Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 16


My jaw tightens with jealousy. Gareth and Rhaya are wrapped in each other's arms naked after sharing an incredible orgasm together.

I'll give it to Gareth, he has one gigantic cock! I have a huge cock, probably about the same length as his but not quite as thick in girth. But I'm still thick, thicker than most men, and my cock curves in the perfect way, so lets just say, I easily make a lot of women squirt because my dick curves and hits their g-spot.

I tried to sneak out right after they finished but Mr. Lockwood caught me right before I got to my bedroom door. He demanded I stay and watch. He insisted it was to observe Rhaya's weaknesses, but I'm convinced it's still over Lacey. I don't think he will ever stop blaming me. He also told me he'd be sending Damien in to make sure I'm there all night watching them.

So fucking annoying.

But I guess there is an upside to tonight. I got the honor to see the most sexiest body on this earth. Fuck. I wish I could say I didn't get turned on because Gareth was also there naked, but my cock was rock hard the entire time.

After Gareth popped her cherry. Rhaya went into the bathroom that's joined to the room, I assume to wash the blood off, that was trickling down her inner thighs, and also to clean Gareth's cum out of her pussy. Just thinking about the fact Gareth got to be the first dick inside her makes me extremely jealous. But what makes me more jealous is the fact he got to bust his load inside her... Something I won't ever get to do because of his terms that I always have to wear a condom. Fucking bastard.

I guess I can't blame him though. If it were up to me, I wouldn't want any other guy cumming in my girl either. I'd only want my semen swimming inside her.

After Rhaya went to cleanup she came back in the room. Of course her and Gareth shared some intimate kissing and then he went into the bathroom.

She laid out on the bed. Damn, she looked so sexy. I wanted to suck on those plump tits, rub my cock in between them.

She gazed around the room and her eyes fell upon the one sided mirror. She knew I was watching her. She just laid there staring as if she was gazing into my eyes. Though she was naked, she didn't care. She didn't try and cover herself up.

I needed a blue balls release. So I unzipped my pants and pushed them and my briefs down and started stroking my cock. I had enough precum at the tip to use as lube.

I wanted to hurry and ejaculate before Gareth came back into the room and ruined it.

So I didn't start off slow. I was jacking off my cock with fast tight strokes. I begin to moan, but making sure I was quiet.

"Fuck I want to be inside you." I say as if she can hear me. I want to feel how tight she is just like Gareth got to.

As she still watches the mirror I pick up speed and then grunt as I spray my load onto the floor. It usually takes me a while to cum; I have the stamina of a race horse, but god, Rhaya turns me on like I'm high on ecstasy.

I lay back in the chair with my cock in my hand, it lightly bounces as more cum spurts out. "Fuck." I can't wait to get my hands on her.

I tuck my dick back in my boxers and zip up my pants, just in time as the door opens and Damien walks in, "Hey man, my dad wanted me to make sure you're still in here." He shuts the door behind him. "Fuck like I care, I honestly just wanted to come see Rhaya's tight naked body." He turned to see her laying on her side, naked, on the bed.

She wasn't looking this way anymore. She looked like she was in a daze. She must have been replaying what just happened with Gareth because she was biting her lip. I instantly got jealous again.

"Oh my fucking god!" Damien began as he walked as close to window mirror as he could. "Gareth is one lucky son of a bitch! He got to sink his dick in that pussy!" Damien was memorizing her body. "Damn I'm jealous. And now harder than fuck."

I start replaying the scene. I could tell by Rhaya's face she knew it was going to hurt like hell... Her pussy is so tight it pushed his cock right back out, my hand instantly went underneath my pants and boxers and squeezed my cock. Then watching her pussy slowly expand as he eased himself in her... Fuck I want that pussy so fucking bad. I could tell she was in a lot of pain, but as he worked her up I knew she loved it, by the way she moaned, her toes curling, her back arching, and her nails digging into Gareth's back.

There's no wonder I needed to relieve my balls.

"How and the hell did you watch her get her cherry popped, and not have to blow your load? I know I'm a sick bastard, and while Gareth fucked her I wouldn't be able to help myself, I would have been jacking off." Damien's hand was over his crotch while he was talking and staring at Rhaya.

He turned to look at me and his eyes darted to the floor. "You nasty fucker. You did bust your nuts all over the floor!" We both laughed as we both looked at my cum pooled on the floor.

"I waited till Gareth left the room. I didn't want to see his naked ass while I did it, unlike you, you disgusting fuck." We both laughed again.

"I could just stare at that fucking beautiful body all night. But since you're sentenced here to watch them fuck all night. I'm going to go to my room and imagine that pussy riding me while I blow my load." He squeezed his bulge, laughed, and walked out the door.

It's hard to stay mad at Damien. He's vulgar and disgusting sometimes, but he's my best friend, and has always been there for me. It makes me beyond jealous that, he too, gets to see her naked, and in a couple months gets to fuck her too for Tri-DP week.

If it was up to me he wouldn't get to go near her. I hated that he even got to see her naked through this windowed mirror.

Fuck, I don't even know why I act or think this way about her. I only know a little about her. She just got here a few days ago and I'm already so infatuated.

I've trained so many women and have never felt like this. Even with Lacey it took a few months before I knew I had real feelings for her.

So I don't know what it is about Rhaya, all I know is that I want her. I want her in so many ways. And lucky for me, training starts tomorrow.

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