Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 2


Damien didn’t say a word, he stole a few glances at me though. The only thing I could hear were my heels clicking on the floor.

We reached some double doors and Damien stopped, "Well sexy, this is where I leave you." I stared at the doors, and I could feel his gaze on me. I looked back at him and I could tell his blue eyes were trying to read me.

"If you ever need anything, I'll be around... and I mean... anything." He winked. I didn't know how to take his sexual flirting.

"Uh, thanks.." I dropped my hand from around his arm and he walked away.

Just breath Rhaya. You're only going to be meeting the man that is going to train you how to be spectacular in bed. No pressure.

I straightened out my dress and opened the doors. And there he was. His back to me, he was looking out the window. He must have heard my heels clacking as I walked forward.

He turned around. He was wearing a suit and red tie. Damn, he's hotter than I expected. His hair was light brown, and his eyes were bright green. Though he was in a suit, I could tell under the layers of clothes, his body was nothing but muscle. And then he smiled a straight, white, gleaming smile. Pulling his hands out of his pants pocket, he walked forward.

"You must be Rhaya Kingsley." He held out his hand. I gently grasped it and then he kissed the backside of my hand.

"And you must be Ian." I smiled softly. He nodded and we let our hands fall to our sides.

"You are fucking gorgeous." He took me in like he was trying to memorize my body. I blushed, "Thank you. As are you."

We walked over to the window where he was standing before. I could feel my hands start shaking. This is every girls fantasy, but I couldn't help but feel unsure. Ian turned back towards me, and he must have noticed my hands shaking.

Gently, he grabbed my hand and gave it a little squeeze, "Nervous?" His thumb started rubbing the back of my hand.

"How can you tell?" I teased and smiled at him. He offered a smile in return, "Don't be nervous Rhaya. I'm going to make you feel as comfortable as I can. It's an odd environment here, but it can be quite enjoyable if you allow it." He was sincere, unlike like Damien with a naughty sense of humor.

All I could do was offer him a soft smile again. I couldn't help but feel shy. Ian gently tucked my hair behind my ear.

"I will take good care of you while you're here. You have my word." And oddly enough, I believed him even though he was a complete stranger.

"Well, I will leave you to get aquatinted with Gareth and then I'll be back in for the contract signing." He squeezed my hand again and let go. "Gareth? Contract signing?" I was back to feeling uneasy.

"Yes. Gareth is your suitor. He is a good respectable man. You're lucky to leave this place with him. Most women leave with a fucking bastard, who only see them as a play toy." I could see a little anger in his green eyes.

"Oh." That's all I could get out. His expression changed soft again, "And the contract is a run down of the rules of the mansion and Gareth's requests. Basically the do's and don’ts." He was watching me closely.

"I guess I didn't think there was a whole lot to this process, besides learning how to give a good blow job, and all the sex positions imaginable." Ian was surprised by my response but then laughed.

"Yeah, I guess you could say there's more to the process." His lips touched my cheek. "I'll see you shortly." And then he walked out of the room.

Looking out the window, there was a silver Porsche pulling up. I looked away from the window. I didn't want to get more nervous then I already was. Just breathe Rhaya. Ian said Gareth is a good man.

I took another deep breath and the doors opened, I assumed it was Gareth walking towards me. His hair was ashy blonde pulled into a bun, and he had very nice trimmed facial hair. Three hot men in one day? Hell.

He was taller then Ian and had a bigger build. The grey suit he was wearing complemented his bulging muscles underneath. He reminded me of a hot fire fighter.

"Hello Rhaya, my name is Gareth." For the love of hell, he smells amazing! He reached out his hand and I gracefully grabbed it. "God, you're more beautiful then your pictures, which I didn't think was possible."

My pictures were sent into the system 6 months before I turned 18, and that is how suitors would decide. And right now I'm thanking my parents for choosing Gareth.

"Nice to meet you Gareth. I do have to apologize, I'm actually very nervous, and I'm not quite sure how to act with all this." I could feel my hand getting sweaty in his, and I let go and wiped my hand on my tight black dress.

He smiled showing off his perfect teeth, and delicious dimple, "If I'm being honest, I'm quite nervous myself. First off, you're absolutely breathtaking, and second this isn't my ideal situation. Thinking of you here being touched by another man..." He looked to the ground then back to me, "well, it’s going to make me incredibly jealous."

