Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 31


I hoped the conversation between lan and his father was going well. It's been a little over a half hour since I've been sitting in the truck alone when the front door opened.

Ian opened the passenger truck door and offered his hand, "My dad would like to meet you."

Walking through the front door, I could smell a roast being cooked. As soon as I saw Ian's dad I could see the resemblance, their green eyes were almost identical, as well as their jaw structure. lan was a few inches taller, and leaner.

"Dad, this is Rhaya." Ian politely said. Ian's father put out his hand, "Hello Rhaya, I'm Paul." I shook his hand and smiled, "It's nice to meet you."

"You were right, she's absolutely beautiful." He smiled in return. I wondered how Ian would have described our situation to his dad.

Paul looked down at his watch, "Dammit! Im supposed to be at my AA meeting. Why don't you guys hang out for a bit, and when I get back we can have dinner together?"

I could see in Paul's eyes that he really wanted us to stay for a while "Okay dad. We'll see you when you get back."

Paul went to leave, "Hey Ian, our bikes are behind the house if you wanted to take her on a ride," Ian nodded and his dad smiled and shut the door behind him.

After his dad left, Ian immediately grabbed my hand and led me to the backdoor. Just as Paul said, there were two dirt bikes in the backyard, a large one and a small one, I assumed the small one was for when Ian was little. I couldn't help but smile at the thought.

Ian grabbed the large bike and had it started within a couple tries. His face lit up. He looked sexy. He grabbed the helmet off the handle bar and put it over my head.

I was now glad I changed from my shorts into a pair of jeans, and put on a bra.

Ian got back on the bike and patted the seat behind him, "My lady." He teased.

I laughed and got on behind him, wrapping my arms around his toned abs. "Do you trust me?" He looked behind with a gorgeous smile. "Yes. I trust you."

And just like that we took off. I held onto Ian tightly. I felt giddy and excited. The bike was noisy, so we didn't talk, we just enjoyed the ride.

A couple miles away from the house, there were hills, It must have rained a while ago because it was muddy. The mud would flick up onto us, but we didn't care. It was exhilarating. And it was also great watching Ian do something he was passionate about.

After about an hour of riding, we got back to the house. We both had mud all over our bodies. Paul must have made it back, because the kitchen table was set.

We sat and ate roast and potatoes, while Ian and his dad were catching up, "So how did you two meet?" He took a bite of potato.

Ian and I exchanged glances. Ian answered, "Through a mutual friend. Have you been dating at all?" He swiftly changed the subject.

"I've been trying. After so long, I sort of forgot how to flirt with a woman." We all laughed, Ian and I both were glad the subject changed.

"It's getting dark. Would you two like to spend the night? You're old room has a queen bed in there."

Before Ian could answer I said, "We would love to." I smiled and looked at Ian. He looked surprised.

After dinner, we said goodnight and headed upstairs with our bags we packed in case we decided to stay at a hotel for the night. The house doesn't have many decorations, it's obvious a woman hasn't been living here for a while.

We walk into the very last room on the right. The room is bare, with only a bed with a green comforter and white sheets, and a dresser. We set our bags on the bed, "I'll let you shower first." Ian said kindly.

I stared at him for a moment, "Why don't you join me?" As soon as I asked he smiled, grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom.

As Ian took his shirt off, I twisted the shower handle on, and water started spraying my shirt. Ian grabbed my waist to pull me out of the way and pulled the gray shower curtain shut. The water sprayed him good as well.

We looked at each other and busted into laughter, "I forgot that leaked." Our eyes examined one another and our laughing calmed.

His eyes stopped on my chest. My white tank top was completely see through. Though, I had a bra on, he could clearly see most my upper body. As soon as his eyes met mine again, we crashed into each other.

Our lips locked, and our arms wrapped around each other. Ian's hands slid up my body and then pulled my soaking tank top over my head, and then very quickly he unclasped my bra. Obviously he's had a bunch of practice at that.

We finished undressing and stepped into the shower together. Pressing our bodies together as our lips and tongues move against each other's. The water feels so good on my skin, but Ian feels fantastic on my skin.

We calm down for a minute as we wash each other, I lather the soap in between my hands and start with his strong muscular arms, and then I move to his abs, and then his large cock.

The soap works as lube. I start to clean him and stroke him at the same time, he begins to moan. And then he does the same. My arms, my breasts, and then my pussy. "Oh" I moan out.

We are desperate for one another, so we hurry and finish washing.

Then Ian turns the water off and hands me a towel.

