Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 26


It's been a couple of days since Ian and I's little act in his room. And it is a great day. One, because I'm off my period, no more tender boobs or painful cramps, and also I get to go spend the night at Gareth's. I honestly have missed him a lot.

Ian came to my room yesterday and

told me I'd get to leave with Gareth

today, I could see sadness in his eyes when he gave me the news.

That was the moment I clearly noticed my heart was split in two. One side of my heart belongs to Ian, he makes me feel a fierce burn inside of me, a burn of desire and need. There's a sexual longing for him.

The other side of my heart belongs to Gareth, he makes me feel stable and protected, but also fueled with passion and love. There's a sensual longing for him.

I waited out the front doors for Gareth, with my over night bag in my hand. Today I was wearing a gray crop top shirt that showed off my toned stomach, a pair of black tight skinny jeans, and some red wedges that matched my lipstick.

His shiny Porsche pulled up and I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. As soon as his driver side door opened, I started running to him. His white smile gleamed when our eyes met. He shut his door and that's when I dropped my bag and jumped into his arms wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his muscular frame.

He held me up by my ass, and I kissed him hard, "Oh my god, I've missed you." I squeezed my legs tighter around him and he says, "Babe, I've missed you too. I haven't stopped thinking about you." Thank goodness my lipstick was nontransferable, we made out for a few minutes.

"Ready to go home?" He said in between kisses. I loved when he referred to it to our home. “Absolutely." I smiled, kissed him one more time and he set me back down on ground.

His house was just like I remembered- modern, in blacks and grays, and also very comforting.

My heart felt happy here. Gareth carried my bag up to the bedroom and sets it on the dresser. "Last time you were here, we had to resist each other and couldn't be as intimate as we wanted, which was fucking hard by the way." He chuckles wrapping his big arms around me, both his hands cup my ass.

"But this time, there's nothing holding us back. And I want you every fucking way I can have you." I feel his cock growing hard as he pulls me tight against him by my ass.

"After the night at the mansion, I literally haven't stopped thinking of you. Your perfect body." He kisses my neck, "Your beautiful tits." Another kiss on my neck. "Your amazing ass." Gareth then kisses my lips and whispers against them, "And your tight, as fuck pussy.” I was getting wet. I knew we wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight.

He loosened his grip, "But, before I lay you down and make sweet passionate love to you, I have a surprise for you." His embrace was replaced with grabbing my hand and leading my out of the room and down the hall to another door, "Okay close your eyes."

I obeyed and closed my eyes. I felt giddy, I couldn't help but smile. I heard him open the door, and he led me in by my hand. He squeezed my hand, "Okay. Open."

When I opened my eyes, something hit my emotions that I couldn't explain. I was full of joy and gratitude towards Gareth. Before me was a white room filled with art and supplies. An easel stood facing a pair of glass doors that led out to a big beautiful balcony. There were all kinds of paints, chalks, pencils, and tools. Anything and everything you could think of.

Then I noticed large paintings and drawings hanging on the white walls. My paintings and drawings. "Those are," I started. "Yours. Yes. I went on a trip to visit your parents, and I told them about the surprise I had for you, and they gave me these for the finishing touch.”

I could feel a dry lump in my throat building up "Gareth." I choked out. I examined my paintings and drawings, I had forgotten about a lot of them. I didn't know my parents kept them all.

My eyes landed on my drawing of a dove with a chain around its claw, but the chain was broken in the middle, and the dove was getting ready to fly away.

Tears started pouring over my lower eyelids and down my cheeks. After Gareth looked around the room at all my art work he looked at me and noticed the tears, "Rhaya, what's wrong?" He enclosed the space between us and wrapped me in his arms.

"Just seeing that picture," I pointed to the dove, "brings back many feelings." He knew I was referring to the abuse I endured when I was a


"I sketched that the day I knew my new parents would never harm me, the day I trusted them completely."

Gareth wiped my tears with his thumbs. “It just makes me emotional seeing you genuinely care so much for me." I swallowed and took a breath.

"Gareth this room is beautiful. I can't believe you did this for me." I looked up into his baby blue eyes. I felt safe.

"I would do anything for you." He kissed my forehead, "I wanted you to feel at home and I want you to want to be here. Because I want you here." Sincerity spread across his face. He was mesmerizing.

“Thank you," I paused, "for everything. You are everything I could ever ask for. Thank you for visiting my parents. Thank you for making me feel safe and special. And yes, I really want to be here."

It was hard not letting my sensitivity show in my voice, because I could still feel the dry lump in my throat.

Gareth smiled, showing off his dimples I loved so much. I pressed my lips against his, and he says, "I know we haven't spent a tremendous amount of time together, but I feel like I've known you my entire life. And if I'm being completely honest.... I'm falling in love with you Rhaya."

