Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 4


I was very surprised Mr. Lockwood allowed for Rhaya to come with me for the night. I was very excited to get to know her better. She was absolutely gorgeous, more so than her pictures, which is insane.

It definitely sounds absurd and wrong to bid on your future woman, but that is how society runs now. Especially in Cotter City, because this is where it started.

I can't say I'm thrilled for Rhaya to be lying with another man, and for him to touch and arouse her, and her arousing him. I was getting jealous just thinking of it. I know I just met her but I already feel extremely protective of her.

She was pretty quiet on the drive to the house. She would look over and offer me a sweet smile every once in a while.

"So Gareth, may I ask how old you are?" I couldn't help but laugh at her question, "You can ask me anything." I took a quick peek at her, god she's so beautiful.

"I am 28 years young." I said as she chuckled, and I shifted into a lower gear getting ready to pull into my drive way. "Too old for you?" I asked. "No, of course not." Her lips turned up.

"Here we are." I put the car in park. Rhaya was observing the house out of her window. I walked around and opened the door for her, "This is your house?" Her eyes didn't leave the scenery, "Well, technically this is now our house."

I was now standing right next to her and she turned and gave me the, ‘are you serious’ look. Her face lit up, it was the most excited I've seen her yet. I couldn't help myself, she was too adorable. I picked her up like honeymooners entering their house off the movies. We started laughing together, damn if that's not the cutest laugh I've ever heard.

"Gareth! I'm in a very short dress!" She couldn't stop laughing while she was trying to hold her dress from rising up. I looked back behind my shoulder, "No one is looking." I teased and then skillfully unlocked the door with one hand.

Once we were inside I held her for a few more seconds while she took everything in. I gently set her down and she pulled her dress back down.

"Wow, it's beautiful." She stepped out of her heels. Now instead of coming up to my neck in height, she was now to the top of my pecks. She was perfect in every way.

"How long have you lived here?" She turned back to me. "For a year now. I graduated law school and worked for a year until I could afford a home, and this one came on the market while I was looking. It was love at first sight."

“You don't hesitate to go after the things you want in life, do you?" Her hazel eyes were looking deep into mine, "Life's too short to hesitate."

I then pulled her close, and I kissed her with the perfect amount of force. Not too soft, but not too hard, and her lips melted into mine. I had one arm around her back to hold her close, and the other in her bronzed hair. She had one hand on my chest and the other around my neck.

Her curvy little body seemed so small pressing into me. She smelled so good, it was a sophisticated sexy scent. Fuck, I don't want to stop kissing her, but if I don't, soon enough I'll be carrying her to my bed, and then I don't know if I could stop.

I could feel my pants getting tighter as I got harder by the second. I knew she could feel how bad I wanted her, and it seemed to turn her on. Her kisses became harder and more passionate. Her tongue grazed my bottom lip, which forced a deep moan from out of my mouth.

My hands traveled down her ass and on to the back of her thighs, where I lifted her up. Now her sexy legs were to the side of my hips. I moved my hands back to her ass which I held while still kissing her with passion I walk us to the hallway wall, and I push her up against it.

The only thing from stopping me from taking her right here, are the clothes between us... oh and the contract.

I need to stop this. I can't break the contract. But this feels so fucking good. She feels so fucking good.

We are both breathing hard, and in between kisses I barely get out, "Rhaya........ We..... should.... stop." And she stopped kissing me. We are now looking deep into each other's eye.

"If we continue for a moment longer, I don't think I'll be able to stop. I want you so fucking bad." How could she not tell, my cock was as hard as a rock pressing between her legs.

"But...." I began, and she finished my sentence, "But the contract." My hands were still holding her ass as I had her against the wall. She smiled, and gave me one more deep kiss, and then whispered in my ear, "My panties are soaked...." oh my god, she trying to torture me.

"And I didn't bring any clothes." I was so turned on, I took both her hands in one of my hands while the other was still holding her up by her ass, and raised them above her head and pinned them in place, as I pushed her harder against the wall. Then I whisper back in her ear, "To be continued." I kissed her again and gently let her back down into her own feet.

She straightened out her dress again, and then her hair from my hands being in it, "Well, that worked up an appetite, I'm starving." She smiled a perfect smile, "Let's go find you some clothes and you can take a shower while I whip us up some dinner?"

"Sounds perfect."

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