Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 24


My black and white casual striped dress hugged my curves perfectly, and I had the perfect amount of cleavage to tease Ian. As I spritzed my perfume, there was a knock at the door.

I opened it and Ian stood there looking confident. He was wearing a light grey V neck and dark jeans. His green eyes danced over my body, and then landed on my eyes, "Well hello, sexy."

Ian's eyes did a double take over my body, and then he walked forward and kissed me hard. He pulled my waist against him and then he bit my lip, causing me to quiver between my legs. Half of me just wanted to pull him inside my room and then see where things go, but I honestly didn't want our first time to be when I was on my period.

Our lips unlocked, "Right back at you." I laughed at his straightforwardness.

His lips pressed against my cheek and he held out his hand, "Shall we?" I nodded. We were walking through the mansion to a room where I would see my first gangbang.

We walk into a room where there are two other couples. The room is set up kind of like a movie theatre. There are three rows of two leather loveseats and each loveseat above the other is on a platform a couple of feet above the one below it, and about five feet away from the ones on the same height.

One of the couples was in the very top right loveseat making out, and the other couple was in the front row holding hands. We sat behind them.

In front of us was another one sided mirror. I assumed it was a mirror in the other room but we could see through it on this side.

In the other room there was a couple on a leather futon, I'm assuming Nicole and Jeremy. She had short brown hair and very light skin, and Jeremy had light brown, curly hair and tan skin. I noticed him from the 3 on 3 basketball game.

They were already naked. Nicole has her legs up against her chest while Jeremy was sucking her clit and fingering her with his middle and ring finger. Her moans were loud like she was ready to cum.

We must have been twenty minutes late. I looked over at Ian who was still holding my hand. I don't think he took his eyes off me. I think he was more interested in my facial expressions.

At first I felt uncomfortable watching, but then Ian whispered in my ear, "Just relax and allow yourself to be aroused. There's no judgement here." He kissed my cheek and squeezed my hand. So I relaxed and rested my back against the leather.

Ian put his hand on my thigh. Instantly my arousal level went up.

"Yes Jeremy! Right there!"

My attention shot to Jeremy and Nicole. He was licking her clit really fast while his fingers pulled up and down on her pussy, making a loud sloshing sound.

"Fuck yes baby! I'm going to squirt!" She screamed and he jerked his fingers up and down even harder. Damn that's rough. I thought.

And as Jeremy pulled his fingers out quickly, liquid started to spray out of Nicole's pussy and her body started shaking. What the fuck?

I looked over at Ian just as he looks over at me, "What was that?" I whisper hoping neither of the other couples hear my oblivion.

Ian laughs and squeezes my leg, "It's a squirting orgasm. One of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have." He replied, I could almost see the excitement in Ian's eyes.

"Can every woman do that?" I bite my lip.

"They say not every woman can, but I think with the right training, any woman can do it if they have a good trainer." He winks.

"Is that something you're going to teach me?" I felt butterflies of excitement flutter my stomach.

"Hell yes. I personally think it is one of the sexiest things a woman can do." Ian's green eyes were piercing through me. I had another quiver of desire between my legs just from the way he spoke of squirting.

Mm I can't wait. The way Nicole's body laid there shaking and the way Jeremy watched her as if she was the sexiest thing on earth, made me extremely excited for that particular lesson.

After Nicole finished her intense orgasm she started sucking on Jeremy's cock. He laid on his back in Nicole's juices, with his arms behind his head to prop himself up to watch her, making his defined abs more noticeable.

Nicole was on the side of him, on her knees. Her ass was facing Jeremy and he would look back and forth between Nicole sucking him and look at her ass and pussy. He would every once in a while slap her ass really hard, causing an echo through the room.

Just when I thought Jeremy was going to spank her again, their room door opens, and four naked guys walk in. Damn! She is one lucky bitch.

I noticed Damien very first. His blonde hair and blue eyes were hard to miss. He had a very similar body to Ian, proportionally perfect, very lean and toned. Their muscles are big but like I said, not as big as Gareth's.

And there's Damien's cock. Of course it's erect and ready to go. And again reminding me of Ian's cock, thick but not extremely thick, big in length and he also had a curve to his cock like Ian's.

"Do you like what you see?" I can hear a very slight jealous tone in Ian's voice.

"Actually yes," I wasn't lying. "Damien's umm.. whole package reminds me a lot of yours." I say hoping he wouldn't be offended in anyway. Which he shouldn't because Damien is sexy as hell too.

Ian laughs. His laugh reaches his eyes showing he's very comfortable, "We actually get that a lot."

"Do you fuck a like too?" The question poured out of my mouth without me even thinking.

