Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 32


The night has been filled with passion, and many orgasms. 4 condom wrappers were scattered on the floor, It's been about a half hour since our last round. I'm ready again, my balls are filled.

The way Rhaya's ass is pressed against my cock is making me hard and crazy.

I reach off the bed and grab another condom from my bag. As I pull my body back up, Rhaya's mouth is already on my cock. Her tongue begins to swirl my sensitive tip, 'Oh my god.” I moan.

She puts the tip back in her mouth and begins to suck. Hard. My bloods floods the top. She pulls it out and then licks from the bottom of my cock between my balls, slowly all the way back up to the top. She repeats multiple times like she's licking an ice cream cone. She looks me in the eyes as she does it. Mmmm fuck.

Then one of my balls is sucked into her wet mouth. "Oh." I moan and arch my pelvis upward. Then the other is sucked in and she swirls her tongue around it. Damn she's fucking good at that.

Gently, she sucks and tugs on them. "Fuck, Rhaya that feels amazing." She continues to do it over and over, and then licks back up and puts my shaft as far in her mouth as she can. Her tongue pushes against the bottom of my cock.

Her warm mouth sucks and releases my cock over and over, she then spits in her hand and strokes the base of my dick while she sucks the tip. So fucking good.

I reach for her hand and guide her finger tips lower under my balls. She releases my cock from her mouth to observe what I want her to do. I place her middle and ring finger to my shaven taint.

"One of a man’s most sensitive spots." I say with my mouth open in pleasure.

I guide her fingers in circles and then I press her fingers, showing her how firm of a press. "Fuck! Yes just like that." I let go of her fingers as she continues by herself

Pleasure is building quickly. "Mmm. That's the spot. It's a spot you can rub and touch and cause a man to ejaculate without even touching his cock." I say as I watch her naked body.

She is on her knees and one of her hands, holding her up. I place my hand on her back and swiftly move it down to her perfect ass. I pull my

hand back then slap her ass hard. Rhaya's body jolts, as she lets out a moan.

She still continues to rub my taint. Without touching, my cock is sticking straight up, bouncing every so often from the amazing pleasure. I watch her face and I can tell she's getting turned on.

Placing my hand on her inner thigh, I travel upward to her glistening pussy. She's so wet. My cock twitches.

I begin to rub her clit in circles as she rubs my sensitive spot. We watch each other moan. Mmm I need to be inside that pussy. I ease my middle finger inside her, she clamps down on it. And I begin to fuck her with my finger.

But I need to stop her. If she keeps pleasing that sensitive spot, I will cum so fucking fast. I hand Rhaya the condom. She stops rubbing me.

Tearing the wrapper and tossing, yet another one to the ground. She then puts the condom at my tip.

It takes her a minute to get it over my blood swelling tip, but once she does, she looks me in the eye as she slowly strokes my cock causing the condom to roll down. Fuck she even makes it sexy putting a condom on me, "Now turn around and get on my cock." I demand.

Rhaya bites her lip. It excites her when I tell her what to do.

Rhaya straddles me backward. Her perfect ass towards me. Her hand holds my cock still as she guides it to her entrance. Swirling it at her opening causes juices to leak from her hole onto my cock, lubing it up. She teases me. I just need to be inside that fucking tight pussy.

And then she eases down onto my cock. Watching her expand to the thickness of my needful dick causes me to stop her for a moment as I take in the sexy as hell sight. Her pussy lips hug my cock so good. With my finger tips I touch those sexy wet lips.

Reaching on the other side I rub her clit, she moans and starts to sink further on my cock, "Don't move. Stay right there as I rub your sensitive clit." She does as I say. Her hands are gripping my shins, holding her up.

My finger tips continue to rub her. She wants to ride me. She is eager. But she obeys. Sort of.

With one of her hands, her fingertips find their way back to my taint spot and she mimics the speed and firmness I use on her clit.

"Fuuuck." My body shakes a little.

I continue to rub her wet pussy as half my cock is inside her. I need all of her.

Grabbing her hips, I press myself all the way inside her. Fuck yes. This tight pussy is mine.

Making her hold still again while my cock is plunged inside her. I rub her clit again. Sexy moans escape her mouth. I love when I make her moan like that.

Then I moan. Her circles below my balls have now turned into firm strokes, "Oh fuck. Just like that." I grunt. She continues.

I can't help it. I grab her hip bones and pull her up slightly and push her back down. Again and again. I help her fuck my cock.

The feeling of her strokes and her tight pussy squeezing my shaft is making me crazy. Fuck yes. I drop my hands so I can watch how she fucks me. As she pulls forward the sight of her pussy hugging my cock is fucking amazing. Her hips roll as she rides me.

I reach forward and grab her tits. I pull her backward so her lower back is arched, keeping my cock inside her, and her upper back is pressed against my chest. I hold her hips and thrust up inside her. Again and again. I squeeze her perky tits, and then pinch her nipples.

Rhaya moans deeply. Her hands are now in my hair as I fuck her. Our skin is slapping together. My balls are smacking against her clit, causing her to moan louder, "Not too loud." I whisper, reminding her where we are.

I reach one hand down and begin to rub her sensitive nub firmly, “Ian." She moans out, in result, I fuck her deeper and faster, "Ian, I'm going cum." I rub her faster with one hand and pinch her nipple hard with the other.

"Ahhh!" She yells quietly and then her pussy begins to throb on my cock. It clenches me again and again. I love when she cums on me. I don't slow down. My cock continues to plunge in and out of her.

My balls continue to hit against her clit, longing out her orgasm. This feels so fucking good, I don't want to stop, but I'm ready to cum.

"Cum inside me Ian." She whispers. I imagine there's no condom between us. I picture my bare cock shooting a huge load deep inside her pussy.

This fantasy increases my build up, and I cum. I cum fucking hard. I cum harder than I have ever cum in my life. I turn my head into the pillow to muffle the sound, "FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!" I grab Rhaya's hips and thrust hard. One, hard and deep. Two harder and deeper. Three hardest and deepest. I push her hips down as hard as I can as I push my cock up inside her, deeper than I have before.

She whimpers. My body shakes and convulses. This is the best fucking feeling in the world.

I hold her in place as I continue to ejaculate inside her. She moans as she feels my cock shooting more semen.

My hold on her doesn't loosen. I hold her hard against me. She is mine. I need her to be mine. "I'm falling hard for you Rhaya." I whisper as I loosen my grip.

Rhaya gently pushes my arms down and pulls off my cock. Fuck it's sensitive.

She turns around and straddles me. She grabs my dick and eases it back inside her, I gasp. Looking deep into my eyes she says, "I’m falling hard for you too Ian."

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