Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 37


I had a small buzz from the alcohol, but I wasn’t plastered like Damien mentioned to Rhaya. He must have thought I was because I opened up to him about her, but I just needed to talk to someone. I wouldn’t want to do what I’m about to do, if I was wasted. I want to remember it all.

I pulled Rhaya onto her feet and kissed her with all the passion I could give. I pulled her body against me as close as I could, and gently tugged her ponytail out, and her soft bronze hair dropped over her shoulders.

She untied her robe and it dropped to the ground. A sports bra and lacy thong were all that was left on her gorgeous body. I slowly pulled the bra over her head and threw it on the ground.

With her tits exposed, I lowered down and sucked her left nipple in my mouth. As she moaned I hooked my fingers in her thong and slowly pulled them down. I needed her to be completely naked. I needed that body pressed against my skin.

After sucking on her right tit, my mouth was back on hers. Our lips, our tongues, our hands, explored one another.

Rhaya’s fingers slipped inside my waistband and she pulled my sweats and briefs off. My needful cock flung free and I pulled her body against me. My cock just needed to touch her bare skin. It was pressed between my lower abs and her stomach.

The desperate movements of our bodies increased pressure on my cock, making it harder and bigger. I lift Rhaya up and she wraps her sexy legs around my waist. My cock is now pressed against her very wet pussy.

I push her against the wall and begin to rock my hips, pushing my hard dick against her. She moans in my mouth.

“I need you Rhaya.” I whisper against her lips.

I lock eye contact with her as I guide my cock to her amazingly tight hole. I pause a moment, waiting for her approval.

Rhaya nods.

I’ve been wanting this more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I slowly push my bare cock inside her. Very slowly.

We watch each other’s facial expressions. Her lips are parted as she moans. The deeper I press my cock inside her, her mouth opens wider.

Her pussy is so fucking tight. And to actually feel her wetness wrapped around my erectness… I could explode any minute.

Her pussy walls are so soft. But so extremely tight. She squeezes her muscles around me, and I moan. I push deeper inside her. She is pinned by the wall behind her and my body between her legs.

I push even further and the tip of my cock slides past her cervix and presses against her back wall. She moans loudly.

I slowly thrust in and out of her, enjoying every second. I look down and watch my swollen member ease in and out of her. My cock is glistening with her juices. Watching myself expand her pussy makes me have to stop a minute. I can’t cum yet. I need more.

While I’m still inside her, kissing her, I carry her over to my bed. I gently lay her down, and look into her beautiful hazel eyes.

“You feel so fucking good.” I say and then she bites her bottom lip.

Rhaya begins to raise her hips up and down, causing my dick to seep inside her. At this point, I know my precum is now inside of her.

I mimic her movements. And we watch each other, as both our hips roll, we make sweet love to one another.

Fuck I’m so ready to cum. I’m so ready to cum deep inside her. To claim her. But I grab her hip bones and push her against the bed so she can’t move. My cock is throbbing hard, I was so close to exploding.

She holds very still as she feels my cock twitching inside her. “Mmm.” She moans.

Her pussy muscles start squeezing me again. She’s teasing me. But I can’t pump inside her yet. I need to hold completely still. I can’t cum, not yet, I’m not done.

Finally once my cock isn’t ready to burst, I begin to pump inside her again. “Fuck.” I moan. Her pussy is so tight it tugs at my skin.

I start to suck on her neck. Her moans are driving me crazy. I suck harder. Then she whispers in my ear, “I’m going to cum.”

Her words cause my speed to pick up, and then I begin to rub her clit the way she likes it.

“Just like that!” She moans out. “Fuck!” I moan back. My cock pumping in and out of her, makes a wet sound. I feel her g spot swelling with every thrust. I rub her clit fast and hard as I begin to fuck her harder.

“Uh! Uuuuuh!” Rhaya screams loudly and I see liquid spray out every time I slightly pull out of her. She’s squirting all over my cock. She’s cumming hard. My cock sloshes in and out of her.

Normally I would pull my dick out and watch her spray, but I am so close to cumming, the thought of her squirting my cock while I pumped a load inside her, is bliss.

“Fuck! Fuck!” I grunt. More liquid escapes her pussy. Her body begins to shake underneath me, “Cum inside me!” Rhaya screams as she grabs my ass and pulls me in deeper.

That’s all I need, “Uuuuuuuhhh!” I thrust hard three more times and my cock shoots my hot cum inside Rhaya’s tight squirting pussy.

My body jolts as I continue to shoot my semen deep inside her.

More than half my cock is inside her. But the base of my dick that isn’t inside her, I squeeze my hand around very hard and stroke. Making sure to squeeze all my cum out. I need every drop inside her.

Her pussy is full of my sticky semen. I lay down on top of her, keeping my cock inside her. I’m going to lay inside her awhile, I want to remember how this feels. Her pussy pulsates around me, milking me, while I twitch and throb inside her. We’re both breathing hard and sweating.

Very slowly, I begin to pump in and out of her. I love feeling my cum inside her. I still don’t pull out.

It’s very likely this is the first and last time I will ever be inside Rhaya without a condom, and probably the first and last time I will ever get to spread my semen deep inside her again.

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