Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 3


I was very surprised on the conditions of this particular training contract. I can't believe Mr. Lockwood wants me to watch Gareth take Rhaya's virginity. Bastard. I felt a little bit of jealousy about the Consummation Night.

I don't know what it was about Rhaya, but I feel drawn to her. Not just physically, because obviously she is very sexy, but it's also something else I can't put my finger on.

Yes, I wish I was the first man to touch her, to touch that tight, gorgeous body. Gareth, you fucking lucky bastard.

Beside all this, Gareth is a good guy. We went to high school together, though he was a few years older than me. All the young dudes looked up to him, he had straight A's. Pretty much a genius, and not to mention star quarterback of the football team.

So he had all the girls wanting him, but he was humble about his looks and athletic abilities. His parents were rich as fuck, but they didn't seem to care about Gareth, only their wealth and power, and that is why I respect the hell out of him, despite his upcoming he turned out to be a hell of a guy.

Even though they just met and Gareth is a respectable guy, he is definitely thinking about touching that sexy body of hers, I mean how could you not? Rhaya is the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen, and I just can't get over that body. Just staring at her naked would probably get me off.

Everyone stood up from the desk. Rhaya straightened out her dress. Shit, she had legs for days. I couldn't help but grow a little hard under my slacks.

"Well, Ian, Rhaya, Gareth, it's been a pleasure. Take care now." Mr. Lockwood said as he walked out of the room with the contracts we all signed.

Gareth walked up to me and held out his hand, and I shook it. "Ian, it was nice to see you again. It's been what? 9 years? It's crazy how we both ended up in Cotter City."

"Yeah man, it's been a while. It's hard to believe this is the situation where we'd come in contact again. No hard feelings?" I asked hoping I won't get the shit beat out of me after this is all said and done.

"No hard feelings. After all, it is the law now." He agreed.

"Rhaya it was very nice meeting you. I will see you when you get back." She smiled, "Okay, see you then." Gareth put his arm around her back and led her out the room.

I heard Gareth's Porsche drive away, so I unbuttoned my suit jacket, walked to my room, threw the jacket in the chair in the corner and plopped down on my bed.

It's going to be an interesting four months. I looked up when I heard the door open and there was Damien with a sly grin on his face, "Why and the hell are moping like a baby? You get to bang the hottest fucking girl we've ever seen! And I'm guessing you found out she is a virgin? Just thinking about being a virgin's first fuck makes me hard." By this time I wanted to knock him on his ass.

"How did you find out she was a virgin?" I asked. "Well she was so nervous, I could basically read her like a book. So now tell me, what are the terms this time?" He grabbed my suit jacket and threw it over the back of the chair, and sat down.

"You're a nosy son of a bitch." I laughed, "Well, your father changed up the contract a little bit. It states, 'Trainee cannot fall in love Trainer and vice versa."

"Shit! No way. What happened with Lacey was forever ago. And the suitor's terms?" He pushed.

"That I have to wear a condom every time we interact sexually and once all of this is done, we have to cut ties completely and never see each other again. Oh, and you wanna hear the best one of all?"

"Better than wrapping it up and not being able to get your dick wet?"

"Since she is a virgin, he gets to take her virginity on Consummation Night, and.... I have to watch." Damien looked as surprised as I was, "Fuck me.... He is still punishing you for Lacey, I know it."

"Yeah, I know it too, it just sucks ass." Damien burst out laughing,

"Well I'll take your place on watching Rhaya lose her virginity. God, I'd do anything to see her naked. That black dress she was in, mmm, it showed all her curves. That ass and those perfect tits. I wanted to push her against the wall, and take her right there in the hallway." I could tell he was imagining it by the way he was adjusting in his seat,

"Damien, shut the fuck up." I chucked a pillow at him and he laughed again, "I'm just saying I wish I were you. Plus, my trainee just never shuts her mouth! You think after gagging her so many times with my dick and putting duct tape on her mouth, she'd shut up! But I guess I got a slow learner." We both laughed at his inappropriate comment.

"Well it looks like you two have a lot in common." I said under my breath. He started again, "Well just let me know if you ever get tired of that pussy, you can tag me, and I'll have a go at her."

"Tired of her pussy? As if! Besides you know the rules." I reminded him. "Yes I know the rules.... But what if I can’t wait until Tri-Dp week." He had a mischievous grin.

"Damien, don't you fucking think about it. This Mansion is owned by your parents, yes, but they can't fix all your dumb ass mistakes." All Damien could do was laugh and he left the room. I knew I'd have to keep a close eye on him with Rhaya around.

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