Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 48


I knew by the look on Ian’s face that it hurt him to hear me say that. But it’s what I need. It would be easier if I didn’t have to be around him right now, but we have training to do.

Last night I thought long and hard about what the next steps would be, but since it’s the law, I have to finish my training. So this was the best scenario I could come up with. I’m not quite convinced it will work, but I’m going to try.

You see on the movies, and you hear stories about one night stands, and the sex is incredible, because one- you don’t have to ever see that person again, so you’re down for being kinky as fuck, and two- because there’s no emotional ties. Or so I’ve heard.

Okay, and alcohol is fit into the equation somewhere, but alcohol was in Ian and I’s equation last time, and look how well that turned out…

So I’m going to try my best to not even think much and just let my sexual nature take over. All this is, is sex Rhaya. I say to myself.

I knew today we were picking up where we left off on our last lesson. So I did the awkward prep work and honestly, I don’t know how I feel about anal yet. I think at first, to anyone it’s weird, but my guess is that people get more comfortable about it, the more they do it.

It’s time to turn the emotions off.

I walk over to the dresser in the room. There’s Bluetooth speakers and iPods in almost every training room.

I scroll through the playlists and click on ‘SoMo’ - an artists with sexy songs about fucking. I turn up the volume as the song ‘Ride’ comes on, and then I walk back over to Ian.

“Where do we begin?” I ask as I pull my crop top over my head.

“Uh.. that’s a good place.” He says as he looks at my tits through my white lacy bra.

I walk in front of him and unbutton my shorts, turn around, and I slowly pull them down.

It’s only appropriate if he’s going to fuck my asshole that he gets turned on by looking at my ass, right? With this song on in the background, I feel sexy.

Now I’m only wearing my white lacy bra and thong. I sway my hips to the music, and peek over my shoulder. Ian is definitely getting turned on.

I back up a couple steps and he places his hands on my hips as I sway back and forth. His hands wander across my smooth ass.

I then sit on his lap, and roll my hips. I use to tease my high school boyfriend Jace with lap dances all the time, so I can confidently say I know what I’m doing.

The sexy song and the feeling of his cock turning hard, is turning me on. The music is helping me not think too much. I just let my hips moves to the rhythm.

“Fuck.” I hear him mumble under his breath. I take another peak over my shoulder at him, I can see the look on his face… it’s the expression he wears when he tells me he loves me.

“Turn your emotions off.” I say as I grab his hand, pull it around me, and guide it over the top of my lacy panties. I hold his hand there as I roll my hips. My ass presses against his cock even harder and I pull his hand down with more pressure against my clit.

He continues to harden under me. He then begins to rub my clit to my swaying rhythm.

“Mmm, yes that feels good.” I close my eyes, listening to the song while Ian rubs me.

‘I’m goin’ ride on you baby, on you lady all night, all night.’ Fuck, this song is hot.

I get up off Ian’s lap and turn around and straddle him. I yank his shirt open and the buttons go flying onto the floor.

Now he’s looking at me the way I want him to…. Full of lust. His green eyes show his hunger. He wants to fuck me.

As I start to unbutton his pants, he pulls his shirt off the rest of the way. Ian then reaches over to the dresser and grabs a condom.

Once his pants are unzipped, I raise my ass slightly so he can pull his pants and briefs down.

He rips open the wrapper and then tosses it to the ground. He looks into my eyes as he rolls the condom over his large shaft. His gaze is intense and lustful.

Once the rubber is on, his index finger curls around the material of my thong. He pulls the fabric hard to the side and lets go once it’s resting in the crease of my leg and outer pussy lip.

Ian grasps his thick cock as I raise over it. We continue to gaze at each other. But it’s different this time….

We know we’re not about to make love. We know we are about to fuck each other like strangers.

Once his cock’s head begins to spread my pussy lips, I force him deep inside me. I need his cock. I didn’t want to slowly ease on him.

I moan out, initially from the tight overwhelming feeling, but I hear him moan and it turns me on even more- knowing I’m making his cock feel good.

I don’t waste any time. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin to ride him. Fuck he feels so good inside me.

