Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 17


As I'm laying on the bed I hear the shower turn on in the bathroom and Gareth opens the door, "Hey beautiful, would you like to join me?"

Oh my god he looks hot! His ashy blonde hair was to his shoulders and was a little messy from my hands being in it. His arms are huge, his biceps look swollen, while I can see every vein popping through. His abs are chiseled and tight, his "v" is very defined. And his........ Oh my god, his cock is so massive, I can tell it's only slightly hard now, but still huge.

How and the hell did that fit into my pussy? I think to myself, realizing I am quite sore down there.

"I would love to." I reply with a smile and get off the bed. As I walk into the bathroom next to him he pulls me in and plants an amazing kiss on my lips.

He's so damn talented with his mouth. His lips feel amazing against mine, and the way he rolls his tongue against mine.... is turning me on. Yes, my pussy hurts, but I don't fucking care at this point. I want to ride Gareth all night long. In the shower, in the bed, against the wall, on the floor, on the bathroom counter top. I want to make love on every surface.

He gives me butterflies. And at the same time he makes my blood boil, my arousal hit max. Gareth makes my pussy fucking wet.

Our skin is pressed hard against each other. His cock is pushing against my abdomen. I can feel it growing in size. The feeling of his cock reacting to me makes the space between my legs start to become wet again.

I feel small against him. His hands roam down my sides feeling all my curves. Those amazing large hands rest on my ass as he gives it a hard squeeze and slaps my skin. I let out a small scream into his mouth and continue kissing him.

He leads me backwards into the standing shower and then shuts the glass door behind us. He pushes me against the shower wall and kisses me harder. His facial hair tickles my face. Then as our lips unlock and he says, "Rhaya, this has been one of the best days of my life. Thank you for giving yourself to me. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be the first man inside you."

The hot water is spraying both of us. It feels so good on my sensitive skin. "And thank you Gareth. For being so kind, patient, and gentle. With this whole situation, I'm glad you were my first." Drops of water were hitting my face, collecting some on my lashes. He smiled, showing off his dimple and gleaming white straight teeth.

"For the most part." I laughed. His smile turned into a confused smile. "What do you mean?" His hands wrapped around my waist.

I laughed again, "Um, I don't know if you realize, but you're quite uh..." I tried to find the words without embarrassing myself.

"Big?" His smile was now bigger, as he finished my sentence.

"I was going to say massive." We both laughed. "I never expected to ever see a cock that huge. Let alone take my virginity." I wrapped my arms around his muscular frame. Again his cock was pushed against my abdomen.

"I did realize." He laughed. "I'm damn lucky I got the good jeans in the family, I just like to be humble about it." He laughs. "Am I too much?"

"No, of course not. At first, it definitely hurt like hell, but after a while it felt so incredibly good." I pressed a kiss on his peck. I looked up and he was still smiling, "Yes. It felt so fucking good. And if I'm being honest, you're the first woman I have actually had sex with, without a condom."

Wow, really? I thought. I feel my cheeks turning pink. I feel very special. I'm actually very shocked. I knew a man looking like this had to get a lot of action, but a man like this, being cautious and not giving in the urge to just plain screw a woman when there wasn't a condom around.... I knew my feelings for him right now grew instantly.

"Is that so?" I rest my hands on his tight ass and squeeze. "Did it feel any different?" I ask.

"It was the best fucking feeling in the world. Although, I didn't last as long as I normally do, because babe, you are mind blowingly tight. And your pussy just feels so good around my cock, especially, with no condom." He grabs my ass and squeezes hard while pulling me into him. His cock seems to get harder by the second.

Gareth brushes a wet strand of hair out of my face. "God, I am so lucky." He stares into my eyes. "No Gareth, I'm definitely the lucky one. I don't trust people easily, due to my past, but I just know you are an amazing man. I do trust you. And I really do feel lucky that you're now my man." I gave him a slight smile, and after I said 'my man,' his face turns a little more serious.

He then gently cups my face and gives me the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced.

And just like that, the want for each other almost seems unbearable.

Just like before, he grabs the back of my thighs and I wrap my legs around his sexy body. He again pushes me against the shower wall. "Fuck Rhaya, I've never needed someone as bad as I need you." He whispers against my lips.

"Then take me Gareth." It was almost a moan of urgency.

