wondering how in the world the candles magically lit up by a press of a button. My attention quickly turns to the bed in the room. It is an oversized king bed with 4 massive wooden poles for the legs and traveling up, holding a beautiful white sheer canopy over the bed.

The bed was covered with a white down feathered comforter and a dozen white pillows. Across from the bed was a giant sized mirror.

Now I was curious as to why Ian brought me here.

I looked at him, "Is this your room?" He was already staring at me with his gorgeous green eyes. He chuckled, "No," he paused, "This is actually the Consummation room."

I swallowed nervously. Why would he want to bring me here? He's not planning on trying to beat Gareth to the punch is he?

“So this is where it'll happen tomorrow night?" I asked playing with the hem of my white shirt. "Yes."

Curiously I ask, "Why did you bring me here?" I bit on my lower lip. He wasn't smiling anymore and his voice became more serious.

"Because, tomorrow night, when I'm behind that one sided mirror," he

points to the mirror across from the bed, and then he closes the space between us, "and he is the one undressing you," Ian starts to circle me slowly as he whispers huskily letting his finger tips graze my hip bones and the curve of my back, and down my arms giving me the chills, "kissing you... and then thrusting inside of you," he was now behind me, moving my hair over my right shoulder and whispers in my left ear, "I want you to be thinking of me."

I could feel his warm breath on my neck I could feel my muscles deep within deliciously reacting to his words.

When I think he's going to kiss the back of my neck he speaks again, "If it were me tomorrow night... the things I would want to do to you." He was now in front of me, his eyes not leaving mine, I couldn't help myself.

"And what would that be?" I was more than curious. His lips turned up into a smile with a hint of surprise on his face.

"First off, I would tell you how beautiful you are, and then I would pull you in to me,” he mimics his words, grabbing my waist and puling me in. I could feel how turned on he already was.

"I would start to do this.” He said as his lips kissed my neck right under my earlobe and then down my neck.

Gracefully with his finger tips he slid my shirt off my shoulder and placed more kisses there. A whispered moan involuntarily leaves my lips.

He starts kissing up my neck again, "I would tell you how much I want you." His hand very gently slides down my ass.

"And then what?" I ask.

He pulls back with a grin across his face. Wow, he is stunning. I realize I want him too.

He takes a step closer as I take a teasing step back, biting my lip. And he takes another, and I step back again until my back is against the wall.

His smile gleams, as if playing cat and mouse, and he has caught me.

As he takes the last step towards me, closing the space between us, he gently rests his palms on the wall behind me on each side of my head.

"I would do this." He whispers, his eyes looking from my eyes to my lips. His right hand now caressing my cheek and then he laces his fingers in my hair, slightly bends down and his lips meet mine.

He was gentle waiting to see how I would react. And when my lips melt against his, he kisses me harder, and now both his hands are in my hair. I reach behind his neck and pull him closer so our bodies are pressed against each other.

He. Is. So. Hard. And. So. Big.

"This is the part where I would undress you." He whispered against my lips. His hands were now under my shirt touching my back. The need for him to undress me was almost overwhelming. I could feel myself getting wet under my panties.

We were both breathing hard, wanting and needing to keep kissing. His tongue would dance against mine.

Still against the wall, in a quick movement he grabbed the back of my thighs, and then my legs were around his waist. In a slow repeated rhythm he would press his hard self against my now wet self.

Soft moans would release from both our mouths. His lips found his way to my neck, and across my collarbone.

My back was no longer against the wall. While still kissing, he walked while still carrying me with my legs around him and gently laid me on the bed.

"And this is the part I would take my own clothes off." He was leaning on his elbows looking down at me

I slipped my hand under his shirt and touched his hot skin and then I brushed my finger tips against his amazing abs.

"And then?" I ask as we stare into each other eyes. He then kisses my neck again, I can feel him smiling.

He slowly kisses up to my earlobe and gently sucks on it, "I would start sucking your beautiful tits." He continues sucking and tugging my ear, he is definitely a pro at this.

My panties are now soaked. A moan escapes my mouth and I feel his cock twitch.

"Then I would tell you how much your moans make me want to sink my cock into your tight wet pussy." He starts traveling down my neck with is kisses then he moves to my ankles, slowly working himself upward.

I can see how huge his cock is under his jeans, just begging to spring free.

Just the idea of seeing his erect shaft makes my pussy pulse.

