Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 21


Yesterday I barely even got to see Ian's cock. He rubbed himself between my ass cheeks and jerked off between them. I have to say it was fucking sexy as hell, but I still didn't get to see very well through my peripheral vision.

After he finished, I laid there and he kept his cock between my cheeks, slowly rubbing back and forth, using his slippery cum as lube. My pussy was eager for him to slip inside me, but he was a good boy, and stuck to the rules. Even though, at one point I thought he was going to slide inside me, but he just swirled his cock on my pussy slit to get lubed up. Sexy. But then after he pulled up his jeans so I didn't get a good look at his cock. But today I will.

I'm supposed to be meeting him in the training room in ten minutes for our day two session. Another, no speaking, no intercourse day. But this time, I want to be in control.

Ian is fucking amazing at his job and he knows what he's doing, but I know he craves me badly. I know he wants my pussy. I know he wants me. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me, when he touches me.

So today I get drive him crazy. And I'm actually thrilled about it. I've been able to control my guilt since I mentally had a conversation with my conscience. So I do have to say I'm excited.

Today I'm wearing just a black thong and my white robe tied around, no bra. My nipples are protruding through the silk fabric. That alone will drive Ian crazy. My hair is curled again but in a high pony tail, so he can easy tell I don't have a bra on.

As I walk into the training room, Ian is sitting on the bed. He looks up at me as I enter the room, and smiles. Damn, he's such a good looking guy.

Today he is wearing light jeans and no shirt. His body is amazing. He is lean and muscular. Gareth is slightly taller and has a bigger build; but they are both chiseled like gods. Ian's skin tone is a shade lighter than Gareth's. But also like Gareth's, looks flawless, and soft.

As Ian is still sitting on the bed, I pace over to him. He consciously watches me, wondering what I'm about to do. His eyes always throw me off by their beauty. But then I continue.

I quickly untie my robe and it parts slightly, only showing a third of my breasts. Ian's eyes lower and he notices I don't have a bra on. A small smile forms on his lips.

He's about to stand up, when I carefully push him back down and then straddle him. Surprise and excitement flash in his green eyes.

Ian grips my waist. His jeans feel rough against the soft skin on my thighs. I already feel him growing hard underneath me.

With the strip of fabric from the bow of my robe, still in my hand, Ian notices it and by the look on his face he knows what I'm about to do.

I gently tie it around eyes. His small smile turns into a grin. He likes this idea. His cock grows even more, which makes me smile.

I caress his face and kiss him softly. I kiss him again and again. He definitely reciprocates my actions. He pulls me in tighter by the waist.

I begin to slowly grind on him and his hands lower to my hips, as he feels my grinding movements through his grip. His cock is reacting the way I hoped. It didn't have much more room to grow under those jeans.

So I got off him and stood up. Grabbing his hands I pulled him up with me. When he was standing all the way up, I pushed him back onto the bed so his entire body was laying down, and so his legs weren't hanging off the bed. We both laughed.

I quickly unbuttoned his jeans, I grabbed the bottom by his feet. He lifted up helping me and I tugged his pants off. He was now only wearing black briefs. Damn, his cock is huge and ready to go. I thought as I observed his erectness under the fabric.

Without his awareness, I took off my robe and balled the top half into my hand. I got onto the bed and straddled him again. His hands found his way back to my hips. With the robe, I held it over his bare chest and lowered it to where the bottom was tickling his chest.

Now that his dick had more room, I felt him turn even harder under my pussy. With my robe I would lightly drag it on his body. I gently swirled it around his nipples and his lips parted. He likes this.

After a couple minutes I tossed my robe to the ground, and again started to roll my hips on top of his hard cock. "Mm." He quietly moaned. His finger tips dig into my hip bones. I feel my pussy getting wet.

This feels good, just grinding against him. But I stop, and ease my chest over him. Very slowly I lower down so my hard nipples brush against his pecks. He sucks in a breath. He knows it's my tits.

Very gently I continue to graze my nipples on his chest, on his abs, against his nipples, his arms. His hands now grips my ass and pulls my pussy against his cock. I dry hump him for a few minutes, small moans escape both our lips.

I kiss him another time and this time I get off the bed and pull his briefs off. He is definitely hard, his cock launches straight up after all clothing is off.

Yep. Huge cock. I'm impressed. His cock is about the same length as Gareth's, not quite as thick though, but has a slight curve upward. Its a very nice looking shaft. I'm getting wetter just looking at it.

Standing on the side of the bed I brush my finger tip down a side of his v line. His cock bounces. It's begging to be touched. I then trace my finger to the side and then under his erect member. I trace my finger up the length of his cock and he moans while I do it.

When I reach the tip of his penis, it's drenched in precum. I then swirl my thumb around the head and then distribute the precum around the shaft. "Mmm." He moans again.

My pussy is soaked.

I clench my hand together and make an oval slit for my pretend pussy. I then put my hand on top of his clock and start to push downward. It's tight around the head, and I push even further down, like as if I'm lowering my pussy on him.

As I start to push it all the way down his shaft he moans, "Oh!" I start to stroke him. His hips follow the rhythm.

After stroking him for a few minutes, I take off my black lacy thong, and get back onto the bed. Once again I straddle him, but this time he doesn't know he's going to be feeling my bare wet pussy on his cock.

I spread my slick pussy lips and lower myself onto the middle, of the back of his cock. His dick is pressed against his lower abdomen pointing towards his chest. As he feels our bare skin touch he says, "Oh my God." Almost like he can't believe it's happening.

I bend down and kiss him and he kisses back and our tongues start to explore each other's. I then move my pussy up and down his cock. My juices are making it slick and more pleasurable. We're still not having sex, but this feels so fucking good. "Fuuuuck Rhaya." He says.

My pussy opening is sliding so good against him. I then bite his ear lobe and whisper in his ear, "Shhhhh, no words, only moans." I remind him.

The sound of my pussy sliding on him is making a very wet sound. I slide my pussy all the way up his cock and I start to rub against the head of his penis. The feeling is amazing. The way the swollen top slides against my pussy opening gives the sensation that his cock is pushing inside me.

We moan together. His cock's head starts to spread my pussy hole open at the very slightest and then back out and pushes against my clit.

Oh my god, I'm going to cum. I let out a loud moan. He can tell I'm about to cum. Ian grabs my hips ands starts pushing and pulling me against him fast. Yes! Oh my god that feeling before an orgasm... Hold it Rhaya! As long as you can!

The sound of my pussy juice making a wet sound by the friction of us rubbing against each other, and Ian moaning throws me into my orgasm, "Ahhhh!" I scream.

Ian's finger tips are digging even harder into my hips. Which the pain just adds intensity to my orgasm. He's guiding my hips to an extremely fast pace. My orgasm is crazy good because of his needful speed.

His mouth forms an "o" and he still doesn't let me slow down. A few seconds later he grunts loudly, and he cums. He pushes and pulls my hips fast a couple more times giving him an intense ejaculation.

We're both breathing hard. Even though I can't see his eyes, his mouth says it all. His "orgasm o" is so damn sexy.

I look back down and I see one of the most exhilarating sights, that honestly make me want to go again....

My wet pussy lips are gripping the sides of his big veiny, wet, glistening cock. And the best sight of all... His big cock is twitching and his swollen tip is shooting loads of cum all over his defined abs.

* * * * *

Did you guys think that was hot or what? 😜 I want to know your thoughts!

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