He grabs his giant cock and positions it against my slit, and then gently starts to ease inside me.

The beginning pain turns into pleasure as he starts to thrust himself inside. We're not kissing anymore. We're staring into each other's eyes while the hot water is drenching us. There's so much passion while we gaze into each other eyes and with every thrust.

Gareth now takes his hands to my waist and while he pumps inside me he is now pulling on my hips making my pussy engulf his cock even more.

I can't help but whimper out a moan. This feels amazing. He feels amazing. My pussy is so tight around him, I can feel. Every. Movement. Every. Thrust. Every. Jerk inside me.

The thrust patterns change from slowly pumping in and slowly coming out, to jerking fast inside me but slowly easing out. A hard thrust inside. Slowly pulling out. A hard thrust inside. Slowly pulling out. Over and over again. I gasp at every thrust inside.

We haven't dropped our eye contact. His eyes show that he wants me more than anything. That he wants to fuck me all night long and he wants to fill me with his cum, again and again. But his eyes also show he cares for me, that I'm the most precious thing to him.

I begin to roll my hips and he stops thrusting. He loves the way my pussy feels when I roll my hips. He begins to moan, and as if he can't tame something within him he growls a sexy growl and grabs my tit and forces it inside his mouth and starts sucking.

Oh my god! This feels so good! He moves back and forth, sucking on both my breasts. Then he starts mounting me hard and fast. His lips meet mine and we're again moaning into each other's mouths. "Ooh. Fuck." He would whisper, showing me I feel so good.

He untangles my legs and as my feet hit the shower floor he gives me a deep kiss and turns me around so my ass is facing him.

"Oh my god, your body is so beautiful." He says between breaths. He's breathing hard. Gareth's hands slide down my body, squeezing my ass, and he then slaps it hard. A whimper escapes my mouth. One of his hands reach around me and squeeze my tit while the other stays on my ass.

"Fuck. You're so sexy." He says as he starts sucking on my shoulder. He pinches my nipple between his fingers and then he spanks me again. Another uncontrollable moan leaves my mouth.

I can feel him adjusting his erect member to my opening from behind me. I push out my ass to give him better access, because I need him. Now.

He gently glides inside me, "Fuuuuuhck." Another whispered moan comes from his mouth. After he's encloses my tight pussy over his dick, he grabs my hips and starts humping in and out of me.

I feel his balls swinging and hitting my clit with every thrust. Making every movement, even that more delicious. My ass is smacking against his toned abdomen.

"Ooh." He would moan, and an occasional, "Fuck." Would escape his sexy mouth. I kept my moaning quiet so I could hear him. Fuck his moans are hot. I'm getting closer to quivering deep inside with his every sound.

He reaches his large hand in between my legs and starts rubbing my clit. "Ahh." I moan. Now I can't keep my moans quiet. His fingers know exactly how to please my sensitive spot.

The feeling of him plunging his cock inside me and his magical fingers working up my clit, I can't help but scream out, "I'm going to cum!" And just like that his grip tightens on my hips, his pace is even faster with his cock, and hand.

This deep tingling sensation is building up strong, my eyes can't help but roll in the back of my head. Our skin slapping together. All it takes is a loud moaning grunt within him to send me into- my over shocking orgasm. I scream out as the orgasm takes over my body and I can feel my wet pussy clenching his dick from the orgasm.

"Fuuuuck!" He moans. "I'm going to cum! Uh!" And then he shoves his cock as deep as it can go, pulls out, shoves it all the way in again, "Uuuh! Uuuh! Fuuck! I'm cumming." Another fast shove in, and then another, and another. He's cumming hard. And another fast force inside me. His orgasm is a strong long one.

My pussy is pulsing and his cock is spurting. His thrusts are now slowing, "Uuuh!" In and out. In and out. I can tell his cock is now very sensitive, but he's making both our orgasms last as long as they can. I can feel him shaking behind me. He then pushes all the way inside me and stops.

We feel all the pulses we have for each other. He wraps his large arms around my body and pulls me in tighter. Our bodies are convulsing together. We're panting together. We're still cumming together.

After my pussy finally stops pulsating he says, "Fuck." He gasps and slowly pulls his cock out. I stand still and we erotically both watch as his cum leaks out of me and down my quivering legs.

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