Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 14


The dining room at the mansion was all put together. A very long table with at least 25 chairs down the side of it. The food was already laid on the table. Bottles of whine being chilled in ice. Crystal glasses at every place setting. And the chandelier above the table sparkling from the lights, setting a very sensual mood.

Most everyone was sitting around the table. And then there she was, walking toward me. I stood up from the table. God she is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. The white sequin dress hugged her body perfectly. The low cut front showed half of her breasts.

Fuck, I was getting hard looking at her perky tits. Her hair was pinned up with strands shaping her face. And then she smiled. I could feel my heart thumping hard. As she closed the space between us I could tell she was nervous. She was squeezing her hands together, failing to try to stop them from shaking.

I reached for her hands and she grabbed mine. She was definitely shaking. “You are breathtaking.” I kissed her on the cheek, “Thank you, and you look very handsome.” She smiled.

I pulled out her chair and scooted her in after she took a seat. After I sat in mine I grasped her hand and squeezed it. “Don’t be nervous. I’ll be right next to you all night.” She nodded and her shaking eased up a bit.

Someone started clinking their champagne glass with a fork, I turned and it was Mr. Lockwood at the end of the table. “I would like to welcome you all, Suitors, Trainers, and Trainees. Tonight is a very special night for a certain Trainee and Suitor.” Right then I saw Ian taking his seat across the table from Rhaya and I. “Tonight is Consummation Night for Rhaya Kingsley and Gareth Alexzander.” Everyone began cheering, with a couple of whistles and howls.

Ian didn’t cheer, he was quiet, and every once in a while I’d catch him staring at Rhaya. Jealousy started to inflate inside me, but then Rhaya squeezes my hand and rubbed her thumb on the back of my hand. When I looked over at her she had a beautiful smile on her face. She helped ease me.

The dinner went on as Mr. Lockwood would tell stories and everyone would join in. I noticed Rhaya didn’t eat much, which reminded me not to overeat, since we were coming close to some physical activities.

Couples were leaving and heading upstairs, and down the halls I assumed the women and their suitors were all going to have a night together.

Mr. Lockwood walked over to us, he set his hand on Rhaya’s shoulder, “You two are now welcome to leave for your room. Ian will show you.” We all looked over at Ian as he stood up.

Following Ian to our room was awkward. Knowing that he is going to be watching us have sex. I could feel Rhaya was still uncomfortable with it like I was. But tonight I just wanted to put all my focus on her. My focus is to make her feel as comfortable as she can, to be gentle with her, and to please her.

Ian led us into a room with dozens of candles lit up all over. There was a gigantic bed with white linen, and a white sheer canopy enclosed around the bed. I noticed both our bags in the corner. Ian nodded and then left into the room next to us.

I couldn’t help but notice the over sized mirror across from the bed on the wall. Then I knew... that’s a one sided mirror where Ian is going to be watching us. I felt a little at ease knowing he wasn’t going to be in the actual room with us, sitting in the corner watching like a creep.

I again gathered my thoughts and put all my attention on Rhaya. I noticed her looking at the mirror as if she knew as well.

She turned around to face me, “Hi.” She laughed. “Hi.” I returned. We both laughed trying to make this not as awkward. I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her small body, “I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” I said as I kissed the top of her head.

She looked up at me, “I’ve been thinking about you too.” I bent down and kissed her lips. They were like silk. I grabbed the pin in her hair and pulled it out, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. Throwing the pin to the side I caressed her cheek. “You are so beautiful.” I memorized her face. Her big hazel eyes, her perfect plump lips.

She took another glance at the mirror. I gently pulled her face back to me. “It’s just you and me. No one else. Just focus on me and I’ll focus on you.” I tried to comfort her. When she looked back into my eyes I could see her worry had vanished.

She wrapped her hand on the back of my neck pulling me down to her lips. She kissed me with such passion. And so I kissed her back with even more. Pulling her body against me like I couldn’t get close enough to her. Her hands were now in my hair, and before I know it, my hair falls to my shoulders.

“I’ve wanted to pull your hair down all night. It’s so sexy like this.” She whispered while running her fingers through my main. Her words turned me on even more. We started kissing more passionately every second.

I started to back her up against the wall while my lips brushed her cheeks, then her jaw and then neck. I could feel her heart racing as I kissed and sucked her neck.

When she was all the way against the wall I opened my eyes realizing I had backed her against the mirror. Ian would be getting a good show, but I didn’t give a shit at this point. I wanted her, and I needed her.

A quiet moan escaped her lips, waking up the sex beast within me. I grabbed her hips and I spun her around to where she was now facing the mirror. I could tell she didn’t care anymore that we were being watched.

I needed to slow down. I needed to take this slow. I needed to calm the sex hungry man within. I reminded myself that she is delicate, and that she has never been broken in. I needed to be gentle, and if I didn’t slow down now, her first time would be a hard pounding fuck, not a sensual slow love making that she deserved.

So that’s what I did, I slowed down. Her hands were against the mirror as my weight was behind her. I brushed her hair over her shoulder, and I began kissing her neck and earlobe. And when I started sucking on her lobe she moaned. I knew she was getting turned on. She was pressing her perfect ass into my cock. I couldn’t help but let out a small moan.

I knew she knew how turned on I was. I hate to gloat but I know I have one massive cock and it is as erect as it can be under these slacks. Fuck my pants are so tight.

