Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 29


It was getting dark. We were almost back to the mansion.

"Thank you for coming and spending time with me." Gareth kissed my hand.

"And thank you for letting me get to know more about you." I replied. I wanted to kiss him so bad.

Before we left, I left Gareth a little gift on his bed to find when he got back. The picture I sketched of us making love and I left my panties right by it. I was now in a green maxi skirt and no panties.

We pulled up to the mansion when the sun was completely set and the darkness of night took over. Gareth turned off the headlights to his Porsche and turned to me.

"I hate saying goodbye." He tucked my hair behind my ear. I didn't want to leave him, I knew I'd miss him, so I was going to make the most of this, "So let's make something good out of our goodbye." I grinned. Gareth smiled but looked confused.

I pulled my skirt to my knees and gracefully climbed over the console. I straddled Gareth and he looked at me with a grin like he now understood what I meant.

It was like we couldn't get his pants down fast enough. But when we did we both laughed and our mouths crashed against each other's.

Though I could tell I was getting turned on we were too impatient for long enough foreplay to get my pussy wet. I spit in my hand and rubbed my saliva around Gareth's cock. He moaned deep.

Painfully, at first, I ease onto his thick gift from god. I clench my jaw. His cock invades all space in my pussy. "Fuck you're cock is so big and thick." My arms are around his neck.

I then begin to ride. Neither of us care that we're parked out the front door of the mansion and anyone could catch us. I'm slowly climbing up his cock and then easing back down.

Our lips are vibrating together from our moans. Gareth's hands find their way to my ass to help me up and down his massive pole.

My pussy feels amazing, it's now crazy wet, Which helps me fuck his dick. I slide up and down I begin to pick up the pace and start to bounce on him. His moans are loud now. "Oh Rhaya." He pulls the neck of my shirt and my bra down, exposing one of my tits.

He takes it into his mouth and begins to suck. And then he moves to the next one, "Mmm I love when you suck my tits." My moans are inevitable.

"Fuck that cock. Mmm yes, baby just like that. Just like that." Up and down. Up and down.

I begin to slam down hard," Fuck yes! Don't stop!" His face has determination written all over it. "I want to fuck for hours baby, but I'm already so close." He says watching me ride him.

I pull my skirt up even more and begin to rub my clit hard. My moans get louder and louder. I reach behind me with the other hand and begin to rub his balls.

"Fuuck that feels good!" He yells out. I continue to rub his balls between my fingers.

"Shit babe, I going to cum in your tight fucking pussy." His hands are now at my hips helping me bounce harder.

"Ahh! Fuuuuck!" He ejaculates hard inside me. His body shakes.

After his cock shoots his entire load up inside my body, I pull off his cock and sit in his lap and continue to rub myself, "Watch me rub myself with your cum inside me, until I cum."

He does. He watches close, as I rub in circles on my clit while some of his semen is seeping out. "That's so fucking hot. Keep rubbing. I need to watch you cum." His face shows sexual hunger.

That's all he needs to say and my orgasm soars through my pussy, "Yes! I'm cumming!" My head tips back Gareth watches my pussy, every pulse pushes just a little cum out. He's loving this!

As we both come down from our highs we kiss and I say, "Now when I walk back to my room..." I whisper in his ear, "all your cum will be streaming down my legs."

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