Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 20


I had Rhaya's hand in one hand, and with the other I opened the door to our training room. This room was just a plain room with white walls, and grey carpet. The only thing in the room was a king size bed, the usual white bedding, and a dresser. Nothing else.

The room is bare, because it's to help minimize any other senses besides touch, feel, and sound.

I pulled Rhaya inside, shut and locked the door. Her eyes searched throughout the room, she went to speak but then she remembered we couldn't in this lesson.

Instead she let go of my hand, walked over to the bed and her finger tips grazed the white comforter. As she walked around the other side of the bed she locked eye contact with me.

She's fucking beautiful. She was wearing a white silky robe that cut off to the middle of her sexy tan thighs. Her bronzed hair was curled and flowed to the middle over her back. I can smell her desirable perfume in the air.

Her eyes were still locked onto mine. She gently bit her lip. Her hands were now at her sides; her finger tips touched her bare skin on each of her legs. Very slowly she started to trace upwards to the hem of her robe, her fingers lightly hooked the bottom of the silk fabric and she slowly pulled upward.

The robe bunched as she kept lifting it up. It reached the top of her panty line, showing off her light pink lace panties. Fuck, she's sexy! I felt my cock coming to life under my jeans.

I saw her look down, she noticed I was getting hard. She then unhooked her finger tips and the robe dropped back down to her mid thigh. She smiled, knowing what she's doing is working. Grasping all her hair in one hand she pulled it over her right shoulder.

Carefully she grasped the strip of fabric that was tied into a bow around her waist. Slowly, like before, she untied the bow. Keeping the slow movement, she turned around so her back was facing me. Rhaya looked to the side so she could see me out of her peripheral vision.

The robe started to slowly inch off her perfect shoulders. As the fabric lowers just above her triceps, she stops for moment.

Shit, she's gorgeous. It's like I'm staring at a portrait. But at the same time it's like I'm staring at a porn magazine, because my cock is hard, and hungry.

Another second goes by, and she lets go of the robe and it flows down her tight, sexy body and onto the floor. She's wearing a lacy bra, the same pink color as her panties. That color looked amazing on her.

My eyes danced around her body. She had amazing curves, and a........ Oh my god, that ass! It was literally the most perfect backside I'd ever seen. But everything about her was the best I'd ever seen.

Her ass was plump. Not like those huge asses some women have, that's not my thing. Hers was perfect on her petite curvy body.

I don't know how long I stared at her until she gracefully turned around. I can't say enough good things about her appearance. She bit her lip again, and that's when I knew I needed to touch her.

I walked towards her and kissed her like you would see in the movies. I needed this girl. She pulled at my shirt trying to get it off, I unlocked our lips, reached my arms back, I clenched the material on my upper back, and pulled it over my head.

I tossed my shirt to the floor and continued kissing her. Her lips felt so good on mine, our tongues rolled against each other's as if we've done this forever. Her warm finger tips traced my abs and pecks. Then traced the top of my v line that was showing. My cock got harder, and I let out a quiet gasp.

Rhaya unbutton my jeans, and then I grasped her small hands. There was more I wanted to do to her before we got carried away. But I'm thankful because my cock needed some relief from the strict clothing.

I gently guided her onto the bed. I stopped kissing her for a moment to get another good look. I'm fucking horny as hell. She is the best sight I have ever seen.

In a split second I'm on top her. The skin of our stomachs are touching. Wow, even just the feel of our bare skin touching is incredible.

I give her a deep kiss on her lips then I move to her neck. I love the smell of her perfume.

I start by placing light kisses down her neck. She makes a quiet moan. Her hands move to my sides and she slips her hands under my jeans and briefs and she squeezes my ass.

I begin to suck lightly on her neck and she moans again, and she squeezes my ass again. When I start to gently bite her, she squeezes my ass, pulls me down harder and lifts her pelvis.

She has me pulled down on her, and the only thing between her pussy and my cock are my boxers and her lacy material. My kisses trail downward, just above the top of her bra. I want nothing more than to rip the thin material off her.

My hands begin to roam her stomach and up to her tits. I squeeze each of them in both my hands. And her moans are more frequent. I pull the bra straps off her arms, and once they're free I squeeze her tits again and nip her above her bra.

A whimper leaves her lips and my cock starts throbbing. It wants to sink between her wet pussy lips so bad.

I pull down her bra and expose her breasts. Fuck, beautiful ass, incredible tits. I want this girl any way, and every way I can have her.

While her bra is now around her ribs I immediately put my needful mouth on her tits and start sucking. God, her moans are sexy.

I move from one breast to the other, mirroring the actions. My tongue begins to tease her erect nipples. I swirl my tongue around her sensitive buds and she grips my ass tight and pulls me down on to her even more. My cock is fucking hard. With the pressure she is pulling my cock onto her pussy, it has to hurt her a little. But she likes it.

And then I suck her tit again. I suck really hard. She cries out, "Ahh!" But she loves it, she starts rolling her hips against me. My cock is harder than ever.

Her rolling rhythm is fantastic. I saw how she rode Gareth's cock, she's already a pro at that. I can't wait till she is bouncing up and down on mine.

And then I bite her tit. Not soft, but not hard enough to hurt her. She wails out a scream.

I release her tit from my mouth and go straight up to her lips and kiss her hard, muffling her scream. She pulls her hands out from under my briefs and instantly buries them into my hair.

