Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 44


I knew I needed Rhaya. I knew I loved her. But after tonight and seeing her and Ian share that…. I need her more than ever. And I love her more than ever. It’s crazy that this situation made it more obvious.

I can’t help but kiss Rhaya with everything I have to give. I pull her sexy body into mine as if we can’t get close enough.

Before, I told Rhaya that if it’s Ian she wants in the end, then so be it. But now? How and the fuck can I let this woman go? I’ve never loved anything with every fiber of my being… until now.

Rhaya begins to kiss me back with more and more passion with every kiss. She wants me too. She needs me too.

I knew Ian and Hannah we’re watching us, but I didn’t give a shit.

I slowly lay Rhaya onto her back and then I lay on top of her. Our bare sweaty skin pressing against each other feels fucking amazing.

Our lips move to a beautiful passionate rhythm. Our tongues connect with electricity.

While still kissing, reaching down she grasps my cock in her hand. Slowly she traces her abdomen and then her soft outer lips with the tip of my cock.

Finally she guides my eager tip to her tiny wet slit. Grasping my cock tighter, she begins to swirl the head against her wetness. She’s showing me how badly she wants me.

“Fuck.” I moan out. She then pushes my tip in and her wet lips part around me. She moans against my lips.

Fuck, it’s only my tip inside her and she’s already gripping so tight around me.

Rhaya lets go of my cock and I grasp both her hands in mine. Our fingers are intertwined, and push her hands against the mattress, slightly above her head.

I pull away from kissing her and watch her face as I very slowly ease my swollen cock inside her tight pussy. I know it’s painful for her at first but right now she’s not showing it.

Her mouth is open and she moans every time I force myself deeper. Her hole is so fucking tight. “Mmm.” I moan.

I feel her muscles throb around me. Her pussy is overwhelmed. I sink even deeper and her back arches, causing me to slide even further inside.

Another inch. “Oh.” She cries out. And another, and another.

I feel my cock’s head slide pass her cervix and ease against her pussy’s back wall. Fuck, I’m all the way inside her and it feels so fucking good.

The emotional and sexual connection I feel when I’m inside Rhaya is indescribable. The simplest way I can put it is… I feel complete.

I stop everything, and just look into her beautiful hazel eyes. Fuck, I love this girl.

Slowly I begin to push in and out an inch. I love that I always have to work up her muscles. I love the feeling of them starting out extremely tense around me, but with slow movements, her pussy begins to trust me and slightly relaxes.

Rhaya’s still incredibly tight, the absolute tightest pussy I have ever been inside, but when her muscles relax a little, I know I’m not hurting her.

I begin lengthening my thrusts and she pulls her hands free from mine and wraps them around my torso. Her fingertips press firm into my back muscles.

My lips crash into hers again. We’re panting and sweating even more.

She begins to roll her hips underneath me, she initializes a faster pace. So I obey and I begin to pump inside her faster and deeper.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.” She moans out every time I push back inside. Her finger nails are now digging into my back. Fuck, that turns me on even more.

I ride between her legs, our mouths can’t get enough of one another. I grab one of her perfect tits in one hand, and the other, I force it under her ass, so with every thrust I pull her in as close as I can. I need to be inside her, as far as I can with every pump of my cock.

“I’m going to cum.” She cries out. I continue to pump inside her, my cock is ready to explode, “Me too.” I say against her lips

“Cum with me.” She says looking deep into my eyes.

“Okay.” I say as I thrust. Faster. Deeper. Harder.

“Uh! Uh! Uhhh!” She moans so loud and her pussy clamps down on my cock and she cums. Her pulsating pussy causes me to hit my orgasm peek, “Uuuuuh!” And then my cock explodes deep inside her body.

Our mouths are back on each other’s. I thrust all the way in and all the way out. Again and again. Forcing her tight throbbing pussy to milk my cock.

I can feel that I shot a huge fucking load inside her. With every thrust I can feel my cum leaking out. I can feel our thighs are starting to become sticky.

I slow down the thrusts and then completely stop. We look into each other’s eyes as we come down from our incredible orgasms.

Forgetting where we are, I’m lost in Rhaya’s eyes. I’m inside her body, and I don’t ever want to pull out.

“I love you.” I say.

Rhaya smiles. That’s all she has to do, and I feel her love in return.

The room door opens and then shuts. I look up and Hannah is lying on the other side of the bed with her back to us. It was Ian that walked out the door.

I could tell by the way he kissed and touched Rhaya, that he had strong feelings for her.

And in my gut, I knew it was torture for him to see what he just did.

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