Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 22


After Ian and I's last lesson, he passed me for week one. Probably for two reasons, one I don't think we could have lasted another day without actually having sex. Okay, maybe, maybe not because of reason two. I told lan my period would start tomorrow. He was very considerate.

Though, we wouldn't be having sex, he told me we would resume our lessons once my period stopped.

My period starts every 28 days and lasts for 3 days. Which I have to say I'm very lucky. But my boobs are tender, and my cramps are painful, which I'm not so lucky with.

So I decided it would be a good day to go take a swim in the indoor pool. Water always seems to help my cramps. I had my towel wrapped around my bikini, as I walked into the giant rec. room, the Clorox smell hit my nose instantly.

There was a huge pool with a diving board at one end and at the other was a floating divider to swim laps. There was a medium sized hot tub a few feet away from the pool, and at the other end of the recreation room was a basketball court.

Six guys were playing ball, 3 on 3. When the door shut behind me they all turned and stared. I could recognize Damien, he was the one holding the basketball, and then to his left there stood Ian. The two of them and one more guy were shirtless. Shirts vs skins. It was a very nice view.

I could tell all of them were in incredible shape. Ian caught my eye and smiled. Butterflies started to form in my stomach. I smiled back and walked to the pool.

No one else was swimming. I headed towards the end that was designed for laps. I didn't ever compete in swimming but my high school boyfriend, Jace did, he was fast. He taught me a few lessons and he was very impressed with me.

I've always been pretty athletic and could do any sport but it was only for fun. I was never on a team, I didn't want to be.

My passion was drawing and art I took the towel off and tossed it on a chair, then I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I kept catching Ian looking over at me. It was felt silly. We were acting like high schoolers trying to catching each other's eye, while yesterday we were making each other cum.

I couldn't help but laugh to myself. I tightened my ponytail and dove into the water.

After a few laps I felt tired. It was a great workout. I could still hear the sound of sneakers and the ball dribbling on the court.

I pulled myself out of the water and grabbed my towel. All the guys were sweaty and looking fine. I'm sure all the trainees are crazy over their trainers, they're all hot!

I pulled my hair out of the hair tie and started to dry it with my towel. I decided it would be nice to go soak in the hot tub.

After being in the cool pool, the hot tub felt scorching, at first, but I quickly got use to it and relaxed. I laid back and closed my eyes. This feels nice.

Five minutes passed and I heard Ian's voice, "You look quite relaxed." I opened my eyes and he was standing two feet away from the hot tub

glistening in sweat. His hair was soaked and messy. His abs were shiny and dripping with perspiration. And he was smiling his amazing smile. I'm so attracted to him.

Before I could speak he started pulling his sneakers and socks off, and then his gym shorts. All he was left wearing were his dark grey briefs and a smile.

He wasn't even hard and his cock was still big. Dammit. I was relaxed, now I'm getting turned on by looking at him.

He lowered himself into the hot water across from me. "Yeah, it's been a relaxing day." I say observing him.

"How has your day been?" I ask as I tuck my hair behind my ear.

"Well honestly, I haven't stopped thinking about you since yesterday." He splashed some water on his face to clean off the sweat and then smiled again.

"Oh," I said, I almost feel shy around him again, "and why's that?" I can't help but look down at his beautiful lips.

He moved forward to where he was right in front of me. He spreads my legs slightly and pushes his body against me.

"Because you are so fucking sexy." He tucks my hair behind my other ear.

"And the things you did to me yesterday, have made me want you more than ever." He spoke slowly in a sexy deep voice. His cock pushes against my pussy. He wasn't hard a second ago but he sure is now.

Of course being on my period always makes me even more horny. If it wasn't for my monthly present, I would want him to take me in this steamy hot tub.

"It's a good thing we decided to take a day off. Period or not, I wouldn't be able to resist you anymore. I want you so fucking bad Rhaya."

Without another word his lips were on mine.

By the way he was kissing me, I knew he truly wanted me. His cock grinding hard against me, made me moan inside his mouth, resulting in

him grinding harder.

I stopped kissing him, "Ian your friends are still here." I look over and a couple of them are watching us, one of them being Damien. Ian looks back at them, and then back to me, "Does it bother you? I guess we're all so used to seeing a lot of intimacy, I guess I almost forgot.

"See a lot? You guys watch each other with women?"

"Actually, yes. Not as much with our trainees but, the guys' girlfriends. Lockwood allows girlfriends over, as long as it's a learning experience."

He inched back a little to get a good look at my expression. "And your girlfriends know they're being watched?" I asked thinking about the one sided mirror in the Consummation room. And then my next thought, Ian might have a girlfriend. Jealousy soared through my veins.

