Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 11


The last thing I wanted to do was leave Rhaya, but after what just happened, my balls were killing me. I needed to release them, and it wouldn’t have been very appropriate for me to do that in front of her... yet. Something tells me I could have taken her virginity in that room but even with what I did, I was pushing my luck with her. She could have very well slapped me in the face like she did with Damien, but she didn’t, and for that I am intrigued. She must have an attraction to me like I do her. It was pretty clear now judging by her reactions to my actions.

I got back to my room, shutting and locking the door behind me, I start stripping out of my clothes very quickly. My cock sprang free as I pulled my jeans off.

I lay on my bed, butt ass naked. I retrieve some lube from my night stand then start to imagine the scene I vocally shared with Rhaya. Picturing her sexy naked body laying in front of me. I start to stroke my huge cock very softly. I quietly moan. Fuck this feels good. Then the image of the tip of my cock teasing her slick pussy appears in my head. I start to rub the head of my sensitive dick, I can feel my precum leaking. “Fuck.”

Then imagining myself sinking into her and I feel her tight pussy pulse a couple times. I tighten my grip and start to stroke my long shaft faster and faster. The idea of her moaning gets me moving my hips to the rhythm of my strokes. I replay her moans getting faster and I know she’s about to cum. I stroke faster and faster. Imagining her last loud moan and she orgasms and her pussy tightly pulses around me, “FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUCK!” I cum so hard I feel like my insides are shaking. I shoot my load all over my bare abs not caring about the mess.

The thought of shooting my semen deep down inside her pussy almost makes me want to go another round. But clearly with the puddle of sticky liquid on my stomach I would need a minute.

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