Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 19


I've been back in my room for almost three hours now. When I got to my room there was a medium size box on my bed with a white bow on top. It contained a sexy lace, blush pink crop top bra and a matching lacy thong. Underneath the set was a silky white short robe. There was also a typed note.

Dear Ms. Kingsley,

I hope you had a very pleasurable night last night.

With today being your first training day, I'd like to compliment you with this gift. I hope you will wear it for today's lesson.

Ian should be to your room by noon to escort you to your training room.

Best regards,

Mr. Lockwood

I had put on the bra and thong, and tied the silky white robe around me. I suddenly felt very nervous. I don't even know what to expect.

I do have to say though, because of the night with Gareth last night, I'm not as nervous as I think I would be if I were still a virgin. The nerves were unsettling before, but Gareth made me feel comfortable and as the night went on, I had a lustful desire for him to touch me and kiss every inch of my body.

So I'm not as nervous for my body to be touched and explored. I just get nervous around Ian. I'm not quite sure if it's because of that undeniable guilt I feel, like I'm cheating on Gareth. Or if it's because I have a little crush on Ian. Or maybe both...

This is out of your control Rhaya, you didn't choose this. It's the law. It has to be done.

I'm now making a promise to myself, that while I'm in my lessons I will not feel guilty.

Though, I like both men, I didn't put myself in this situation, so it is not my fault for the feelings I grow for Ian. Because once this is done, I will no longer have him in my life and I can forget about him and get on with my life with Gareth.

As I mentally finished a pep talk to myself in my mind, there was a knock at the door. "Come in." I say sitting on my bed.

Ian opens the door and walks through, "Hey." He smiles and closes the door half way.

"Hey." I reply, giving him a smile in return.

"Are you ready for our lesson?" He was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a black T shirt. He looked hot.

"May I ask what our lesson is for the day?" I said trying to keep the shakiness out of my voice.

Ian sat on the bed next to me. His green eyes are amazing, the flecks of gold were more noticeable today. "Today's lesson is solely based on observation, exploration, and reactions." He gave me another reassuring smile.

"We will explore each other's bodies and learn what turns each other on. There will be no intercourse nor oral intercourse, those are the only rules." He rested a hand on my smooth thigh.

"Oh, and one more rule," he remembered, "once we enter the training room we must not speak. We are allowed to moan and make noise, just no talking to one another. It is about learning ques and hints to what the other likes."

Butterflies fished through my stomach. This is going to be hot. "But no speaking to each other?"

"No." He said softly.

"And we must find each other's turn ons?" I wanted to confirm all the do's and don'ts before I go into the room and have questions. Ian nodded.

"Is our goal to get each other to orgasm?" I felt shy asking. But Ian didn't mind, "The main focus is being observant to the other persons wants and needs. But having an orgasm without any sort of intercourse is definitely a plus." He winked.

"So I guess you have one up on me then?" I laughed grasping his hand in mine.

"What do you mean?" He looked surprised I was grabbing his hand, but then we intertwined our fingers.

"Last night. You seen Gareth pleasuring me." I squeezed his hand and looked up through my lashes.

He was now wearing a big smile on his face, "I guess you're right. But that doesn't mean I'm not up to finding all your turn ons." He brought my hand up to his mouth and gently kissed the backside.

I suddenly started feeling very confident and excited for what was about to happen in our training. "Did you like watching last night? Did that turn you on?" A flirty grin spread across my face. His mimicked mine, and he was suddenly being flirtatious.

"I can't say I enjoyed watching Gareth make love to you all night. But I do have to say, observing you, made it feel almost as if I were the one on top of you." His expression was now more serious and his smile was subtle.

"With every arch of your back, roll of your hips, moan in your words. I was. Fucking. Turned. On."

I couldn't help but blush. "Did you jerk off?" The words poured out of my mouth before I had time to think about what I was asking.

Ian started playing the hem of my silky robe against my mid thigh. He almost seemed as if he were the one blushing now.

"With true honesty, after Gareth went into the bathroom and you lay back on the bed completely naked, not caring that I was watching. I couldn't help myself. I stroked my cock as I watched you, visualizing me fucking you." Half way through his statement he didn't seem nervous anymore.

"Did you cum?" Another escaping question.

He was back to smiling full force, "I couldn't stop myself. You're too sexy." He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, caresses my face and softly kisses me. My "turning on" was already starting to happen, I squeezed my thighs together.

When our lips unlock he whispers, "Shall we move onto our lesson?"

I nod my head. We both get off my bed, leave my room, and head down the hallway towards the training room.

Last time Ian turned me on and made me cum with his sexy words. Now this time we are to turn each other on with touch, but no words. But also, no intercourse. Will we be able to stop this time?

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