"Well," He paused taken back by my question, "though I'm rough when I'm extremely turned on, though I try to control it and be more gentle. And don't get me wrong, I'm not just good at love making, I am absolutely amazing at fucking." He smiles confidently. I cross my legs, I'm getting turned on. Ian notices and his brow raises for a second. Shit.

Ian clears his throat, "And Damien on the other hand, only knows how to fuck. He's very rough. I've never heard of him being gentle or make love to a woman."

Damn. And he's the one that has to work with us on Tri-DP week? I exhale trying to get the thought to leave my mind.

Ian points to the guy next to Damien, which is a few inches shorter, "That's Kyle." He also had blond hair but more of an ashy blonde. His pecks were huge and his abs peaked through his skin slightly. He was stocky and had a round tight ass. He's hot but doesn't compare to Ian or Gareth. He also had a nice penis. Not quite as long as Damien's but very thick, matching his stockiness.

"That's Shaun." Pointing to the tallest and most muscular of the bunch. He had to be 6' 6". His hair was curly like Jeremy's but dark brown. He also had a giant cock. His reminded me of Gareth's. Long and massively thick.

I squeezed my legs tighter remembering how amazing Gareth's cock felt sinking inside me.

"And that's Easton." He points to the last guy. His black hair is messy, he looks like a bad boy judging by his demeanor. He was probably just barely taller than Damien, 6' 2" maybe. Another big cock.

Out of all 5 of these guys, none of them had a small dick. They were all hung.

"Squirting without us?" Shaun asked walking next to the futon, noticing the wetness.

"Fuck man, Nicole is the squirting queen. We can't go long without getting everything wet." Jeremy laughed. Nicole stood up from sucking Jeremy and walked by all the guys, getting a good view.

"Damn, Jeremy if I would have known all your friends are this hot and all of them have a giant dick, I would have asked for this a lot sooner." Everyone started laughing.

Nicole touched Kyles shoulder, "You will be number one." She then moved to Shaun, "Two." Easton, "Three." Then she touches Damien's shoulder "Four. And baby, you'll be number five. You'll get to watch all your friends fuck me and cum inside my pussy, then you'll be last so you'll get to mix all your friends cum inside me when you fuck me." Nicole grabbed Kyle's arm and they walked over to the wet futon.

I looked over at Ian, "Wait, no condoms, aren't they scared of STDs?" I ask.

"Actually, they all had to be tested today for them, Nicole too. They take it very seriously here at the Mansion. Before any interaction without condoms, people are tested."

That's good to know.

"How do you want me?" Nicole grabbed her B sized tits.

"I want you to ride me." Kyle said while already stroking his own cock.

Kyle laid down on the wet futon with his cock straight in the air. Nicole straddled him and placed his cock at her opening, then slowly eased herself on him. "Oh, fuuuuhuuck." She stuttered, sitting all the way on him.

Kyles lips were pressed. He looked like he was trying to concentrate. His hands grabbed her tits and she started to bounce on him. All the other guys in the room were stroking their large shafts, watching intently.

"Does that feel good? You like the way my pussy eats your cock?" Nicole kept bouncing while Kyle squeezes her breasts. "Fuck yeah girl." Kyle said while his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

I looked down at the couple in front of where Ian and I were sitting. The blonde girl had her legs wide open while the guy rubbed his bulge under his pants and rubbed her pussy through her skinny jeans.

Ian looked at me then to where I was looking. He chuckled and whispered, "Looks like some people are getting turned on."

I looked at Ian's cock, oh he's definitely hard as hell. "I don't think they're the only ones." I smiled at him. He then kisses my neck and moves up to my ear and whispers, "I've been watching you this entire time. My cock gets harder every time you bite your lip or squeeze your legs together."

I look down at my crossed legs, and realize Ian's hand is still on my thigh, so he could feel every time I squeezed my legs together. I felt my cheeks flush.

He pulls away from my ear and smiles at me. God, he's so stunning. "But yes, sitting here with you, watching people fuck, is making my cock hard."

At that moment I wished it were Ian and I in that room fucking.

Kyle lifts Nicole and stands up while she's still on his dick and puts her on her back and starts fucking her.

"Jeremy, you like watching your friends fuck me?" Nicole moans out.

"Yeah baby, it's fucking sexy, seeing you get all the cock you want." Jeremy strokes his member while watching his girlfriend getting banged.

Kyle starts ramming inside her hard and grunts, "Oh shit! I'm going to cum inside your little cunt!" Sweat is dripping off his forehead. "Yes! Give me all your cum! I want it all!" Kyle rammed one more time, "Ahhh!" His ass cheeks squeezed a couple more times and he pulls his wet cock out.

Shaun walks up next and lies down on the futon, "I want you to do reverse cowgirl, but I want to fuck your ass while one of the other guys fuck your pussy." Nicole looked excited. She was ready to get fucked in both holes. She moved very carefully to keep Kyle's cum in her pussy.