Her sexy long legs are wrapped around my waist. I start to push my cock against her, hard, and then begin to roll my hips. I need her. She needs me.

We are both breathing hard. In a swift movement I lift up, unlock her legs from behind me and flip her onto her stomach. Her head is sideways, pressed against the bed, she looks kind of confused but also exhilarated.

That ass. Mmmm. I have to start with that ass. The skin on her round behind is soft. I squeeze. She moans. And then I slap her ass. Her body jolts and she lets out another whimper.

I'm so fucking happy her thong isn't covering up her perfection. Thinking about the fabric between her sexy cheeks makes my cock twitch. I had to.... I hooked the fabric with my index finger, pulled it back as far as the material would go, and then let it go like a rubber band. It slapped her ass hard.

Her body jolted harder this time and she let out a louder whimper. I then slapped her ass. Again and again. By the sounds of her moans, I knew it was more pleasure than pain.

I trailed kisses down her back and on her ass. Again, my instinct kicked in and I bite her ass. Like last time, not soft, but not hard. Her moans! Fuck! I can't wait until I get to pound her hard and listen to her moan my name.

I grab one of her legs and bend it at the knee and spread it away from her other leg so I can get a good look at her pussy.

Her pink thong is slightly pressed between her pussy's outer lips. The material there is a bit darker in color so I know her pussy juices have made the thong damp. Fuuuck me! This is fucking hot.

I begin with soft kisses making my way upward from her ankles, to her calves, her thighs. Fuck I want to eat her pussy out, but no god damn, oral intercourse.

Forcing myself to not going any higher or I would be sucking her pussy until she came. So instead, with my finger I lightly traced her thigh, and then the outer edges of her pussy. Her pussy was soft and completely waxed. Mmmm silky soft.

I heard small gasps coming from her mouth. Her eyes were closed. She was thoroughly enjoying this. It made me grin.

I hooked her panties with my finger once again and then moved them to the side of her outer pussy lips.

I noticed her pussy glistening. She is fucking wet. I began to rub her clit with my finger tip, "Mmm." She moaned out. I continue this for a while, until I couldn't contain myself.

I slowly inserted my middle finger in her pussy. Fuck she's tight. I could feel resistance with just one of my fingers. This is definitely by far the tightest pussy I've ever touched or laid eyes on.

How and the fuck did Gareth fit his massive cock in this tight hole? I would question if I would fit my cock in it if I hadn't watched Gareth already do it.

I slowly pushed my finger in then back out of her, again and again. Her pussy muscles allowed me to insert another finger. She was moaning loudly. I picked up the pace and eventually started to finger fuck her good.

I used my right hand to finger fuck her and my left to rub her clit. Rhaya clenched the comforter in her hands. I could tell by her facial expression, and her moans, she was about to cum.

So I pushed down a little more force on her clit and began rubbing faster, and then fucked her with my fingers faster.

"Oh! Oh!" She moaned out, her body convulsed and jolted and then she came. She came hard. I slowly came to a stop with my fingers so I could feel her cumming.

I wasn't going to pull out my fingers until she finished. Her pussy squeezed my fingers again and again. The feel of her pussy pulsating around my fingers made my cock impatient.

I kept my fingers inside until I got to feel her entire orgasm. I feel like I can cum right now without even touching my cock.

Once her pussy stopped pulsing, I slowly pulled my wet fingers out. I pulled down my unbuttoned jeans and briefs. My cock shot out of my clothing. It was turned on and it was greedy.

With Rhaya's pussy juice on my hand I rubbed it all over my cock. Fuck, I have her pussy wetness on my dick and I haven't even been inside her.

I lowered myself onto her and pushed my cock between her ass cheeks and began to pump in between them, not anal, just placing my cock in between her ass cheeks, like my cock is a juicy hot dog and her plump cheeks are the soft outer bun.

The fabric of her thong tickled the bottom of my shaft. A steady pace felt so good, and then with my cock I lunged forward hard and fast, as if I plunged my dick hard inside her. I moaned out loud.

Then with the tip of my cock, I moved it between her pussy lips. I heard Rhaya gasp, she thought I was going to enter her. God it would be so easy to just slide my cock in. But instead I swirled my dick around her opening so I could lube up. She moaned as I did this. I used her pussy cream for lube. Then I went back to her ass.

I slid my cock between her ass cheeks again and then groped her ass in both hands and pushed them together keep the skin tight around my thick long shaft.

She watched me as I jerked off between her ass cheeks. She was biting her lip, she thought this was hot. And so did I.

I rammed between them like I was fucking her hard. "Oooh fuck." A whisper escaped my mouth. My balls were hitting her pussy. Making sexy sounds leave her mouth. "Fuuuuck!" I rammed hard one more time and let out a very loud moan. I aimed my cock and ejaculated, all over and between her cheeks. I stroked my cock making sure I got all my cum on her fucking sexy ass.

When no more cum was shooting out I rubbed my cock in my semen then put it between her cheeks again.

I slowly pumped between her. The cum on my cock made me slide in between her ass cheeks with ease. Seeing my cum on, and between her cheeks was so fucking sexy.

We didn't have sex but that was amazing. How and the hell am I going to be able to finished this weeks training without getting to actually have my cock inside that tight pussy?

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