He starts kissing up my right leg, I can feel my breathing picking up again. When he gets to the bottom of my denim shorts he stops, "This is where I’d make you scream in pleasure while I licked and sucked your pussy."

He raises my shirt just below my bra and starts kissing my stomach, and then lightly bites my hip bones.

"Then when you're about to cum I would stop, and while you're begging for more I would tease your slick pussy with the tip of my cock, rubbing your clit, and when you can't take it anymore." His erect member was now pushed up against my pussy and he was staring into my eyes.

"I would finally ease myself into you. And as soon as I was all the way inside you," He started to lightly grind against me, releasing another small moan from my mouth.

"I wouldn't move just so I could feel you clench around me." He pushed himself hard against me and then held still.

Oh god, I'm so turned on. I want this so bad. "Then I would slowly thrust myself in and out, letting you feel all of me, while I feel all of you." He

starts grinding his hips into me again and then starts kissing me.

Ian starts to grind faster and faster, we both are breathing hard.

Under his jeans his hard cock has amazing force against my clit. When I'm about to release he stops again, "And then as I can tell you're about to explode, I cum hard, and I lay inside of you as we cum together. And I would stay inside you as long as I could, then I would slowly move in and out, so your tight pussy would squeeze and milk my cock, for every ounce of cum my balls have to give. Still keeping up with that slow thrust so I could feel every time your pussy pulses and I would drag your orgasm out as long as

I can. I still won't stop.” Another thrust.

”We would hear the sloshing of our liquids being mixed together. We both would be very sensitive but I still would not stop." He starts to very slowly grind his cock on my pussy.

I want nothing more than to really tear each other's clothes off and make his imagination come true. I can almost hear his wet cum with every thrust. I can't help but say,

"Don't stop."

“And my cum would start to leak out with every thrust.”

He then looks me straight in the eyes, still thrusting and continues, "I wouldn't stop until my balls filled up again and my cock hardens back to its max, and your pussy is so tight, slick, and full of cum and I would start to thrust harder and faster." He started to hump me faster, and harder.

I can't help my moans, this is so fucking hot and feels so fucking good!

“The cum that leaked would be all over us and the sheets, and I would pump inside you even faster and deeper, as deep as I could just to feel your small pussy engulfing my entire thick cock."

His thrusts are even faster with more pressure on my clit. I turned my head to the side feeling the intense build up. And Ian gently steers my head back so we're looking each other straight in the eyes, he keeps his hand behind my neck to make sure I don't break my gaze.

"And I would tell you to keep my gaze, so I can look you in the eyes while I make you cum." He's breathing hard and beads of sweat start to trickle down his neck.

"Yes Rhaya, cum! Cum for me!" He pounds faster, and I stare deep into his green eyes, and the sensation shoots throughout my body, and I let out a loud moan and then I cum. I cum hard. I cum fucking hard. I don't lose his gaze for a second.

We're staring in each other eyes for every pussy pulse of my orgasm. And he slows down until he stops.

“Though I'm on the brink of shooting a huge load in my pants, I'm not going to because that would be messy." We both laugh while he pants.

"But if I were inside you I would cum so hard for the second time and

completely fill your pussy. And again I wouldn't pull out until every ounce of cum was inside you and my balls were completely drained.

And I would make sure I felt every clenching pulse your pussy had for me, an I'd stay there until my cock stopped twitching and then there was so much cum inside of you that it forced me out."

He then laid motionless on me so he could feel my orgasm clench.

After we laid there together he sat up and was kneeling on the bed between my legs.

"I then would very very slowly pull out of you and then watch my cum escape your beautiful slit.”

Holy. Fucking. Hell. Did that just happen? That was so fucking hot! Yes! Even hotter than my bedroom window and Jace jacking off in his car.

Yep. I was right, we didn't even really fuck but I can already tell, Ian is a god in bed.

He kisses my lips softly, gets off the bed then reaches for my hands to help pull me up.

Ian walks me back to my room holding my hand. Neither of us say a word. I'm sure he's replaying the past two hours, as am I.

As we get to my bedroom door he faces me, "I’m very happy you’re here Rhaya. I'm glad to have learned more about you and your life. Have a good rest of your night."

He softly kisses my cheek, turns around, and leaves me there speechless.

My panties are soaked. Thanks to Ian, another shower is necessary.

Thanks to lan, for the first time, someone other than myself made me cum.

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