It felt like we were looking into each other's souls. We both smiled and kissed each other with fierce passion I cut our kissing short and grabbed Gareth's hand and lead him back into the bedroom, I turned around to face him, without saying a word, I pull my crop top over my head, and unclasp my bra. I drop it to the ground as Gareth stares at my body. I can read his face, he wants to touch me so badly.

“Now, I want you to make passionate love to me.” l say as I bite my lip.

Without any hesitation, Gareth's warm lips are on mine. He gracefully picks me up and lays me on the bed. His large hands find my breasts and he squeezes gently, forcing a gasp from my mouth. Our tongues slide against each other's as if they were dancing.

Everything felt so right. Gareth slightly sits up and pulls his shirt off, bearing his beautifully muscular physique. As he leaned back down to kiss me again, his chest presses against my tits. Our skin is touching. It feels amazing. The heat radiating between us was turning me on

even more.

My legs are on both sides of his body. I feel his cock pushing against my pussy. He is so large. He humps slowly against me as if we were making love. Our kissing is slow, and sensual.

Both my hands are in his, our fingers are entangled and he has mine pressed against the bed, slightly above my head.

He continues to press himself against me with slow non inserting thrusts. Those soft, melting lips move to my neck. He gently starts sucking the nape of my neck. I moan. I start to slowly roll my hips, pushing my pussy harder against his erectness.

He kisses his way to my ear, and then puts more weight on his lower body holding me down so I can't grind against him. The whisper of his voice is sexy and sultry, "I am going to finish undressing both of us, and then I'm going to make sweet sensual love to you. I am going to be slow the entire time."

He sucks my earlobe, "I want my cock to thrust slowly in and out of you. No matter how fucking good it feels, even to the point you want me to fuck you, I will only go slow. Even when your orgasms builds up, I will not pound into you. I want to share this beautiful moment with you and I never want us to forget it the time I made slow passionate love to you."

He has me so turned on. He gets up and slowly with his half curled fingers, he hooks them into my black jeans and slowly pulls them off, and as well as my blue lacy thong. Staring into his eyes as I watch him take the rest of his clothing off.

His cock breaks free from his clothing. It's massive, like I remember it. It's also hungry and ready I think he's going to start going down on me but instead he, very slowly licks my slit once, to make it more wet for his huge member.

Then his body is against mine again. Our eye contact is latched. He positions his cock to the opening of my pussy. He intensively watches my face as he opens my pussy with his cock's head. Mmm.

He holds his cock as he eases himself further, I let out a painful moan and bite my lip. It hurts. He's so fucking big it hurts. Then he pushes even further. My pussy is gripping him so fucking tight.

And then again, even further. But by this time the pain is now pleasure.

Slowly he inches inside my wet tight pussy, never letting his gaze fail. He is sexy. I decide not to pull his hair out of the hair tie, so I can watch his face and expressions. His lips part and he quietly moans. My tightness feels good to him. Even further. And further. Now he's finally all the way inside me.

My pussy is stretched around his cock. I moan again. He's being still, he's not moving. He's enjoying the feeling of being as close to me as he possibly can be. His cock twitches inside me, making me moan some more.

He grasps my hands and pin them against the bed again. He then slowly pulls himself out an inch, and then gently all the way back in again. "Oh." He moans. And then he does it again. And again, very slowly.

Then he pulls his cock out at least three inches and the slides it back in slowly.

He kept to his word. Gareth is not fucking me. He is making passionate love to me.Bending down, he kisses me. Our tongues roll against each other's as he very slowly pumps in and out.

We moan against each other's lips. His warm mouth is now at my breasts. He gently sucks and then circles my nipple with his tongue. My pussy is so incredibly wet.

He moves from one breast to the other. This feels so good.

Gareth pulls his cock all the way out, he holds it steady and then sinks all the way back inside me. My back arches and I moan loudly. He does it over and over.

His blue eves are focused on mine. The way he rolls his hips as he deepens down in me, is incredible. His body weight pushes against my clit when he's all way inside. "Oh my god, Gareth." I moan out as my toes curl. My pussy has never felt so good.

I could orgasm anytime. But I'm holding on as long as I can, because this is the best fucking pleasure I've ever felt. My pussy pulses every so often, letting me know my orgasm is coming.

He doesn't change his pace. His thrusts are slow and deep. I feel every inch of him. I feel the middle of his cock is the thickest, it's expands my tight pussy to its limit. I feel my juices all over his long

shaft. I feel every sensational twitch of his cock. I feel every roll in his hips. I feel everything, and notice everything, because of his slow erotic pace.

His cock is feeling every inch of my pussy. He loves it. "Oh." He moans again and again. "You're so fucking tight baby." He sinks inside again. And again. And again "Oh, Gareth I'm going to cum." I moan still keeping eye contact.

"Yes, baby cum for me. My cock wants to feel every pulse." In and out. In and out. "Ahhhhh!" I scream out loud as my body convulses and my pussy clenches his cock.

