Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 30


Rhaya finally got home last night. She was only gone for a little over 24 hours but it felt way too long. I missed her. I missed her smile, her laugh, her sexy little body.

Last night I peeked out one of the upstairs windows to see if she made it back yet, and I saw her fucking Gareth in his car.

Her spontaneity is one of the reasons why I'm crazy about her.

Guiltily, I couldn't stop watching her fuck. Thank God I couldn't see Gareth's face.

I was pretty fucking turned on after, and I wanted nothing more than to wait in her room and fuck her when she came in, but I knew Gareth wouldn't have used a condom, because I definitely wouldn't have if I were him.

So the thought of fucking Rhaya while Gareth's cum was still inside her, made me incredibly jealous. So I held out.

Jealousy. I can't help but feel that way towards Gareth. Simply put, I get to train Rhaya for the next few months, but he gets to have her forever after that. I've honestly never wanted something or someone like I want her.

I loved Lacey, but I still never wanted her as much as I want Rhaya. And I feel like an insensitive asshole for even thinking that. But sadly it's the truth.

Breaking a lot of the contract rules, is what I'm doing. I'm falling in love with this girl. Besides our sessions- instead of doing what I can to stay away and not grow more attached, I find all the ways to see her, talk to her, and touch her.

I'm setting myself up for a broken heart. That's what I'm doing. I'm a fucking idiot.

After getting out of the shower, I dry off, dress quickly, brush my teeth and hair.

I knock on Rhaya's door, "Come in!" She yells from the other side.

As I open the door I see her laying on her stomach on her bed, she's drawing. It's a picture of the ocean, with massive waves.

I shut the door and sit down on her bed next to her. She's wearing short black shorts, and a white tank top; she moves slightly and I can tell she's not wearing a bra.

"I didn't know you could draw."

Rhaya looks up at me and smiles, "There's a lot you don't know about me." I can tell she's in a really good mood. She sits up and crosses her legs, "So what's on the agenda today Mr. Williams?"

I can't help but laugh. "Well, this week is supposed to be about oral sex, but if I'm being forward, that is something you do not need a lesson on." I think back to a few nights ago with Rhaya and her beautiful mouth. Fuck, just the thought makes me hard.

A small hint of pride washed over her face, "Really?"

"I'm serious," I rested my hand on her knee, "you know how to please a man orally." I gave her knee a little squeeze, "So today I thought we'd just hang out, and then start lessons back up tomorrow.

"What do you say?"

"Hang out?" By the look on her face, I could tell she thought I was joking. "Yeah." I grinned, "Would you like to hang out with me? Mr. Lockwood is out of town on a business meeting for a couple days, so we wouldn't get in trouble."

"I would like that." She smiled again, laid back on her pillow and patted the spot next to her.

We both lay there watching each other. She is absolutely beautiful I almost go to kiss her when she asks, "When was the last time you saw vour dad?"

Her question surprises me, "About four years ago. He showed up here trying to apologize and to let me know he was now sober. I still had so much hate toward him for kicking me out when I was 16, that I just told him to fuck off." Her eyes were trying to read my face.

"Do you think you'll ever forgive him?" She grabbed my hand "Yes. I believe so. Sometimes I think about how things would be if I would have heard him out that day."

Sadness washed over me, my dad was a jackass, but I've felt guilty since that day he tried to apologize and I didn't want anything to do with him. When my mom took off on us, I was 11, that's when his drinking got out of hand. Before then, he was a great father, he would take me fishing, and even bought me a dirt bike. Since then I always loved riding.

"Well it's not too late." She sat back up. "Let's go see him." The smile on her face took my breath away.

"I don't know Rhaya."

"Ian, life is too short to live with regrets, and since we have a day off... her smile got bigger.

"Okay. Let's go."

I knew if it wasn't for Rhaya, I wouldn't be going to see my dad after all this time. I know I needed to, and because of that, I am grateful to have her in my life.... even if it's only for a little while.

I couldn't believe we were in my truck, in my father s driveway.

The house looked the same, it was two story, medium size; it was off white, with dark blue shutters, and a chain fence around it. My dad's old pickup truck was parked in front of us, meaning he was home.

My eyes looked to Rhaya, I could tell she was trying to read me, "Are you okay?" Her hand never left mine since we left the mansion an hour ago. I nodded and opened my door.

"I'll wait here so you two can talk." My lips brushed her cheek and I got out of the truck.

After passing through the fence, I hesitated, and then knocked on the door. It was a few second and the door opened, and there he was. His face was clean shaven, his clothes were clean, and his face was surprised, "Ian." His green eyes instantly started filling with tears.

"Dad." In a quick second he pulled me into a strong hug.

He gestured for me to come in.

The inside looked the same, only cleaner. I sat on the couch as he sat on the edge of his recliner.

"I wasn't sure if I'd ever see you again." His hands were clasped together.

"That day you came to see me... I'm sorry I didn't hear you out." My throat felt dry.

"I don't blame you. I was a shitty father. I should have never told you leave. Especially, only at 16 years old. Fuck Ian, you'll never know how sorry I am." The tears started to stream down his face.

"It's okay dad. I forgive you." I could feel tears forming in my eyes. He slightly smiled.

"You look good." I coughed trying to get the dry lump to dissolve. He wiped his tears away and pulled a token out of his shirt pocket, "Over 5 years sober." I could see he was overjoyed about it.

"I'm so proud of you."

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