Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 28


The next morning I rolled over to pull Rhaya's sexy body against mine but to my surprise she wasn't there, and neither were the sheets. I instantly shot out of bed, I didn't even bother to put clothes on.

As I stepped out of my bedroom I could hear noises coming from Rhaya's art room. I opened the door and there she was. She was sitting on the stool sketching on the easel. Her back was to me, and she had the sheet around her lower body. As I walked closer I got a better view of her sketch.

It was us, making love. It only showed the backside of us. It took place on my bed, I was sitting on my knees and she was sitting on my lap, or I should say my cock, with her back against my chest.

In the sketch Rhaya's arms were reaching backward and her hands are in my messy hair as I'm kissing the back of her neck.

Damn, she is an artist. It was the perfect picture of what happened a few hours ago. After we both came that time, I laid her down spooning her with my cock still inside her and one hand gripping her breasts. We fell asleep just like that.

After all the love making our bodies were exhausted, we still wanted to keep making love but we just simply couldn't because of the exhaustion, so the next best thing was falling asleep with Rhaya in my arms, and my cock inside her.

Every time she would slightly move in her sleep it woke my cock up, and I hardened inside her, she would moan every time. But our bodies forced us back to sleep.

I walked up behind her and kissed her on her bare shoulder. She set her pencil down, and turned toward me. I fucking love those tits.

Her eyes darted to my cock, "I would have put some clothes on but I was startled not finding you in bed with me." I kissed her on the lips.

"I definitely don't mind," she smiled big. Wow, she's so beautiful, "Sexy drawing." I grinned flirtatiously. "I wanted to sketch something for you to hang in your room for when I'm gone."

She bit her lip, "I wanted there to be something for you to look at the next time you jacked off." It made us both laugh.

"Well that will certainly do the job." I couldn't stop smiling Rhaya's eyes observed my body, "Will you model for me?" She asked flipping to a new blank page.

"Of course." I didn't hesitate. "Do you want me to go put some clothes on?"

"Fuck no." She laughed. "You're perfect just like that." Her eyes danced over my body again. "Just one thing..." she said as she grabbed my big cock. I jumped a little, caught of guard.

Her delicate hands started to stroke my shaft, I couldn't help but moan. I watched her as she would look from my eyes to my cock as she stroked me.

My big cock was awake and now huge. She was good with her hands. It didn't feel nearly as good as her pussy but still felt incredible.

Rhaya let go of my cock. It was sticking straight out, and by the look on her face she was very pleased.

"Okay, If you'll go stand over there." She pointed near the balcony doors.

Good thing I don't have any neighbors near by. They would have heard us all night long, and they would be getting a good shot of my ass.

Rhaya told me how to pose, it was more just a stance than a pose. "Perfect!" She said, she was so excited, this was her element.

Sadly I didn't get a good view of her tits because of the easel, but I was enjoying the look on her face.

"Your cock looks amazing." She winked at me as she began her sketch.

"So you have a sibling?" Her eyes looked from me to her paper. I knew I'd eventually have to talk about Vanessa. "Yes, I have a younger sister. Her name is Vanessa, she's a couple years older than you." I began trying to stay as still as I could.

"Where does she live?"

My throat started to feel tight, "She actually is in a nursing home, about an hour from here." I started biting down on the inside of my cheek.

Rhaya stopped drawing for a minute, her face was sorrowful, "What's wrong with her?"

I inhaled deeply, "She wasn't always like the way she is. We were hit by a drunk driver, eight years ago. I was lucky enough to get away with a broken leg and a concussion, but Nessa..." I cleared my throat, "hit her head really hard, she now has severe brain damage. We almost lost her. I guess in a sense we did. She use to be incredibly intelligent and very sarcastic."

I chuckled a little thinking back on memories. "But now she's very disabled. She can only mumble a couple words, and she can't do simple day to day tasks."

"Oh Gareth, I'm so sorry." She went to get up, "I'm okay, go ahead finish your drawing." She softly smiled.

The guy that hit us was my age at the time, about 20, he had 4 other DUIs. His parents were also very wealthy, and they pulled some strings and all of it got swept under the rug. Breaking my leg ended my college football career, but that situation is what helped me decide to become a lawyer and have some say so in the justice system."

"And your parents?" Rhaya asked.

Another difficult conversation, but I wanted Rhaya to know me fully, "I was never really close to them, they had other priorities. But after what happened to Nessa, it was like they blamed me for what happened, so I only hear from them a couple times a year."

Thinking back to my birthday a few months ago my mother called me, wished me happy birthday and that was it. She continued to sketch, "Well I think it's pretty incredible, that out of a difficult situation you made some good come out of it, becoming a lawyer is very impressive." Her eyes watched me for a minute.

"Thank you. I'm pleased you see it that way." I offered her a smile.

A couple minutes passed and she asked, "You have been in love before." It was more of a statement than a question since my little game last night showed so.

"Yes. I actually had a serious girlfriend around that time, but after the wreck, she said I changed and so we both moved on with our lives. After her, I never really wanted to be in a relationship, my life was pretty full, going to school and taking time to be with Vanessa. So without any commitments, I fucked around a lot. And then you came into my path." I couldn't help but grin

"And now I'm with the girl of my dreams." Happiness brightened her face.

"You're sweet. I'm glad you decided to stick with me." Putting her pencil down she wrapped her arms around her breasts.

"And I'm all finished."

I walked over to her and observed her work. She's amazing. The sketch was perfect. There was so much detail, like the stern look on my face, the different highlights through my hair, even my massive veiny cock was spot on "Wow. Rhaya, you are fucking talented." I wrapped my arms around her.

I'm glad she now knows the hard parts of my past. I have endured a lot in my life, but this woman makes my outlook more clear, and positive.

I'm excited to share my life with her.

Every day I fall more in love with Rhaya Kingsley.

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