"Mmm." He moans out again. I can tell by the pleasure on his face he wants to start pounding my throbbing pussy. But he doesn't. He

keeps it slow, so he can feel the entirety of my orgasm.

The more time passes, the more I love the way his cock fills my entire pussy, I can see beads of sweat ready to roll down his face. The way his lips part and the sound of his moans say it all, he is about to cum "Fuck yes." In and out. Deep and out. My pussy feels amazing. I'm ready to cum again.

As he sinks deep down, he pushes his hips more trying to get as far inside me as he can, and then, ”Fuuuck!” His cock is buried inside me and is shooting his cum load all over in my hole. The idea of his sticky cum shooting out of his cock, sends me over board and I cum with him.

My pussy and his cock pulse together. The way my pussy pulsates is like its drinking his cum.

Gareth is laying on top of me, pushed absolutely as far in me as he can. We're moaning together. We watch each other's face as we

Cum "Now that I made sweet love to you. I'm going to fuck you." He says as his cock twitches again. Mmm I want nothing more. Two orgasms isn't nearly enough.

Gareth then pulls his cum covered cock out and then pounds it inside me. And then again. And again. His pace is picking up, our cum is all over his cock, dripping out of my pussy. The more he pumps into me the messier it gets. ”Yes, just like that!" I scream out. My thighs and my ass are now wet with cum.

Damn, he dumped one huge load inside me. I thought as the wet sounds were music to my ears. He keeps pounding me. His face shows determination. I'm sure he's sensitive, but he isn't going to stop.

"Fuck, you feel so good." He grunts. I look down and see the white cum on and around his cock. With every thrust, it makes the cum thicker, like butter. Fucking hot.

Gareth grabs my right leg and swings it over on top of my left leg. With this position my pussy is even tighter for him. He grunts and moans. His balls hit my ass. I feel the thick cum on them.

His balls must have reloaded. "Ah fuck yes! Yes! Yeees!"

He pounds against me hard one more time. His body weight falls on top of me as his cock fills me up again. Mmm It's so warm.

Twitch. Twitch. I feel his massive cock thud inside me. I have so much of Gareth's semen inside me. I’m so turned on thinking about his cum.

When his balls have completely drained inside my pussy, I pull away. I clench my pussy and my legs. I don't want any cum dripping out.

I push Gareth on his back. He's breathing fast. He's covered in sweat. He's smiling his fucking gorgeous smile. Oh god yes! That dimpled smile makes me want nothing more than to ride him.

His cock is still fully erect. The thick cum is still covering his shaft and around it. His balls are covered as well. Mmm so fucking sexy.

I straddle him and some cum drops on his abs. I grab his wet cock and guide my pussy on it. I slowly slide down him. His abs clench and his hands reach for my hips. "Fuck, I'm sensitive." He laughs.

God that smile is making me crazy. I put my hands over his hands that are on my hips and I start to ride him. I smile at him, "Guess I get to ride a sensitive cock." I bite my lip.

I bounce on his hard dick. His dimples are still showing as he watches my tight pussy climb him and slam back down.

“You re so fucking sexy with my cum all over you.” He was right, his cum is all over my pussy, my inner thighs, my ass, and my hands. Cum was even all over his gray bed.

I ride up and down, and roll my hips, "Fuck you're so good at this.” He releases my hips and puts his hands behind his head. I don't stop riding his cock.

Since I've been on top I've had two more incredible orgasms. By the look on his face, he loves to watch me cum.

The cum on both of us is so thick, the sound even sounds thick.

Gareth grabs my hips again and sits up against his black king bed headboard. I continue to ride him as he's sitting up.

His hands on my hips make me move faster and faster. My tits are bouncing. We're both moaning like crazy.

"Fuck babe, you're going to make me cum again." He smiles and then turns a little more serious, he's making me move up and slam down by my hips, faster and faster.

“Shit!" He yells out and grabs my tits hard. "Fuck fuck!" I keep riding him fast. He jolts his cock up, "Ahhhh!" He cums hard. I keep going, I'm about to cum again too.

Gareth's jaw clenches as he cums and watches me. This orgasm build up is different, it feels deeper. "Gareth!" I scream out.

Watery liquid starts running down his cock. Gareth notices, and his face fills with excitement. He pulls me straight off his cock, and I spray his abs with liquid.

As my ass falls back on the bed, Gareth rubs my clit so hard I keep spraying. I realize I'm having my first squirting orgasm.

My pussy is squirting at his cock, and cum is also leaking out, and his cock is spurting cum onto the top of my pussy.

Once my gushing has stopped, I lay back onto the bed and my whole body shakes. Though I'm not squirting anymore, I feel the orgasm through my entire body. I've never felt anything like it.

The bedding is soaking wet, and we both have cum all over our exhausted bodies.

"That was literally the sexiest fucking thing I‘ve ever seen." Gareth says as he watches his cum pour out of me, and my orgasm shoot through my entire body.

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