Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 41


I loved getting to see my little sister, and having Rhaya here to meet her, was perfect.

Leaving Nessa’s room, I crack the door slightly.

“She has a beautiful heart.” Rhaya says as I turn back toward her, “Kind and full of love, just like yours.”

Her words warm my heart. “She sure does. And thank you, you’re such a sweetheart.”

I kiss her gently, “I would love to just spend the rest of the party with both my girls, but I would get an earful from my dad.” I exhale.

Rhaya gives me a kind smile and I lead her back downstairs.

We walk into the dining room where everyone is chatting and laughing. Servers carrying trays around with expensive appetizers, and champagne.

I grab two champagnes from a tray and nod to the server. I hand one to Rhaya, “Thank you.”

After introducing Rhaya to a few of my coworkers, my dad finally walks up to us.

“Gareth.” He nods formally and then his eyes land on Rhaya.

“Dad,” I nod back, “this is Rhaya.”

My dad shakes her free hand, and turns back toward me, “I’m glad you could make it. We were beginning to think you forgot about your family.” His gray short hair and light green eyes, made him look as cold, as his words sounded.

“This is not the time.” I grit my teeth hoping he would just walk away.

“You know, I came to your firm wanting your help with my case, because I’ve been told you are the best. I would have thought, when your family is in trouble, you’d come to our aid.” He sipped on his vodka.

My jaw clenched again in anger, “I couldn’t. I told you, it would have been a conflict of interest.” I surprised myself by keeping my voice low. My dad always knows how to push my fucking buttons.

“And to me, that’s just a shitty excuse.” It made me angry that he would talk to me this way in front of Rhaya.

Rhaya squeezed my hand letting me know it’s okay, and she’s right beside me.

I bent over and whispered next to his ear, “It was an excuse. But honestly I didn’t want to be caught up in your fucking money schemes.” I could see his face turning red with anger.

Before he started a big fight in front of Rhaya and all my coworkers, I gently pulled her and walked away from him.

We walked across the room, and then there was a clinking on a champagne glass. My mother was now next to my father, getting ready to make a toast.

“We just want to thank everyone for coming tonight, we are so grateful for all of you, and your help. I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if we didn’t have you fighting by our sides. So cheers.”

The room was suddenly loud again after my mother’s speech.

I feel a hand on my shoulder, I turn to see Richard, my coworker, “Hey Gareth, do you mind if I have a word with you in private regarding a case?”

I kiss Rhaya’s hand, “I’ll be right back.” She smiles and nods.

• • • • •

After talking with Richard, I want to get back to Rhaya as soon as possible.

I spot her. She is in a circle of women around my moms age. She seems disinterested in their gossip, but she smiles to be nice.

It’s the perfect time. I reach in my suit pocket and pull out my phone, I open the specific app, and click the button that says, “Activate.” I keep it at the lowest “Flowing Juices” setting.

I watch Rhaya as I click the button. Her eyes go wide, and her lips part. Then she bites her lip, I’m assuming to stop herself from moaning. My cock is now awake.

I rest my back against a wall. I watch Rhaya’s legs squeeze together. She’s still biting her lip, but I can see the pleasure in her eyes.

My slacks are getting tighter the longer I watch her. I look down at my phone and adjust to the medium “Panty Soaker” setting.

Rhaya closes her eyes for a moment, and squeezes her legs tighter. The women around her are oblivious.

When she opens her eyes, she has a hard time focusing on anything. Then finally her eyes find me.

Her mouth opens again as she quietly gasps. Fuck, this is hot.

One of the women start to talk to her. She bites her lip and nods. That’s my que.

I quickly walk over to her and grab her hand, “Excuse us ladies.” I say as I eagerly grab her away from the group.

I was pleasantly surprised I couldn’t even hear the toy vibrating. But by Rhaya’s glossed over eyes, I know it’s still working.

Pulling Rhaya through the mansion, we finally get to the other side. The side my parent rarely visit. I open the doors to the laundry room and shut them behind us.

“Fuck.” She moans once we’re completely alone.

I pull her sexy body against me. She is lightly shaking. I press my mouth to hers. She kisses me back, but she also has a hard time concentrating.

I pick her up and set her on top of the washer. I push her black dress up and spread her legs apart. I need to see.

Liquid is already rolling down her sexy legs. Her panties are soaked. I look up at her, her head is tipped back and her eyes are closed. She’s moaning.

Rhaya slightly rocks her hips back and forth, causing my cock to twitch, needing it to be free.

“Gareth.” She moans out.

I kiss her neck and then wake my phone with a click. I then adjust the

setting to high, which reads “Squirting.”

“Shhiiit!” She moans quietly.

“You don’t need to be quiet. This room is sound proof.” I assure her, and her moans begin to release louder.