He smiled an unconvincing smile. "But as a lawyer, I guess it'd make me a hypocrite if I didn't abide by the laws, now wouldn't it?"

I couldn't help but laugh. "Lawyer? That's pretty impressive." With his light blue eyes he stared deep into mine. It felt like he was looking into my soul, and then the doors opened and Ian and an older man with a bald head came through.

"Gareth." The bald man nodded. "Mr. Lockwood." Gareth nodded back. Ian and I looked at each other at the same time and then Mr. Lockwood said, "Ms. Kingsley."

"Oh please call me Rhaya." I said kindly. He gave me a smile, "Well shall we get started?" Mr. Lockwood gestured towards the desk in the corner of the room.

It was a large desk with one chair on one side and three chairs on the other. We all sat down. I had Ian to my left and Gareth on my right. They both offered a smile.

"Okay, we will start with the Mansion rules." Mr. Lockwood started, "First off, Rhaya Kingsley, you are to stay here for the four months of your training." I crossed my legs and now my dress looked even shorter, showing off my slender toned thighs. Both men took a peek, and I couldn't help but feel flattered.

"Secondly, I assume all of you have been tested for STD's?" Both men nodded and all three looked at me, and I suddenly felt nervous again, "It wasn't necessary." I say. They all looked kind of confused, and Mr. Lockwood asked, "You are a virgin?"

"Yes, I am." I say shyly. Everyone looked surprised, but Gareth and Ian also had a hint of excitement in their eyes. "Very well then. And what about birth control?"

"That's been taken care of." I say as I think back a month ago getting my IUD. That was painful.

Mr. Lockwood continued, "Ian will be your only trainer. You may not have any other sexual relations with anyone besides your trainer, and your suitor, unless specified."

Though this felt very foreign to me, Mr. Lockwood and Ian didn't seemed fazed as if they've done this hundreds of times. "Your suitor may not take you permanently until you have completed your full training." Mr. Lockwood looked at Gareth as if he knew he was uncomfortable with this situation.

"Between Trainer and Trainee, they will make a safe word, so if any sexual activity is too overwhelming to handle, they can opt out of the session." Gareth readjusted in his seat, I knew he was uncomfortable so I smiled trying to reassure him. He seemed to relax a little bit.

"Trainer And Trainee will sleep in separate rooms after sessions. There will be no spending the night in each other's beds. Trainee must forgo every session unless she is on her menstrual cycle, and last but certainly not least- Trainee will not fall in love with her trainer, and vice versa."

Now I really felt awkward.

"And to help, we now have increased visitation for the suitors twice a week. You may stay here, or you may accompany your suitor at his home if he wishes, but you must be back within 24 hours."

I was happy to hear I would also be getting time with Gareth, and not spending all my time here. "Now if I can have all you sign your names below, this is stating we have gone over the rules and regulations and that you will abide by them."

Ian signed his name first next to Trainer:, then I signed next to Trainee:, and Gareth lastly signed next to Suitor:.

"Now onto Suitor's terms." Mr. Lockwood shuffled papers around, and Gareth cleared his throat, "Mr. Lockwood may I have a word with you in private?"

"Of course." The two of them stepped away and Ian and I looked at each other confused.

They had a quick conversation and then came back and sat down. "First term, Trainer must always use a condom, no exceptions."

I heard Ian let out a very quiet laugh.

"Once training is complete, Trainer and Trainer must cut all ties and leave everything at the Mansion, to never associate together again." I could understand where Gareth was coming from, he said he was uncomfortable with this process, so of course there would be some jealousy.

"And an added term," I assumed this was what Gareth and Mr. Lockwood just talked about.

"Because of the circumstance that doesn't often happen, Suitor will take Trainee's virginity on Consummation Night in two days." Just then I got butterflies.

"And I will add to this term, Trainer will go to Consummation Night to observe which steps he needs to approach in the training sessions." I felt both men stiffen next to me. All three of us were taken by surprise.

"Well I will let you get comfortable Rhaya, you may spend tonight and tomorrow getting to know Gareth, and then you'll come back to get to know Ian better, and then you'll see Gareth the night after for Consummation. You may spend the night at Gareth's home tonight, but under no circumstance will you act in any sexual activities. Do you two understand?" We both said yes in unison.

"Okay now sign this contract as you did before."

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