Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 23


That was the first time I had ever had a girl jerk me off in a hot tub before. Rhaya is so fucking sexy! She keeps me guessing. There's times she is shy and I want to dominate her and show her how good I can make her body feel, and then there's other times she has so much confidence and I love the way she takes over.

She does things that no other woman has done, for one- rides my cock until I cum on myself, without me actually being inside her. And two- jerks me off in a hot tub while pretending we're fucking and explaining in detail how my cock expands her pussy, and how her pussy pulsates around my cock when she cums. Fuck she's driving me crazy!

I want to fuck her all night and all day long. She makes my dick so hard and so horny. I don't think I've ever wanted to thrust myself into a woman as bad as I want to thrust into Rhaya's tight pussy and pound her for hours.

I'm to the point that I want her so fucking bad I don't think I could be gentle. I think my instincts would kick in and I would mount her so fucking hard I would make her scream with pain and pleasure. I would pound that pussy so good, she would have a hard time walking. I know, it sounds harsh, but I want that pussy to be all mine and make sure she knows it's all mine.

Fuck. I'm already hard again. Thinking of Rhaya's tight slit makes my cock growl in need.

I know I need to relieve myself again or I'm going to fuck Rhaya tonight.

My bathroom is steamy. The hot water made my need to ejaculate that more intense. I've never masturbated as much as I have since Rhaya moved in. Not even when I was a horny 16 year old. That speaks volumes how bad I want her. So I have a designated pump of lube in my shower now.

I rub some lube all over my huge twitching cock. I'm already so sensitive, since Rhaya just jacked me off but I need another release and I need it now.

I start pumping my cock like I would fuck Rhaya. I don't have time to be gentle. The hungry beast inside me won't let me go slow. I grip my cock hard and thrust my hand on it extremely fast. When I pull up on my cock I hit my balls backwards like if I'm fucking her from behind.

"Fuck!" I yell out not caring how loud I am. I'm pounding my cock. I need my cum in her tight pussy. I need to pump it all in there, every last drop.

I don't ease up. My cum is building, I can feel it. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I'm grunting and thrusting my hips to meet the strokes of my hand. "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!" Cum shoots out of my cock so hard it hits the shower door.

More cum splatters against the door. I keep jacking off until I get every drop and that I'm too sensitive. Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

My cum is dripping down the door. I have to quickly let go of my cock because the sensitivity is almost painful.

I lean back against the shower wall. I'm breathing loud. My cock is twitching hard.

Good. Maybe I can resist the need to fuck her tonight. But then again we will basically be watching porn together, and judging by the way she seemed turned on by a gangbang.... Maybe Rhaya's need to fuck me, will be too tempting.

I don't give a fuck that she's on her period. I hear women are more horny this time of month. I'm kind of hoping for it.

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