I have the towel wrapped around me when we get back to Ian's old bedroom. He shuts and locks the door behind us.

When he turns around I drop my towel to the floor as I bite my lip.

Excitement spreads across his face and he grins. He takes a step toward me and drops his own towel from around his waist.

His cock is huge and ready, and I know my pussy is wet and also ready.

We reach for each other and then our bodies are against each other again. His hard cock is pushed against my stomach, and my tits are pressed against his chest. My hair is dripping wet.

Our eyes are closed as we kiss each other, I can hear him fondling with his bag.

Now I hear crinkling of a wrapper.

Ian gently pushes me back onto the bed. I open my eyes and watch him tear through a condom wrapper with his teeth. He tosses the wrapper to the ground and puts the condom to his cock. At first it takes a second to get over his swollen tip.

He locks eye contact with me as he rolls up the condom over his shaft, "It fucking devastates me to have to wear one of these. I wish l could just feel your bare pussy gripping me."

I swallow. I'm getting even more turned on by his words and watching his sexy naked body get ready to take me for the first time Ian gets on the bed and shifts his body between my legs.

His lips are back on mine. They're warm and soft. His hands explore my body, from my hip bones to my breasts. Every touch feels like electricity.

Ian shifts his weight and pushes his cock to the opening of my pussy.

"I've been looking forward to pushing my cock inside your tight pussy." He clenches one hand around my breast and slowly pushes in. It doesn't hurt at first like it does with Gareth.

His tip is in. Ian slowly starts to move his tip in and out ever so slightly. "Fuck you're so tight." He moans. "I want to feel all of you." I say as I grab his tight ass pull him in. He doesn't object. He pushes his entire cock inside me. It feels amazing. My pussy throbs with pleasure. And more moans leave my lips as well as his.

"Oh my god, you feel so fucking good." His eyes on mine. He doesn't move for a moment, feeling my pussy enclosed around him. He feels my pussy throbs. "Mmm, I can feel how much you need me." I feel his cock throb and twitch, I smile up at him.

He slowly starts pulling out, and then pushes back in. Then he pulls all the way out then thrusts in and out about an inch past his tip, over and over while he moans. Then he pushes in another inch and moves in and out about two inches, and then so on.

"That feels so good." I moan against his lips. After a few minutes he pulls out completely, and the next thing I know his warm mouth is on my clit. His tongue rolls over it with skill. My back arches instantly.

He watches me react to his very talented mouth. His tongue flicks against my clit, then rolls, then flicks.

"Oh my god." I grab both of my tits and squeeze them. I watch him lick and suck my pussy, and he watches me pinch and pull my nipples while I moan.

Then his tongue is at my slit. Gently tracing the entrance, teasing me. And then his tongue enters my pussy. He darts his tongue in and out, over and over again, "Mmm Rhaya, you taste fucking amazing."

He goes back and forth from my clit to my opening, and then he sticks his middle finger inside me and starts to thrust it in and out.

"Oh." I whimper.

And then a second finger. "Shit." I cry out in pleasure. His fingers curl and hit my g spot. "Fuck Ian." My eyes roll involuntarily. He uses his two fingers to hit my sweet spot as his mouth is on my clit, sucking and circling.

I feel a strong build up coming. I feel my juices running like crazy Ian begins to pull up and down with his curled fingers hitting my g spot harder. "I'm going to cum." I want to scream it but I keep quiet enough Ian's dad won't hear us downstairs.

My toes curl and I cum! I squirt Ian. He starts quickly slapping my clit causing me to squirt more. My body is shaking like crazy I can tell he's so turned on with me squirting he's back between my legs and plunges his cock inside me hard and fast while my body shakes vigorously.

I feel his cock hitting my g spot. And I start squirting again. He pulls his cock out and slaps it against my clit, causing more juice to spray. Then he's back inside ramming me again. His moans are only loud enough for me to hear.

"Fuuuck!" He quietly yells. I hear the rolling clicks of him pulling off the condom. He jacks his cock a couple times, "Fuuuuuck!!! Ahhhh!" I feel his hot cum gushing onto my stomach.

He looks me in the eyes as he continues to jack off his cock and spray his seed onto me. "Mmm." He moans again.

"I just want to fuck you, and make you squirt all night long." He says looking down at me.

He lowers his body onto mine. His cock is now in his pool of cum on my stomach. He moves up and down in his cum while his balls lightly bounce against my clit.

He then rolls onto the bed and pulls me close. He's spooning me while we both have his cum all over us.

I can feel his cock twitching against my ass.

I know for a fact that is going to be happening a few more times tonight.

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