I pull her soaking panties off. And I see such a beautiful sight. Her pussy is gripping the black toy as her juices leak around it.

The curved part, is pressed firmly against her clit.

“Uuuh!” She repeatedly moans. Fuck this is so hot. Watching my girl moan in pleasure as her cum drips down her legs, causes my cock pain, from the restriction.

“I’m cumming! Shhiit I’m cumming!” Her eyes roll back as she screams out.

Quickly, but gently I pull the vibrating toy from her soaked pussy. The g spot part has a ball at the top that is moving vigorously fast. No wonder she’s squirting like crazy.


I press the clit vibrating part back up to her clit and I watch her pink pussy muscles squirt. So fucking hot. I need my cock inside her.

There’s a puddle of juice on the washer, leaking down the front. But I don’t give a shit.

“I need you inside me.” Her hazel eyes lock with mine. I place the toy next to her on the washer and it hums against the metal

I quickly unfasten my belt, unbutton, and unzip my slacks. I yank them down, and they rest on my mid thigh.

My cock springs out and I pull Rhaya toward me. Her ass at the edge of the machine.

I adjust my massive dick to her tiny slit. We both watch as I enter her tight pussy. Like always, she moans out in pain the first time. This is the only way I’d ever want to hurt her- the initial pain of my oversized cock expanding that beautiful little pussy.

“Fuck, you’re so tight and wet.” I slowly inch my veiny shaft inside her. I then grab the back of her neck, our eyes are locked again.

Now she moans in pleasure. I slowly thrust in and out about two inches, working her extremely tight pussy muscles. Her wet entrance grips my cock so tight, it feels so fucking good.

I feel her relax more, around me, so I begin to push my entire cock in and out. I love watching her face as I pump inside her body. Pleasure and bliss is written all over her beautiful features.

I begin to rock faster, enjoying her pussy walls wrapped around the entirety of my dick. “You feel fucking amazing.” I moan.

“Yes, mmm, just like that Gareth.”

I continue to sink in and out of her, then I reach around her and unzip her dress. I need to watch her tits bounce as I fuck her. I pull the black fabric from her arms and chest. And then I push her bra down so her tits are resting on top of it.

“Fuck.” I growl. As my cock hits the back of her pussy, her tits slightly bounce.

I pinch both nipples with my fingers and she moans out, “Oh god yes! Fuck me Gareth! I want to feel you plunge inside my tight pussy.”

I grunt as I begin to fuck her harder. She screams out, “Uhh!” Every time my cock’s swollen tip slams against her pussy ending.

I pick up the black toy again and press it against her clit as I fuck her tiny hole.

“Oh my gggodd!” She moans out and her eyes close. “I’m going to cum again.” She cries.

“Open your eyes.” I demand. “I want you to watch me fuck you. I want you to see your pussy pulse around my thick cock as you cum.” I grunt ramming inside her. She opens her eyes and watches. Sweat is dripping down my face.

Watching my large veiny shaft disappear between her pussy lips, and me holding the vibrator to her clit, sends her overboard and she cums so fucking hard on my cock.

“Uuuuuhh!” She screams and her body shakes as I pound her and continue to hold the vibrator to her sensitive clit.

From me fucking her real good and the the vibrations of the toy, her pussy clenches and pulses harder around my cock then it ever has. Fuck! This is the best feeling in the world.

She’s screaming out, she’s over sensitive. She can’t help but grit her teeth and squeeze her eyes shut. So I drop the toy back onto the washer.

“Open your eyes again.” She does. “I want you to continue watching me fuck you until I cum. Mmm fuck! I’m going to cum so fucking hard. Ooh shit! And I want you to watch my cock twitch and pulse as I cream your pussy.”

She eagerly watches my huge swollen cock fuck her wet opening. “Shhhiiit! Uh! Uh! Uhhhh!” I push in and out of her as I cum. My cock jolts hard, as I moan loud. “Fuuuuck!”

I stop pumping inside of her and hold still. We both watch as my balls slightly bounce and my dick pulses inside of her. I drain all my semen deep inside of this beautiful body.

After a couple minutes of enjoying each other’s pulsations, I very slowly pull out of her. Once I’m all the way out, I say, “Push it out.”

Rhaya puts both her hands on both sides of her pussy. She pulls her wet outer lips apart and I watch her pussy muscles contract. And my white cum slowly streams out of her beautiful slit. Fuck that’s a big cum load. I think to myself, as more and more cum pours out of her.

“Watching my cum leak out of you, is so fucking hot.” My cock twitches.

I fasten my belt, as Rhaya pulls her bra back over her tits and fixes her dress. I open one of the cupboards and grab a towel. I slowly clean up Rhaya’s legs; she bites her lip as she watches me clean up our cum.

“Now let’s get the fuck out of here.”

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