Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 13


My hair was in an elegant bun with loose curled strands throughout, which Jasmine helped me with. My makeup was at a minimal with eyeliner, mascara, and a light shimmer eyeshadow. Now all I need is to find something to wear.

There was a knock on my door, “Come in.” I said pulling my white plush robe tightly around my freshly washed naked body.

Ian entered with a flat box. “I was asked to bring this for you to wear tonight. It’s from Gareth.” He said almost painfully. He was wearing a black suit with a wine colored tie. Damn, he looked hot. When he walked closer he stood by my bed staring at me. “What?” I smiled. “Nothing,” he paused, “you are just so beautiful.” I couldn’t help but blush slightly.

He set the box on my down feathered comforter and opened it. He pulled out a long white sequin dress. It was the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen. “Oh my god.” I said standing up. I reached out for it and Ian gently handed it to me. I walked over to my large body mirror and pulled it close to me. I couldn’t wait to put it on.

“I will see you at dinner.” Ian started to head towards the door. “Wait, Ian.” I spoke softly. “Yes?” He turned back around. “I’ll need help zipping it up, if you don’t mind.”

He smiled, “Not at all.” I walked over to my dresser grabbing a white lace thong. Judging by the low cut in the front of the dress, I would be wearing it without a bra. I looked toward Ian unsure how to ask him to turn around, but without asking he turned.

I slipped on the white lace panties. My olive skin looked very tan under the material. I walked back over to my bed and grabbed the dress. After stepping trough and pulling it up to put

my arms through. “You’re okay to look.” I said holding the dress up for him to zip.

Ian’s eyes sparkled when he turned around, he looked dumbfounded. After a moment he walked towards me as I turned around giving him access.

He placed one hand on my hip bone while he slowly zipped up the sparkly dress. Pulling on my hip he turned me around. I could see the want in his green eyes. It was such a different feeling than when he was whispering naughty things into my ear. We stared at each other for a moment, a feeling of wanting to kiss his perfect lips faded, and then I felt guilty.

Tonight is supposed to be about Gareth and I. Not Ian. It was like Ian could sense something was off, he gently kissed my cheek, “I’ll see you at dinner.” I nodded and he left the room.

I knew there would be times I was going to feel guilty being involved with two men. Two men I was starting to have feelings for. I started to think back about Jasmine and I’s conversation. It is out of my control. I didn’t choose this. “It’s out of my control.” I repeated out loud.

I started to feel a lot better. Tonight is about Gareth. And I know he is such a good man, and I want to fully give myself to him tonight. And by god that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

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