I began kissing down her back down to her zipper. I slowly pulled the zipper down. What I really wanted to do was rip the fucking dress off but I knew I needed to get her juices going so I didn’t hurt her too bad.

When I finished unzipping her dress I slowly pulled the thin sleeves off her shoulders. The white dress floated to the floor. With that dress she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. So all she was wearing now was a sexy white lace thong.

My cock twitched when my eyes landed on her more than perfect ass. Fuck me. I want to spank, and bite her ass so bad. But I objected to my thoughts for now. As I started kissing down her back again, I very slowly wrapped my arms around her and cupped her wonderful tits. She moaned once again. I started to squeeze them and then rolled her nipples between my large fingers.

That sent her overboard. As I suck on her neck she reaches her arm up and behind, and shes laces her fingers with my hair. She lightly tugged at my roots.

As soon as she brought her arm down I turned her back around facing me. There was so much lust in her eyes. I knew she wanted me almost as bad as I wanted her. My hungry eyes traveled down her body, stopping at the most beautiful perky tits I’ve ever seen. Her nipples were erect from my playfulness.

She smiled and then started pulling my suit jacket off and then she threw it to the ground as fast as she brought her hands back up loosening my tie and unbuttoning my white shirt. Our tongues were moving to a perfect rhythm while she finished unbuttoning my shirt. After the buttons were all undone she untucked my shirt and pulled it off.

Rhaya stopped kissing me for a split second to take a good view of my body. I could see the arousal in her hazel eyes. She brought her hands up to my naked chest and started to roam across my pecks and then my abs, my biceps, my shoulder, back to my abs trailing downward. Her fingers outlined my v, and then she light grazed her finger where my slacks met my skin. Oh god she’s driving me crazy.

In one swift moment we’re kissing again as she pulls my belt loop free. It clinks on the ground. I feel her fingers unbuttoning my pants. Now unbuttoned and pulling my zipper down. My cock fucking needed that.

My hands instinctively find her breasts, she lets out another moan and pulls down my briefs. I hear her gasp when my cock springs free. I step out of my boxers and socks.

I push her up against the mirror. Grabbing the back of her thighs, I now have her legs wrapped around me. My cock is sticking straight up. I can feel how wet she is through her panties. “Fuck.” I say out loud.

We’re passionately kissing again. Our bodies are rubbing against each other while our tongues dance.

I then carry her over to bed and I gently lay her down. Giving her another kiss and then I’m trailing down to her tits. I suck her right tit into my mouth. Her back arches in pleasure making my cock throb. After sucking and squeezing her perky breasts I need to go lower. Kissing down her toned stomach I bite her hip bone and she lets out a needful whimper.

Now my tongue is tracing her panty line. I know by her body squirming she needs more. I hook both my index fingers on each side of her hips and slowly pull her panties down. Her breathing has picked up. She is eager. After completely pulling them off, she watches me tentatively with her legs together and bent at the knee. I slowly slide her legs apart as she bites her lip.

Now getting a good view, I am looking at the most perfect smooth pussy I’ve ever seen. I now gasp. I can tell she is extremely tight. I’m now questioning if my cock can even fit inside her. But sure as shit I was going to try.

“You are absolutely perfect in every way Rhaya.” I said kissing her inner thigh. She smiled at me and bites her lip again. I kiss every inch of her inner thigh. Her beautiful pussy is glistening with her juices. I need a taste.

I lick the outer edges of her, teasing her for a while. Soon enough my mouth is on her small clit. I start with very small circles with my tongue. Her body shakes and her moans are louder. I start to pick up the pace and her back arches again. Shit, this will never get old. And then I start to suck on her clit, her whole body shudders as she lets out a moaning scream.

She fucking loves this. She loves my mouth on her. I can tell by her body jolts that she is now extremely sensitive from me sucking on her nerve ending clit. Now it's time to go lower. I gently lick around her small slit. And then forcing her pussy lips to part with my tongue, I taste her. She tastes so fucking good. Her pussy juice is a delight and I want it all over me! I moaned as I could feel precum escaping my tip.

I sit up slightly and start to rub her clit with my index finger. Her moans are music to my ears. I inch my fingertip lower and just when I'm about to slide it in her slit, she says, "Don't. I want your cock to be the first thing to ever enter me." I reply as I kiss her thigh, "But I need to temporarily loosen your muscles so it won't be as painful." I kiss her thigh more. She's breathing a little faster from me pleasing her clit.

"No," she pauses to catch her breath, "I want your cock to be the first to feel how tight my pussy is. I want it to be it's tightest as you ease into me. I want to remember the pleasing pain of your cock expanding my pussy to its max."

Fuck me! My cock needs to be inside her. Right. Now.

I pull myself close to her and kiss her hard. She kisses me back just as hard and intense. I break the kiss and stare into her eyes. I'd hate to ever cause her pain but I needed to watch her face as I enter her.

I reach over to the dresser and grab a condom from a dish that was a complimentary from the mansion. I retrieve it and just before I put it between my teeth to rip off the wrapper, Rhaya grabs my hands. "That's not necessary. I want to really feel you. And I want you to really feel me." She really empathized the 'feel.'

"And I want every ounce of your cum inside me." Again she empathized the 'me' part. She wants all my semen ejaculated inside her, not in a condom.

If it was anyone but Rhaya I would have rejected the request, but since she is mine, I'm more than happy to oblige. Fucking ecstatic to oblige! Like I said, I've never raw dogged any pussy. So this will be a first for me and I know it's going to be the best fucking feeling in the world.

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