Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 15


I could tell by Gareth's smirk he was happy I suggested no condom. He gladly tossed the condom on the floor and then adjusted his massive cock to my slit. He began to swirl the tip on my opening. An unintentional moan left my lips. This feels so fucking good. I know the next part will hurt but my sexual desire was to the max and I. Fucking. Needed. Him.

I could tell by his gaze he wanted to observe my face as he entered me. So I locked eye contact, sucked in a breath, and braced myself.

With his hand, he held his cock in place and with a very very slow movement he started to ease himself into my pussy. Fuck it hurts. But feels so good. He was about a half of an inch inside me, when he let go of his cock, but with nothing to force it in, my pussy was so tight his cock was forced right back out.

"Oh my god." He moaned. "That is the tightest fucking pussy." I felt flattered at his comment. But then I examine his cock, it's absolutely massive. If just the tip is almost too big how is the thickest part of his cock going to fit? It was huge in length, but oh my god, the girth just might be too thick for my pussy.

He positioned his cock again, this time he didn't let it go with his hand. He was going to have to help push it in. He again locked eye contact and at an extremely slow pace pushed his dick inside me. Inch by inch the pain was overwhelming. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I didn't want him to stop.

I moaned in pain and pleasure. My pussy was squeezing him extremely hard, his lips were parted and moans escaped his lips. "Oh fuck." He moaned again and again. His gaze still not breaking contact. His cock half way inside me, I then broke eye contact as I closed my eyes in pain and gritted my teeth. He stopped in concern, and I cried out, "Please don't stop!"

So he continued, he repeatedly whispered, "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Under his breath. I opened my eyes and watched him, I knew my pussy muscles wrapped tightly around him felt so damn good to him. It was written all over his face.

As he sunk all way in side me I screamed again in pain and pleasure. Now that he was all the way inside me he wrapped his arms under me and put mostly of all his weight on me and held me.

For a couple minutes we lay there enjoying the sensation. My pussy is overwhelmed, I can tell by the thuds deep within me that my pussy would make. Even though he was as far in as he could go, he would try to go deeper by squeezing his ass and pushing a little harder with every thud of my pussy.

"Rhaya, you feel so fucking good." His lips met mine again and we began kissing with intensity that began to build. He then began to slowly ease in and out of me. We were moaning into each other mouths as we kissed and made love.

Every thrust became more and more bearable and the pain turned into complete ecstasy. My pussy now welcomed every thrust, every movement, every inch. Each one of his moans would build up a feeling deep inside me.

His thrusts were still slow and passionate, he would ease his entire cock in me then back out. All the way in and all the way out. Over and over again.

He cupped my tits and started sucking them, and then he would gently bite them and that almost sent me over the edge.

"Yes Gareth! Oh!" He bit a little harder and pumped inside me faster and faster. Our moans filled the room. I started rolling my hips to meet his rhythm and he moaned louder, I knew he was close. And so was I. My nails were digging into his back.

His pace quickened even more and the build up of my orgasm exploded around his cock. I screamed in complete pleasure and then his moans became faster and louder. He jerked his last few thrusts hard and deep, and grunted loudly as he filled my pussy with his hot cum, and his body convulsed as if he had the most intense orgasm ever.

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