Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 43


As Ian’s eyes are locked onto mine, I can see he’s sorrowful. But I can’t help but still feel angry about what he did.

I feel so many emotions right now, but the two that are at the top are anger- because of Ian, and now even more jealousy- because this beautiful blonde gets to touch, and be touched, by both Ian and Gareth.

I tear my eyes away from Ian and watch the naked woman lock eyes with Gareth, as she struts towards him like she’s ready to devour him. Which I can’t blame her. I could almost feel my blood boil.

I think we were all shocked when, at the last minute she turned towards me, grabbed my hips and kissed my lips.

She pulls my body against her nakedness. I’ve never kissed a girl before, until now.

After her lips part from mine she immediately looks at Gareth, “I’m Hannah.”

She turns back toward me, her hands still on my hips, “You are one sexy couple.” She kisses my lips again, and her hands trail upward and grab my breasts.

Hannah looks back over at Gareth, “Does it make your cock hungry, watching me kiss and grope your girl?” Her hands continue to explore my tits and then my ass.

Gareth doesn’t say anything, but out of curiosity I look below his belt. Yep. It definitely makes his cock hungry. The bulge in his pants is huge.

After Hannah roams my body she then walks in front of Gareth and grabs his ass and pulls his erectness into her stomach, “God damn, your packin’.” Surprise was written on her face. Her hands begin to roam his body, from his ass, to his chest, to his cock…

“Mmm. I need to see this giant package.” Then I hear his belt clink, and in one fast movement she pulls it from the loops.

It was sexy, but also troublesome watching her undress him. His belt, suit, white shirt, and tie were now all tossed to the side.

As soon as she pulled his bottom clothing down, his massive cock escaped. I felt a little pride observing that his cock wasn’t as hard and veiny as it usually is when I undress him.

Hannah begins kissing his chest, lowering herself. Knowing what she was about to do, Gareth looked at me with worry on his face. It was agonizing, but I nod, reassuring him that it’s okay.

The next thing I know, is Ian is standing right in front of me and his green eyes are gazing hard into mine.

Out of respect I look back at Gareth, his jaw muscles tense, I know he’s still not quite comfortable with it, but then he nods in return.

Ian must have noticed because then he was behind me, unzipping my dress. I could already feel his hard cock pressing against my back.

My black dress hit the floor. And then so did my bra and thong. I look over at Gareth again and he’s staring at me as Hannah is sucking him. His eyes look my body up and down, as if I was the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

He’s still watching when Ian moves my hair and kisses my neck. It sends chills all over my body. Gareth’s jaw clenches again and he forces himself to look away.

Hannah stands back up, grabs Gareth’s hand and leads him over to the mattress.

When they’re out of hearing distance I hear his voice behind me, “I’ve missed you so much.” Ian whispers against the skin of my neck, “I’ve never felt more sorry in my life Rhaya. I need you to forgive me.” He keeps his voice low so only I can hear.

“This is not the time or place for that.” I whisper back.

Ian walks in front of me, “I know it’s not. But I need you to know I love you. And I’m going to do everything I absolutely can for you to forgive me.” I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“If I agree to talk about this when we get back to training, will you stop talking about this right now?” My hands instinctively rested on his chest.

A spark of hope flashed in his eyes, “Yes absolutely.” A slight smile appeared on his face.

And with that his lips were on mine, his hands were on my ass, pulling me into his rock hard cock. It felt nice to have his lips pressed against mine again, but with Gareth in the same room, I push his chest away, causing us to stop kissing, “Don’t get carried away. Gareth is here.” I reminded him.

“Sorry.” He half smiled.

Honestly it felt good to kiss his lips again. After feeling so hurt and angry, I never thought we’d ever touch or kiss again. So it felt good knowing it wasn’t the end.

He then grabbed my hand and led me to the oversized mattress where Gareth was on his back and Hannah was sucking him again. It felt good, judging by Gareth’s face.

I hope when I do that to him I make him feel that good or even better, I thought to myself.

Ian brought me to the opposite side of the mattress. “Lie down on your back.” He commanded. I did as he said.

I see Gareth in the corner of my eye. Now, most of his attention is on me instead of how good she is making him feel. He watches Ian curiously. He’s trying to hide the jealousy but I still see it.

Ian bends down between my legs and kisses my lips. Now I’m sure Gareth is keeping a close eye; he knows Ian doesn’t have a condom on yet.

His hard cock presses against my stomach. It feels nice feeling his warm skin against me.

