Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 46


I can’t believe how tired I was last night. I didn’t hear Gareth come back but as I open my eyes, his arms are around me. I smile, feeling comforted.

He must have noticed that I woke up because he says, “Good morning beautiful.” I turn around to face him.

“Good morning.” I smile at him, wondering how long he’s been awake.

We hold each other for the next half hour, as we fully wake up. He seems like he’s deep in thought.

“I wish you didn’t have to leave.” I say as I brush his hair out of his face.

“I know. I wish we had more time together.” He looked tired.

“Did you get any sleep last night?” I ask.

“Not really.” He seemed bothered.

“Is everything okay?” I pull back so I can get a good look at him.

He rolled over on his back. “Ian came to talk to me last night.”

My stomach dropped. I didn’t want to have this conversation, but I knew we needed to. He sat up and so did I.

“Gareth, I…” I spoke but he stopped me.

“It fucking pained me to hear it. And I definitely wanted to beat the shit out of him, because I wanted to be the only man that shares that with you. Because, when I cum inside you, I feel as if you are all mine, and I’m all yours. And that I don’t have to compete with anyone because I’m the only one that gets to share that connection with you.” He ran his hand through his ashy blonde hair. Then his blue eyes were back on mine.

“So knowing that you have shared that with him, scares the fuck out of me.” He grabs both my hands in his, “Rhaya, I love you so god damn much, that I can’t lose you. You have my entire heart.” He pulls my hands to his chest, and the sheet I was holding over my breasts falls to my lap.

I take a minute to process what he said.

“Gareth, I can’t tell you how sorry I am. I’ve been worried that once Ian finally told you, that there was a possibility of me losing you, and I couldn’t handle that either.”

I couldn’t. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost Gareth. My heart hurt even thinking about it. Besides my parents, he is the only person in this world I trust with my heart.

I move closer to him, and then straddle his naked body. He places his hands on my hips.

“I can’t lose you either, because I love you too.”

His face lit up as if he had heard the best news in the entire world. And then there was his dimpled smile I love so much.

Then his mouth was on mine, and he hugged me so tight against his body. I feel his cock growing between my legs.

In between kisses we would look at each other and we couldn’t help but smile. He has told me that he loves me, and I’ve told him that I love him. This joy over powers the hurt.

Our bodies charge one another, and our kissing and touching meant so much more.

“Fuck I love you.” He says against my lips.

“And I love you.” I say against his. I begin to roll my hips, causing my pussy to roll against his growing dick.

“I need to be inside you when you say it again.” He growled and grabbed his cock. He started jacking it off. He wants to be full size as he enters me.

“Let me.” I say as I take over his stroking. His cock is already huge, but it gets harder and bigger every stroke. I look him in the eyes as I jack his shaft. And I raise myself up and down on his lap, matching the rhythm of my strokes. This turns him on, he grabs my tits and squeezes. My mouth opens in pleasure.

Now he’s the massive size that spreads me open so fucking wide. I raise myself up and over his cock and slowly lower myself onto him.

“Shiiiit baby.” He moans feeling my tightness.

My pussy is spread wide. It hurts but also feels fucking amazing. Good thing my pussy is already wet.

Instead of easing into the thrusts inch by inch. I lower down on him all the way, and then raise up until it’s just his swollen cock’s head inside, and then I slide back down. Again and again.

“Holy shit, you’re so fucking tight babe.” He moans out and then his mouth is on my neck. And he sucks on my neck so hard, I know I will have a hickey.

“Suck my tits like that.” I beg. And he does. He didn’t just go for the nipple, he sucks in as much tit as he can and sucks it so damn hard. “Yes! Just like that!” I yell. It feels so good. It’s painful but so pleasureful, with the amount of sucking power he’s giving me.

I continue to ride him. My pussy feels so good. We moan in ecstasy.

I stop riding. I reach behind me and begin to massage his balls. He stops sucking my tit and his head slightly falls back and he moans, “Oh fuck yes.”

I circle my fingers around them again and again. “Mmm.” His eyes are closed.

I reach a little lower and find his taint spot. “Fuck Rhaya.” He begins to rock his hips. I listen to his moans and I find the amount of pressure he likes. “Shiiit!”

I continue to circle his sweet spot and then I begin to slide up and down him. “You like that baby?” I say as I bite my lip.

“Mmm hmm. I fucking love it.” I begin to ride faster and circle faster. His hands are now on my hips. He pulls me up his cock and begins to slam back down.

“Oh fuck.” I moan.

His moans are getting louder, I know he’s close. So I stop riding him again and focus on his smooth taint.

I clench my pussy muscles over and over while circle his spot.

“You’re going to make cum!” He yells and begins to thrust his hips.

“Mmm yes. I’m all yours. Shoot your load deep inside me.”

I continue to hold still, pulse my deep muscles, and swirl my finger tips.

“Fuuuck! Uhh! I‘m cumming baby! Fuck I’m cumming!” He jolts his cock up hard. And then under my fingertips I feel his cum shoot up hard and fast. “Uhh.” He continues to moan as he drains his balls inside me.

He kisses me passionately.

“I love you.” I tell him. He wanted me to say it when he was inside me. Well, he’s inside me and so is his cum.

He kisses me again and again, “I love you too.”

After a couple minutes of kissing and still lightly thrusting, I pull of him quickly, not wanting all his cum to fall out.

I squeeze my thighs together to prevent it from happening. And then I reach under my bed and pull out the purple vibrating dildo he got for me as a gift.

Once he sees what I’ve retrieved, his face lights up with excitement.

I lay back so he can watch me. I open my legs, and I begin to feel his cum leaking out.

He watches as some slides out of my slit onto the sheets. He’s mesmerized.

I take the dildo and slide it in my mouth. His eyes are now locked with mine.

I swirl my tongue around it, and put it back in my mouth as if I’m sucking him.

Now I take it out of my mouth and then click the button. The dildo hums to life. I place it on my clit. Fuck that feels so good. I circle my clit with the tip of it. “Oooh.” I moan.

Then I put it at my cum filled entrance and begin to fuck myself with it. “Uh. Uh.” Gareth begins to jack his cum covered cock as he watches me.

The dildo is also covered in cum now. I insert it in again and again. It’s getting sticky. Mmm.

I feel the cream all around my pussy and leaking down, covering my asshole. It makes a sticky wet sound every time I push it in or pull it out.

Watching Gareth stroke his massive wet cock is so fucking hot. It pushes me that much closer to an orgasm.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” He smiles.

Those dimples.

He let’s go of his cock and gently replaces my hand around the dildo with his. And then he begins to fuck my tight little hole with it.

“Mmm yes, that feels amazing.” My toes curl.

Gareth looks from my eyes back to my pussy. “It’s fucking hot, using my cum as lube while I fuck you with a toy.” His cock was still sticking straight up.

“Yes! Just like that! Fuck! I’m going to cum!”

He then pulls the toy out and puts it on my clit.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuck!!” I scream out as I cum. The vibrations are so powerful my eyes roll back and my body begins to shake.

Gareth pulls the dildo away and clicks it off. Then he sits there and watches my pussy pulsate from my orgasm. It pulses so hard, it pushes more of his cum out.

I watch him, watch me pulse his cum out. I love that he likes to watch his cum drip out of me.

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