"Their girlfriends. And yes of course they know. A lot of it is their idea. For a girl to want to be with a guy that does what we do for a living, well she's definitely got to be a little kinky." He laughed.

So I guess that clears up my question about Ian having a girlfriend, he doesn't.

"Actually, in a couple of hours Jeremy's girl is coming over. It's going to be what Lockwood calls a learning experience. And I wondered if you'd want to come watch?" Water was caught in his eyelashes.

Ian grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him as he backed up to where he was sitting before. But now I'm straddling him. He kisses me softly.

"What should we expect to see?" I ask as my arms are around his neck. He almost seemed like he didn't want to answer. "Well, Nicole, Jeremy's girlfriend actually wanted to explore in gangbang activities."

I could tell he was questioning if he should have told me. Honestly I felt extremely turned on. Maybe this would scare a lot of women off, but to me, the thought of having a few extremely hot guys fuck me at the same time made me push my pussy tight against Ian's cock.

But then a hint of jealousy hit again, "Are you going to be one of them that gets to fuck her?" I bit my lip out of nervousness. Ian chuckled. "Jealous are we?" He moved his hands to my hips.

"Honestly, yes." Ian looked surprised that I admitted it. He then smiled, "No I knew all I'd be thinking about it is you, and I also kind of hoped you'd come with me to watch, so I opt out. So would you like to come with me?" He chuckled when he saw relief wash over my


Ian kissed my neck and then I spoke, "Absolutely." I pushed my pussy against his dick again. He started to become even harder.

"I think it'd be hot watching a girl get fucked by all your friends." I say as I'm grinding on him.

Ian lets out a couple quiet moans in to the skin of my neck. "Fuck, Rhaya, I want you so bad." I start to ride against him harder and faster.

The water is slightly sloshing against the sides of the hot tub. I moan and whisper in his ear so his friends don't hear, "Oh. Yes. I'm cumming."

It never takes long, when I rub myself, when I'm on my period. My orgasm shoots through my body, like I'm being tased. "Fuck." He whispers, telling me he's so turned on with me cumming against him.

"Pull down your briefs." I bite his ear lobe and he lifts us both up slightly and pulls them down.

Through the hot bubbly water I can see his amazing cock. I begin to stroke it while I'm still straddling him.

"I'm going to make you cum in this hot tub." I suck on his earlobe and moan into his ear.

"Imagine my hand as my pussy riding you. So tight. So wet." He lets out another husky moan and grips tightly on my hips.

"You love the way your cock expands my pussy. The way it slides in and out but with some resistance, because it's so fucking tight. And you can feel every movement," I'm whispering in his ear while my hand strokes his cock. With my other hand I cup his balls and give them a light squeeze.

"Fuck! Fuck!" He says a little too loud, Damien looks over. But I don't care anymore. Ian's eyes are closed picturing everything I'm telling him. I

start to whimper in his ear, as if I'm having another orgasm, "Uh! Ian! Uh! Uh! I'm going to cum on your cock." I start to stroke his cock faster, and I start lifting my body up and down to give him the real idea.

"Fuck! Yes Ian! Yes! Im cumming! I'm cumming!" I start to squeeze my hand around the base of his cock with tight quick squeezes like my pussy is really cumming on him.

"Feel how my pussy pulsates around your thick cock? Mmm you like to feel my tight pussy cum on you?" I start to stroke and squeeze.

"Yes!" He quietly yells out, "Yes Rhaya! You're going to make me cum!" He's moving his hips to the rhythm of my strokes. He wraps his arms

around me and pulls me in as close as he can,

"Ah! Fuuck I'm cumming!"

My hand is still wrapped around his cock. I can feel his cum shooting through his long shaft. It's twitching.

Damn he's hot when he cums. I hold his cock in my hand until it stops jerking. Ian is now looking into my eyes and smiling. We both laugh like, did that just happen?

"You are so sexy when you cum." I say and bite my lip.

"Oh my god, but you are the sexiest to watch cum." He says and then kisses me hard and then speaks again, "I can't wait until we really get to do that."

Ian follows me back to my room. "I'll see you in an hour?" I smile opening my bedroom door.

"Okay, I'll see you then." Ian pulls me close

and kisses me. The bare skin on our stomachs touch. It feels so nice. We don't stop kissing for a while.

There were a couple moments I thought he was going to push us both through those doors and there would be no turning back. But he controlled himself and left me with one more soft kiss, and he walked away.

I closed my door. The next time I'll be with Ian we will be watching his friends gangbang a

girl. And we will be watching together... That's fucking erotic.

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