Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 25


We get back to my room and before we enter I push Rhaya against my door and kiss her hard. She doesn't object. She kisses me back, forcefully and her hands are in my hair. Our tongues are rolling against each other's. We need each other. I grab her perfect ass with one hand and squeeze. She lets out a small whimper. With my other hand I turn the door knob and push.

We get inside and and I shut the door behind us and I again push her against the door. Our mouths are needful. I start to hike up her long dress up her leg, feeling her soft smooth skin. I have it up to her hips and I put my hand under and grab her bare ass. She's wearing a thong. Mmm.

She moans against my lips. I slap her perfect ass. Another begging moan. I grip the other side of her dress and pull it up and off her body. I toss it to the side.

My hands roam and explore her incredible body. I push them against her tits and squeeze hard. "Mmm." She moans again. I reach behind her and unclasp her black lace bra. I pull the straps off.

Perfect tits. I couldn't help myself, I kissed down her neck and to her tits and sucked them hard. I need her. I suck as hard as I can again. She moans loud. I bite her nipple really hard. "Ouch!" She grabs both tits in her hands.

"Easy." She laughs. I go to kiss her again and she stops me. She presses one hand on my chest and pushes me backward to my bed.

The bed hits the back of my legs and forces me to sit.

She grabs both her tits again to cover them. "Take your shirt off." She demands. I do as she says and pull the fabric over my head.

"Now your pants." She smiles. I go to object but then oblige. I yank my pants off fast, excited to what she's going to do.

She turns around and heads for my closet. Her ass is amazing. I want to bite it.

She walks back to me wearing one of my white shirts, which almost drowns her. It goes to her mid thigh. Then I notice she has one of my blue ties in her hand.

Rhaya gets on the bed and straddles me. Fuck me. This girl is smokin'.

As I put my hands on her thighs she quickly grabs them in her dainty hands and pushes them above my head.

She isn't is she? Yes. She is.

She ties my hands to my headboard with my tie. And she ties it very tight.

"What are you doing?" I smile, intrigued.

"Well I don't plan on having sex with you tonight. And the only way I can make sure that doesn't happen is by tying your hands down." She smiles back. "The way you touch me can almost make me do anything." She bites her lip.

"If we're not having sex, what are we doing?" I tug my hands. Yep. They're tight.

Rhaya smiles mischievously, but instead of saying anything she bends down and kisses me. She licks my bottom lip and bites. My cock throbs.

"Last time I blind folded you while I made you cum... This time, I'm restraining you, while I make you cum." She bites her lip again, "But first," she kisses me, "you're going to watch.... as I make myself cum."

Holy fucking shit. I'm so fucking hard now. Oh my god she's sexy as fuck!

Rhaya slowly pulls the white t shirt up her stomach, and stops just below her nipples. So all I can see are the bottom of her tits. This is such a fucking sexy sight.

She's straddling me in her black lacy thong, showing off half her breasts. Her hands slowly travel up her stomach, she then grabs her tits and squeezes them and lets out a moan, "Oh." She closes her eyes.

Then she pinches her nipple and lets out a whine. My cock bounces under my briefs.

"Right now my tits are extremely sensitive." She whispers, squeezing her breasts again.

"I bet you wish these were your hands... touching my body. Squeezing my tits." She squeezes and moans again. "Pleasuring me." She opens her eyes and locks them with mine.

"Fuck, I wish so badly." I tug at the tie again. Now her hand is slowly going down her body, to her pussy. She starts rubbing her pussy in circles. Her mouth opens in pleasure. She moans and moans.

"Another reason I had to tie you up, is because this time of month, I'm so fucking horny. If you weren't tied up, we'd more likely be fucking right now." She moans again rubbing on top of her panties.

Fuck, this is torture! But at the same time, one of the sexiest things I've ever seen.

She adjusts to where she's right on top of my cock. As she rubs herself she lifts herself up and down on my dick, causing me to moan. I just want to see her pussy. Her black thong is in the way.

Up and down. Up and down, she moves as she masturbates. Her hand begins to move fast and she's gently bouncing on me faster.

"Yes Ian! Yes! I'm going to make myself cum!" She rubs harder and faster, "Yeeeessss!!! I'm cumming!" She then pushes her pussy hard against my cock. I can feel her throbbing. Her pussy is pulsing. I'm not inside her but I can feel her cumming.

Fuuuuck. I want her so bad! I watch her closely as she comes down from her high. Watching her cum is the most incredible thing in the world.

Once she does she drops down and kisses me. I wish I could wrap my arms around her and press her hard against me.

She makes her way to my neck. She gently kisses and sucks softly making me moan. Moving her way down to my chest she kisses and then bites my nipple hard. I let out a gasp. I'm guessing that was payback from biting hers so hard.

I push my cock upward, wanting and needing contact with her. She then sits up and pulls the t shirt off, exposing her perky breasts again. I want to squeeze them so bad.

She starts kissing my chest again, then like she did when I was blind folded she grazes her beautiful nipples across my body. My cock is starving.

And then she kisses down... down past my lower abs. At the waist band of my briefs she traces her tongue all the way across.

"Fuck Rhaya! I don't know how much longer I can handle all this teasing!" My cock needs something wet, something tight, something to make it burst.

She hooks her finger in the fabric and pulls them all the way off. She gasps like she did the first time seeing my cock. I can see the hunger in her eyes.

With her finger tips she traces inside my thighs, around my cock, around my balls. She's driving me insane. And then she cups both her tits in each hand and presses them around my cock and starts stroking me.

Yes! She's jerking me off with her perfect tits. This is amazing. This feels amazing.

I moan out loud. My tied hands are starting to ache, but I don't care.

She stops grasping her tits and then she starts to lick the head of my cock.

"Oh god. Mmm." I want to close my eyes because it feels so fucking good but I have to watch her suck my cock, and that's exactly what she does. She presses my cock further into her hot wet mouth and sucks, and then swirls her tongue around my swollen tip.

She then licks the length of my shaft. "Fuuuck."

Rhaya explores my cock with her mouth. She gives just the right amount of wetness, just enough sucking, just enough stroking. She takes as much as she can in her mouth, which is close to 3/4 of my erect member, she gags, making my dick twitch in her mouth.

She fucks my cock with her mouth for a long time. She makes sure she doesn't go too fast so I don't cum yet. She's so good at this. She knows how to blow me so good. Her mouth is talented.

The next thing she does is suck each of my balls. She tugs on them, sucks on them, twirls her tongue around them. And then she's back to my shaft. Her speed is picking up. She's sucking the head of my cock and stroking the bottom with her hand.

"Fuck Rhaya," I moan still watching her. "you're going to make me cum." She strokes faster and sucks harder. I moan so loud, she knows I'm going to cum. "Ahhh fuuck!" She points my cock at her tits and keeps on stroking fast. A couple more long fast strokes and my cock sprays my hot wet cum all over her amazing tits.

Rhaya once again bites her lip and locks eye contact with me. She then begins to rub my warm cum all over her breasts. "Mmm that's sexy." I force out between long deep breaths.

She reaches over, her sticky wet tits are so close to my face. I want to suck on them. She unites me.

I sit up and just like she did, I rub my semen all over her tits as we stare at each other.

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