Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 33


A couple days have passed since we visited Ian's dad.

This weeks lesson is on different types of orgasms, and how to make them happen.

Yesterday I explored Ian, and just like he said, that sweet spot below the balls can cause a man to ejaculate without even touching his cock. The way Ian moaned and the way his body would shake had my pussy dripping.

I'm in the shower as I start to get turned on just thinking about it. I grab the detachable shower head and adjust the setting. Now the water is spraying with harder pressure from the middle of the head.

I lean back against the shower wall, spread my legs slightly, and point the shower head at my needful pussy. "Mmm." I moan.

I start replaying the best part of yesterday in my head.

"Fuck Rhaya, that feels amazing." Ian says as he's lying down on the bed. His cock is pointing straight up, and jolting. "That's the perfect speed. Mmm. As you read my body, you can tell I'm about to cum, and your first instinct will tell you to rub faster. Don't. Mmmmmm. Just keep this pace." He says as he looks at me as he has a hard time forming words.

I'm lying on the bed next to him. His arm is wrapped around me holding one of my bare tits in his hand, while my head is on his chest. I can hear his moans rumble from his chest.

When he pinches my nipple I moan. My moans cause his cock to twitch every time. I have one of my legs over his and my naked wet pussy is pushed against his leg. As I grind against his leg, using my juices as lube, he says, "Mmm fuck, you're so wet."

The water pressure feels amazing on my clit. It's extremely powerful. I know I won't last long.

I continue rubbing his taint with my middle and ring finger. It hardens under my tips.

"I'm going to cum." Ian moans out pinching my nipple really hard. My escaped moan causes him to release.

"Fuck! Fuuuck!" His jaw clenches, and his body tightens as hot wet cum shoots out of his cock's large tip.

"Don't stop. Mmm. Fuck!" He moans again. I continue with the circles. I feel his semen shooting upward. His taint is throbbing. With every throb more cum spurts from his untouched cock.

Cum is splattered all over his defined sexy abs. His balls bounce with every throb.

"Fuuuuuuck yes!" His head arches backward in pleasure. I'm still rubbing. More and more cum explodes. And Ian's body begins to shake.

I continue to rub. He's getting extremely sensitive and his body convulses harder.

And then he pushes my hand hard against him, which stops my fingers from the rolling circles. As he hold my hand there. I enjoy every pulse of his orgasm.

"Uhhhh!" I scream out as the hot water smacks against my clit causing me to orgasm. I hold the water there as long as I can. My eyes roll backward.

I can't handle the sensation any longer I quickly point the shower head to the ground.

All my weight is leaned against the wall. I stay there as I feel my orgasm, my pussy muscles squeeze in bursts.

I wonder what Ian would think if he knew I just masturbated with my shower head, while thinking of him cumming all over himself.

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