Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 27


Rhaya and I took a shower, and I changed the bedding. We were laying in bed naked. I was laying on my back and she was laying on her right side with her left leg across my legs, and her head was on my chest.

"I have never came three times within an hour," I said and we both laughed. I was still surprised my balls filled up that quickly. And I'm so glad they did. Cumming inside Rhaya three times like that, and seeing all my cum on her, and drip out of her was fucking hot.

"I also haven't had a woman squirt on me while having sex, but it was the hottest thing I've ever seen." I squeezed my arms around her. "Is that something you learned at the mansion?" I asked, not knowing if I really wanted to hear the answer.

"Actually no," she began, "that was the first time I ever squirted." She was drawing loops on my chest with her finger tips. "Well you're amazing." I kissed the top of her head "Are you still having a hard time about me being there?" She asked quietly.

"Um," I hesitated, "it's still hard thinking of you with another man. My jealousy kind of takes over."

My fingers started playing in her freshly showered, damp hair. "If it makes you feel any better. Right now, you're still the only man that has been inside of me." Her words vibrated through my chest.

I was very surprised, the way Ian looks at her. I thought he'd fuck her as soon as I left after Consummation night. I couldn't help but smile. I didn't want to tell her it made me feel better because next time I see her, Ian's cock would probably already been inside her.

I still can't help but feel ecstatic because I'm the only man that gets to bust my seed inside her. I'm glad I put that in the contract. It makes it feel like she's really mine. And that makes me beyond happy.

I'm falling hard for this girl. She's exceeded my expectations. Rhaya makes me incredibly happy.

"I have a question." Rhaya said turning on her stomach, putting her chin in her hands and looking up at me. I nod.

"How come it wasn't always like this? I mean, why is it the law now that women must be in sex training? I know I have a lot to learn but I still feel like the sex is absolutely incredible between us, is the training necessary?"

She was right. "The sex is amazing between us." I smiled and then it faded, "The reason being, before this law was incorporated, divorces and infidelity were at their all time high, which also resulted in rape and murder crimes being at an all time high. It's no secret most of those type of crimes are committed by males. So this law was put in place to help women know what their husbands want. Helping, so they're not looking elsewhere; which statistics show that after it was put in place, divorces, infidelity, rapes, and murders are now at a low percentage."

I never agreed with this law when it was put in place, I always felt like it was a ridiculous law made up by horny fat men that couldn't get their sexual needs met.

I tucked my hands behind my head and looked at the ceiling. Rhaya was caught in thought as well and then she asked, "What happens if a woman doesn't want to be with their suitor after her training?"

She caught me off guard. I rolled over on my side to face her, "I'm not talking about me." She reassured me. "I'm just curious. A girl at the mansion is in love with her suitor and trainer, what happens if she wanted to be with her trainer instead of her suitor?"

I felt sick for a moment. She couldn't be asking this because she is falling for Ian too could she? I clenched my jaw trying to push the jealousy away. "Well keep in mind it is judged by case to case, but

after this whole process, it is actually against the law for a woman to leave her suitor if the decision isn't mutual. I paused, to again push the jealousy out of my tone.

"As much as it pains me to say this. If at the end of all this, you grew feelings for Ian and wanted to be with him." I swallowed my pride.

I knew then it'd kill me to lose her, but she is important. "I wouldn't force you to stay with me. You are so damn important to me, that your happiness will always come first."

Rhaya put her hand to my cheek, I could see how much she cared for me by the look on her face, "Gareth, I want to be with you. I don't ever want you to question that, because I'm falling in love

with you too."

Her smile lit up her face. I felt like my heart skipped a beat. She's falling in love with me too.

I grabbed her petite little body and got on top of her. My cock was already hard and pushed against her amazing pussy I went to kiss her again but she spoke, "But I hardly know anything about you. Last time I was here you said next time you would tell me about your life."

I was split, I wanted to stay up and talk with her all night but I also wanted to be inside her all night.

"Okay, I'll tell you about myself, but we're going to play a game while doing it." I said as I grabbed my cock and positioned it at her tight slit. Rhaya smiled and nodded.

"You're going to ask me yes or no questions. If yes, I get to pound inside you three hard times, and if it's no, I slowly sink my cock in once." I'm already fucking turned on to the max.

I kiss her plump lips and she starts with her first question, "Since we've been apart, have you jacked off thinking of me?" We both laughed. I felt no shame. I plunged into her tight hole three times.

I love the look on her face when I first enter her, a painful pleasure look.

She let out quick moans to each thrust,

She's so tight. "Are you an only child?" Her hands wrapped around my neck. I eased into her once.

"Are you close with your parents?" She gasps as I slowly pull out and push inside her once again.

"Do you wish you were?" Three hard pounds. She moans, but I can tell she wants to know more about my family past but she knows it'll have to wait for words.

"How old were you when you lost your virginity?" She laughs knowing it's not a yes or no question. I laugh as well then grasp her hands from around my neck and press them against the bed. I don't hump into her as hard, but I push inside her 17 times, deep and pleasureful. She loves every last one.

"Have you ever been in love?" Her breathing has picked up. I slam my cock inside her wet pussy. Once. Twice. Three times. She loves this game, as well as I do. I know later I'll have to explain these answers in detail.

I decide to make the game more exciting. I let go of one of her hands, I lick my fingers and begin to rub her clit. "Oh." She moans out.

She's now having a hard time thinking of questions, "Ha-have you slept with a lot of women?" Again I ram into her hard, again, and again. "Uh!" Another sexy moan.

Rhaya can barely concentrate, "Hh-how many?" I don't know the exact number, but I take a guess. In and out. In and out. I'm now moaning. Her pussy is gripping at my cock, begging for a complete fill up.

25 thrusts. I start to dive into her deep and hard. Our bodies reacted to each other's in the best ways.

I ram Rhaya hard. "Fuck!" She screams

out, I love her sounds.

That was my guess. Though I wouldn't guess any higher than that, I pick up the pace again. I can't stop. My cock needs her. I grab her legs and put them on my shoulders. The resistance is tighter. I love this wet fucking pussy.

"I want you to rub your clit to your speed as I fuck you." I say looking deep into Rhaya's hazel eyes. She bites her lip and does as she's told. Fuck that's hot.

"Yes baby. Rub yourself, I want you to

feel fucking good." She rubs her hand on her clit in small circles.

The faster I fuck her the faster she rubs.

Rhaya's back arches as her mouth opens, she's going to cum. She rubs faster and faster. Now I'm fucking her to the pace she rubs her clit. Fuck I'm going to cum.

She lets out a scream and her rubbing slows down, she cums on my cock. I feel her sharp pussy thuds. Mmmm that feels good.

I take over and rub her clit very fast. Now she's sensitive, her body is shaking and her moans are now moaning screams.

She tries to pull my hand away, but I'm a lot stronger. Her whole body is twitching. The look on her face shows that she can't take anymore pleasure, which results in my cock spraying my sperm deep inside her pussy. "Shiiiit! I'm cumming!"

I pull her legs off my shoulders and really fuck her until I stop cumming. When my balls are drained I feel exhausted, my body goes limp on top of hers.

I lay inside the woman I'm falling in love

with. We lay there together as my cock is still inside her, keeping my cum inside her.

We lay there for a long time. Not talking. Just enjoying the feeling of her pussy hugging my cock.

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