Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 18


Gareth left a couple hours ago. Last night was the most incredible night I have ever experienced. And let's just say I got to experience a lot in one night.

We ended up making love, four times last night, and then a fifth when we woke up in each other's arms.

Last night Gareth insisted we sleep with no clothes, because he wanted to feel my naked body against him all night long. And I definitely wasn't objecting. It just turned into a third time, then a fourth time, and a fifth this morning.

Just like at his house when I woke up before him and started to grind against him.... yeah, I did that again, but this time I got to ride his cock. He said it was the best wake up call ever.

My breasts were pressed against his chiseled chest. I was on top of him. We'd been going for almost an hour. He had me lifted up slightly by my hips, so he could pound up and inside me. He was pounding my pussy so good. The sound of our skin slapping together was erotic.

"Yes!" I started screaming, "Oh! Gareth I'm going to cum!" He started pounding faster, and then my orgasm unleashed around his hard, massive cock that was drenched in my juices. It was my second orgasm while riding Gareth within the hour.

Damn, even when I'm on top he knows how to please me. I love his cock. I love how at first it hurts when he enters me, but then the pain turns into the best pleasure. I love how he's so thick I can feel my pussy gripping him the entire time. I also love the way he touches me. He touches me with incredible passion and tenderness but also need and desire.

He pounds me hard and fast then his hands tighten their grip around my hip bones and he yells out, "Fuck! Oh fuck! Ahhhhh! I'm cumming!" But he doesn't stop he keeps pounding fast, I stare into his eyes, he stares back, but still doesn't stop, "Fuck Rhaya! I don't want to stop! You're pussy feels so good!"

I lift myself up off his chest and begin to do all the work, and start to ride him again. I start out fast, riding his cock up and down. I can hear his cum inside me sloshing with every stroke. "Oh god! This feels so fucking good!" He says as his body starts quivering. He's getting sensitive.

I slow down, but only a little. His cock continues to twitch inside me. "Ah!" He gasps. He watches me with amazement. "Fuck babe, I'm getting so sensitive."

I smile mischievously. Knowing it will drive him crazy, I rest my hand on my clit and begin to rub it in circles, I start moaning louder. I continue to push my pussy on his cock and pulling it almost off. Over and over.

"You're so fucking sexy." He grunts out a couple moans.

"Do you know what's even sexier?" I say as I bite my lip, "My." I thrust down hard, "Pussy." Another thrust. "Riding." I drop down on his cock on every word. "Your. Massive. Cock. While. Your. Cum. Fills. Every. Inch. Of. Me." I continue to rub my clit, "My third orgasm is building up, and I know you're becoming very sensitive. But I'm going to keep riding you while I rub my clit. Until I cum again."

His body starts shaking. "Fuuuuuck." He squeezes his eyes tight. It's almost unbearable for him. Just the thought of me fucking him while his cum is all over inside me, and continues with the sloshing sound brings me close to my orgasm. "Fuck, Rhaya!"

"Yes! Yes! Yeeeesss!!" I drop down hard on his cock and out of pleasurable instinct, my back arches. Now my body starts to shake. He holds my hips down so I can't move anymore, the sensitivity is almost pain for him now.

And just like at his house he says, "Rhaya, you are trouble." He smiles. God that smile melts me.

I pull up slowly off his shaft. He sucks in a breath through his teeth and pulls me off fast. "God!" His body quivers again.

I keep my body hovered over his and I use my pussy muscles and push so he can watch his cum leak out of me. From the past few times, the look on his face when he watches his cum stream out of my slit, shows he absolutely loves the sight.

The cum drips overs his cock and onto his lower abdomen. "Mmmm." He licks his bottom lip. He swiftly scoops me into his arms and flips my body underneath him.

We both laugh. He looks into my eyes, "You're so beautiful." Gareth lightly kisses my lips and whispers, "I'm so damn crazy about you Rhaya Kingsley."

Butterflies in my stomach shoot in every which way. I can't help but smile. "I'm crazy about you too, Gareth Alexzander."

We make out for a while. Gareth's cum is spread all over us. It's sticky and warm. And sexy.

We showered again. This time being playful and silly. Trying to fight the urge to screw each other's brains out again. Though, it was tempting, but sadly it was almost time for Gareth to leave.

I had a towel wrapped around my body and he had a towel around his waist. "I don't want you to go." I suddenly felt sad. He pulled me against his body and hugged me tight, "I don't want to go either. Actually I just wish I could take you home. I fucking hate that you have to stay here. That Ian will get to touch you... and be inside you." He looked very distracted.

"It's only four months. And then I'll get to be home with you." It felt crazy talking like it was our home.

"Don't think about anything besides the time we've spend together, and remember that I meant when I said I'm crazy about you." I spoke softly.

The look on his face was less worried. He kissed me again and again, "Okay, we really need to get dressed." I laughed, I knew we'd be making it a sixth time if we didn't.

It was my first training day with Ian. In my gut I already felt guilty. I just had amazing sex with Gareth and now I'm supposed to go be intimate with Ian? I knew I was going to have a hard time grasping the whole idea of having sex with two men. Not to mention, two absolutely breathtaking men.

* * * * * *

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