Easton walked up ready to take her cum filled hole.

Shaun spit on his hand and then lubed up his massive dick.

I whispered to Ian, "Is his cock going to fit in her ass?" I almost cringed for her.

"If Gareth's cock fit in your pussy, it will definitely fit." He squeezed my leg. I guess when Ian watched Gareth take my virginity, and when my pussy pushed Gareth's cock back out from being so tight, he now knows how small and tight I am down there.

Sure enough Nicole slides her ass slowly down Shaun's pole. "Fuck babe, you have a tight ass hole!" Shaun placed his hands on Nicole's hips and guides her up and down a couple times and then Easton inserted himself into her pussy. As he thrusted, cum started leaking out the sides.

His dick was covered in cum, but he didn't care he kept thrusting in and out. Because Easton was pumping in her front side, Shaun had to literally hold Nicole up and move her up and down on his cock. Nicole was moaning loudly, "Fuck yes! You like fucking both my holes? That ass hole feel nice Shaun?"

"Mmm hmm, nice and tight."

"What about my cunt Easton? Does Kyle's cum do a good job at lubing you up to fuck that cum loving hole?"

Easton started fucking her harder, "God yes! I'm ready to cum!"

"Then cum for me! Right in that starving hole! Bust your balls inside me!" Nicole was seriously like a pornstar. I wondered if that's how Jeremy met her.

"Uhhh uhh uhh oh godddd!" Easton dumped his load inside her.

"That's right. I want every last drop." Nicole squeezes her tits again.

While Easton twitches inside her, Shaun keeps moving her up and down, and Jeremy comes over and puts his penis to Nicole's mouth.

"Mmm, you want me to suck you while one of your friends is spurting inside my cunt and the other is fucking my ass?"

"Mmm hmm baby." Jeremy's eyes are full of lust.

Nicole sucks Jeremy as he grips her hair in his hand and fucks her mouth. She makes gagging noises but he doesn't stop.

Easton finally pulls out and Jeremy says, "Shaun my girl wants all our cum in her pussy so when you're about to cum make sure your get it in her other hole."

At that moment Shaun pulls Nicole off his dick. Jeremy steps back while Shaun puts her ass up, doggy style. He start jerking himself, and only puts the tip of his giant, in her pussy and busts his load, "Ahhhh shiiiiiit yeah!" His cock twitches and it fills her up.

"Oh my god there's so much cum inside that little pussy." Shaun says and pulls out. White cum trickles out her slit.

Damien doesn't waste any time, as soon as Shaun is out of the way, he rams himself inside Nicole. Cum streams out around his cock.

Damien grabs her hips tight and fucks her, and I mean really fucks her. Hard. She screams as she moans.

"Fuck yeah. Fuck her hard Damien." Jeremy says still stroking his cock.

Damien rams even harder. Their skin is slapping together. Nicole's ass is bright red from him banging against her. Cum is spraying out of her. It's all over Damine's cock and legs.

"Just like that Damien! I'm going to cum! I'm going to.... ahhhhh!" Nicole orgasms around Damien's pounding cock. Her eyes roll in the back of her head. His face is serious with a slightness of pleasure.

He keeps pounding her. Damn he has stamina. And at that pace any other guy would have came by now.

Damien pounds her for at least another ten minutes. He then grabs her ass, squeezing hard, she squeals. "Fuck! Uh! Fuck!" He says shortly. Then he rams extremely hard one more time and cums. His head arches backward while he holds a tight grip on her ass to keep her still. Then once he's done he yanks outside of her vigorously. Cum shoots out just as his big cock does.

"Damn, you're right, he is very rough." I say as I stare at Damien. He definitely seems like he has emotional issues. He grabs a towel from the corner and wipes his cock and legs off.

"I told you, fucking is his only way." I look at Ian. I want to undress him right here.

It's now Jeremy's turn. It doesn't take long until he cums inside her too. Then after they finish Nicole slides her ass off the futon and sits in a squatting position as all the men watch their cum leak out of her.

We both hear moans up in the corner. We look back and see the couple having sex on the loveseat. She's on her back with her legs spread wide toward us, all we can see at this angle is his balls. He's balls deep inside her.

Ian and I look back at each other and laugh quietly. I'm turned on. He's turned on. Everyone around us are having sex. Even the couple in front of us are now spooning, but also forking while spooning. Moans fill the air.

I bite my lip. And Ian looks me straight in the eye. It feels erotic. Everyone's fucking around us. We want nothing more than to fuck each other. The tension is thick.

I pull Ian towards me and we start to kiss passionately. We want each other so fucking bad. I feel Ian shifting his weight. I know he's about to get on top of me, but I stop him.

"Let's go back to your room."

* * * *

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