Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 12


Waking up the morning of Consummation Night brought a smile to my face. Not only do I get to see my beautiful girl, but I get to make passionate love to her for the first time tonight. I laid in my massive bed, arms tucked behind my head and my mind constantly thinking of her.

It’s crazy to call her my girl since I only spent such little time with her. But I feel like I’ve known her forever. Talking with her is like talking to my best friend. I got to know a lot about her but there was still so much more to learn.

I finally get my naked ass out of bed and put on some boxers and gym shorts. I start picturing Rhaya and I waking up naked every morning together. I hate sleeping in any clothing, and with the goddess body she has, I will get her to do the same. I already assume that will lead to sex all night every night, and that’s exactly what I hope for.

After pulling my hair into a bun I walk to my workout room, turn on my Spotify workout playlist and I jump up to grab the pull up bar. Working out every morning gets me mentally ready for the day. Also helps my stamina in and out of bed.

I have slept with dozens of women in my life, but I have never brought them to my home, we would either go to their house or a hotel. And my number one rule was to always wrap up my dick. I have never raw dogged it. Too nervous of the STDs, and though I’ve had sex many times and far from a virgin, I always had in mind that I would only save my bare cock for my wife.

Though I am a horny as fuck man, I still believe in love. And I know I will be a wonderful husband some day. And it completely blows my mind that Rhaya will possibly be my wife one day.

Sweat was rolling off my face and onto the ground. I finished my last set on the bench press. I hooked the bar on the latch and when I sat up, more sweat poured down my pecks and abs.

Only a couple more hours and I need to be at the mansion for dinner before Consummation Night.

All showered and groomed, I put on my black tuxedo and black tie. I also packed an overnight bag since after Consummation I assumed I could stay with Rhaya all night. I threw all my stuff in my Porsche and was on my way to an unforgettable night.

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