Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 34


I jacked off a couple times last night thinking about Rhaya rubbing my sweet spot. God she made me feel so fucking good.

I'm waiting for her, lying on the bed in our training room. I don't even wear a shirt to training anymore. One less thing to take off before I get to pleasure her tight sexy body.

I can't wait to make her cum every way today.

The door opens and she walks in. She's wearing a long black silk robe. Her beautiful bronze hair is flowing over her shoulders. She shuts and locks the door behind her.

I get off the bed and meet her half way. She smiles. She's happy to see me.

"You look amazing." I say and then I kiss her luscious lips.

Our lips are still touching when she replies, "As do you." Her finger tips brush across my abs and then trace the hem of my jeans. My cock hardens.

"I can't wait to make you cum over and over again." I kiss her neck and then lead her over to the bed.

Pulling her robe untied makes her bite her lip. It drops off her shoulders onto the ground. She's not wearing anything else.

I'll never get over how sexy her body is. Her delicious pink nipples are erect. They are by far the most perfect tits I've ever seen. Not too big but are still exceptionally round.

Looking lower, I watch her stomach as it moves from her breathing. And lower... Her perfect smooth pussy. I want her.

"Lie down on your stomach." I gesture to the bed. She does as I say. My eyes immediately dart to her plump beautiful ass. My cock is hardening by the second.

While Rhaya lays there I grab the silicone lube from the dresser. As I walk back over to the bed, she tucks her hands under her cheek and smiles with excitement.

"A woman's body is sensitive." I softly say and pump some lube onto Rhaya's back. She gasps in surprise.

Another pump and I toss the lube on the bed. "A woman can have a variety of orgasms, because she has many sensitive spots." I begin to rub the lube onto her back.

I massage her back muscles. Her tanned skin is so beautiful. I squeeze her shoulders.

Her entire back is glistening from the liquid. She is very relaxed.

I squirt some more lube into my hands and gently begin to massage her ass. Her skin is incredibly soft.

And down her thighs. My thumbs gently brush against her outer pussy lips as I slide my hands up and down her thighs. Her thigh muscles tighten showing it's turning her on.

Then I stroke her pussy lips softly. She begins to quietly moan. And then I slide my fingers to her clit, "The clitoral orgasm," I circle her small numb, "is the most common and easiest to reach." She continues to softly moan.

"The clit is composed of millions of nerve endings, similarly to the tip of a man's penis." I swirl my middle finger in small circles. "As it is pleasured and touched, it will increase blood flow to that area, resulting in a need to release."

She moans louder as I press more firmly, "Every woman is different so the amount of pressure to please her will vary." I rub a little harder and her moans are more frequent and louder. "Just like we learned from the first week, it's very important to observe sounds and body movements to know if you're fulfilling each other's needs."

My cock is begging to be released. I continue rubbing her. She loves every minute of it.

Rhaya's thighs squeeze against my hand, and I pick up the speed and rub her faster, "Oh. Oh." She moans.

Her hips begin to rock while I touch her. "Fuck." Her voice is muffled as she moans into the blanket.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Uuuuuuh!" Rhaya loudly moans out as she cums. I rub her faster and faster to keep the blood flow continuing, longing out her orgasm.

She finally has to reach under herself and grab my hand to stop me. Her muscles tense then release then tense again.

I want to sink my fingers in that wet pussy. No. I need to sink my dick into that wet pussy.

I pull off my pants and retrieve a rubber from the dresser. Very quickly I roll it over my giant hard cock.

As I get on the bed, I straddle Rhaya's legs, and give her ass a good squeeze.

Then I sink my member inside her. She moans out. Fucking. Tight. Pussy.

I feel her pussy still contracting from her orgasm. I slowly pump in and out of her as she clenches me.

"After you stop cumming, continue to squeeze your pussy muscles," I grunt, "it will bring you to your next orgasm quickly." I grunt again as I push back inside.

I grab Rhaya's ass to help me thrust in and out of her. I watch as her pussy lips grip me as I pull back out. "Fuck." I moan.

I'm so fucking turned on and this feels so fucking good. She's so tight, but in this position- on her stomach with her legs together, pushing inside her slit has never felt better.

Rhaya does as I said and continues to clench her muscles around me. We are both moaning.

"Now I'm going to make you have a deep vaginal orgasm." I thrust deeper and she grips the bedding in her hands.

My cock pushes past her cervix and hits the back wall, "Uh!" She cries out. I thrust again and again.

The pressure when my dick presses against her end wall, and knowing I'm inside her entirely makes me have to pull all the way out before I bust my load.

Sweat is beginning to form on my forehead and down my back.

After a few seconds I plunge back inside her. And begin to deep fuck her, "Do you like when my cock is all the way inside you?" I slap her ass.

"Yeees!" She moans out "It feels so fucking good."

I still feel her squeeze her deep muscles, it feels amazing. I thrust faster, and Rhaya slightly pushes up her ass and moans out, "I'm going to cum. Fuck! I'm going to cum!"

I really begin to pound her. And then I feel her release around me, "Uuuh!!!" Her body quivers.

As she begins to come down from her orgasms I say, "I'm going to pull out and you're going to roll over."

I pull out of her slick pussy and she rolls over like I said. I rip the condom off as fast as I can.

"Oh Fuck." I moan as I stroke my fat hard cock.

I raise toward her upper body, "Uuuh! Uh!" I cum all over her tits. Her eyes move from my cock back to my eyes. I can tell she loves the sight of a man cumming.

I squeeze my balls. I want to make sure all my semen is covering her. "Fuck." My cock twitches hard.

Rhaya begins to smear my sperm all over her perfect breasts. Fuck that's hot.

"I'm not done with you yet." I say as I wipe the sweat from my brow.

She continues to squeeze her tits and rub them. My cum is sticky between her hands and skin.

I go back to her soaked pussy and insert my two fingers. I don't waste any time. I curl my fingers and put my palm on her pubic bone. "And now the squirting orgasm." I smile down at her.

Pulling up and down on her g spot makes her scream. I feel her spot begin to swell and her pussy becomes wetter. When I hear the sloshing, I know she's about to squirt.

I see liquid running down her ass cheeks. Faster and faster I hit her g spot with my fingers. "Ahhhh!" She screams out and she begins to squirt.

I quickly pull my fingers out and rub her clit hard. The sight of the most beautiful pussy spraying arousing liquid makes me want to claim Rhaya. To sink my cock inside her and bust my second load so deep in her pussy.

But I don't. Instead I put my eager large fingers back inside her again. I want her to keep squirting.

And that's exactly what she does. She squirts me again and again.

I put my fingers back inside. Her body is shaking vigorously, she grabs my hand to stop me from finger fucking her g spot. But I don't. Her moans are loud.

"Ian!" She yells out. I pull up and down faster and pull my fingers out and she squirts again and again.

Her eyes are rolled back. Her whole body shakes. My cum still all over her tits. Such a fucking sexy sight.

The bedding is soaked. I have her cum juice all over me and I fucking love it. I lay down next to her and pull her against me.

Her body shakes for the next few minutes.

She finally speaks, "I'm so fucking sensitive," she laughs, "I'm going to need a while to recover, or that better be the last type of orgasm." Rhaya laughs again.

I laugh. "Actually, we still have anal orgasms. But we will continue those with next weeks training."

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