Stopping myself from getting carried away, I turn my head so he has to stop kissing my lips. So instead his lips are on my neck. He places small light kisses down my neck and across my collar bone.

I take another peek over at Gareth. His face shows a hint of… sadness. Again and again I see his jaw muscles clench. He now focuses on Hannah, I’m guessing to control his jealousy. He squeezes her big tits. She smiles at him and then slaps his huge cock against her tongue.

Ian’s mouth is now on my breasts. His tongue swirls, he sucks my nipple hard forcing a moan out of my mouth.

Gareth is no longer paying attention to us. Hannah has his large shaft between her voluminous breasts. She strokes his cock between them.

Ian trails kisses down my flat stomach. “I fucking love your body.” He whispers.

And then his mouth is on me. Sucking my clit and then swirling it with his tongue. “Oh.” I moan out.

Right before I’m about to cum, Ian stops. He’s ready to be inside me.

Hannah straddles Gareth, “Wait.” Gareth says loudly and forcefully. He reaches over to the side of the mattress and fishes for a condom in a round bowl.

After he retrieves it, I notice he has two condoms in hand. He tosses one at Ian with a serious face. Ian nods.

Gareth tears the wrapper with his teeth, then throws the wrapper to the side. Hannah and I both watch as he rolls the condom down his massive shaft.

Ian tears through his wrapper and rolls it up his large cock.

Hanna spits in her hand and spreads it over Gareth’s dick, and then she slowly lowers onto him. “Fuck! That’s one massive cock!” She yells once she has his entirety inside her.

I know Gareth has fucked a lot of women, but watching his cock slide into another pussy, almost makes me sad.

That’s when I feel Ian’s cock push into my entrance.

Ian slowly inserts in and out. Gareth turns back to me and locks eye contact. I try to hold back my moans, so he doesn’t think I’m enjoying this more than I should be.

A few moans escape from my mouth, and a couple moans and grunts escape from his. We continue to watch one another as we get fucked by someone else.

Moans feel the room, alongside with wet movements. I look back up at Ian, now I can see the jealousy and sadness on his face. This is a fucking mess. A hot fucking mess.

I push Ian to the side, motioning it was my turn to get on top.

I straddled Ian, and I look back and forth from Ian and Gareth, they both watch as I slowly lower onto Ian’s big hard cock. I love the way they both watch me.

Once his entire dick is inside me, I can’t help but let out a moan. Then I begin to slowly fuck him. Nice. And. Slow. So they both can watch the way my pussy expands. Both of them continue to watch.

Gareth’s eyes are now on mine. I bite my lip and grab my tits. And continue to slide up and down Ian’s large pole, while keeping my gaze with Gareth. “Ooh!” I moan out.

Without looking away, Gareth grabs Hannah’s hips and guide her to the rhythm I fuck Ian to.

I look back at Ian, again, it’s obvious he is affected by the way Gareth and I were looking at each other. There’s pleasure on his face but sadness too.

Gareth grabs Hannah’s hips and switch positions. They are now in a spooning position, with Gareth behind her. He adjusts his cock and begins to pump inside her from behind. “Oh fuck! Mmm.” She whimpers. “Your cock is so huge.” He doesn’t reply to her comment.

Ian now sits up and helps move my hips to his wanted pace. I ride his cock in a seated position. His hands squeeze my tits and his warm mouth is on my neck again.

“Fuck, the things I would do to you if he weren’t here.” Ian whispers very quietly in my ear. I know Gareth definitely can’t hear over Hannah’s moaning.

I instantly feel more turned on. My pussy grips Ian. He feels so good inside me. All four of us are all sweaty and panting.

Once the moans get louder, I watch Gareth pull out of Hannah and distance himself, and then he rips the condom off his giant cock.

He looks me in the eyes and says, “I need you.” His blue eyes are bright and full of need.

After Ian heard Gareth’s words, he lowered his hands from my hips, giving me the go-ahead.

I give him a slight smile and slowly pull off his cock. He gasps as I do from my tightness.

I close the distance between Gareth and I, and just as he gets me in his grip, he pulls my naked sweaty body against his and kisses me like he hasn’t seen me in weeks. I feel his needfulness in his kiss. In his touch.

I’ve never felt so needed in my life. The way he’s kissing and touching me, is like he lost me but now he’s never letting me go. I feel his raw emotion. I feel how much it pains him to watch Ian and I share that literal closeness. I felt everything…

And most of all, I felt how much he loves me.

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