My slick pussy squeezes him as I bounce up and down. “Yes. Ride that fucking cock.” Ian grunts out. Our skin slaps together as my ass connects with his thighs.

He quickly snaps my bra off and throws it to the ground. Now his mouth is on my tits. He’s not being gentle. He bites down on my nipple.

“Shit!” I yell out. It hurt but it also adds to my pleasure. He bites my other nipple.

“Fuck.” I moan. I know it’s causing my juices to flow like crazy.

Ian’s hands are now on my ass. He slaps me. Hard.

I cry out. And he does it again and again. My skin burns but I love it.

I continue to fuck him. He then brings his index and middle finger to my lips. My lips part and he slides his fingers in my mouth. I react the way he wants me too. I suck on them. I roll my tongue against them.

Ian slowly pulls them out of my mouth. They’re glistening with my saliva.

He reaches behind me, and the next thing I know, he’s rubbing his wet fingers on my asshole. It shocks me and I slow down and then stop.

His cock is all the way inside me as

I sit on him and feel him circle my asshole.

“Before I invade your tight ass… our safe word will be ‘gray.’” His green eyes are looking into mine as he continues to rub his fingers in circles.


“Gray.” He repeats. “Only use it if you are in pain or something is too much for you.” His face is stern. I then nod.

I’m nervous but also excited. It must get intense if it’s time for a safe word.

Now only his middle finger rubs me, but this time with more pressure. I feel him push at my hole. As he does this, I can feel his cock twitching inside my tight pussy. He so fucking turned on.

“Don’t stop fucking me.” He demands in a serious voice. Our faces are close. I can smell his minty breath.

I begin to ride him again. But this time slowly, so I can focus on what Ian is doing to my other hole.

With more pressure, his finger tip enters. I gasp. Ian holds still to see my reaction, “How does my fingertip feel in your ass?” I’ve never seen so much lust on Ian’s face.

I slowly start to raise up and down his pole again, “It’s a different sensation… but I like it.” The feeling makes me moan out as Ian starts to pull his finger tip out and then back in again.

Ian’s lips are parted and small moans escape his mouth. He loves that I am fucking him while he explores more of me.

As I sink onto him, each time his cock pushes further up inside me, he pushes his finger further into my ass.

“Have you and Gareth had anal sex yet?” Ian asks. There it was. Emotion in his facial expression. He almost looked pained to ask.

I slow down and look at him, “No. We haven’t.”

Before I have a chance to say anything else, Ian grabs the back of my knees and flips me under him. All his weight is on me, so his cock is as far in as it can go.

He looks me in the eyes. I can see how much he loves me, it causes my heart to beat faster, but I just can’t continue to be wrapped up in these vines of confusion.

“Ian. Please don’t.” I look away from him. I can’t look in to his eyes when he looks at me like that. Not right now.

Once he knows I’m not going to look back at him, he slowly pulls out of me. I think he is gathering his stuff to leave, but when I look back in his direction, he is walking back toward me with a bottle of lube.

He is now cautious of the way he looks at me. “Okay,” he says gently, “it’s just about sex.” He pumps the bottle, and cold liquid hits my pussy hole and then streams over my asshole.

“The first lesson about anal… when you think you have enough lube… use more lube.” He pumps more and more liquid out. I gasp at the coldness. He doesn’t care that it rolls down my ass onto the bedding.

He then takes a pump full in his hand and coats it all over his fingers. The lustful determined look is back on his face and then his middle finger is back at my back hole. He begins again by circling then pressing his finger tip in. He does this repeatedly.

“I know you don’t trust me right now, but it’s very important for you to act like you do. You have to trust me, or this will be painful. Do you understand?” His voice is sexy and demanding.

He’s right, I don’t trust him with my heart, but I trust him sexually.

I nod.

“By trusting me, and allowing yourself to relax, the more you will mentally relax, then the more your muscles will also.” And then I feel him insert two fingertips very slowly. It’s almost to the point of hurting, but then I remind myself to relax.

Ian is right. My muscles are more relaxed. He begins to slowly thrust in and out of my ass with his fingers. His cock is very alert as he does so.

Another fingertip is inserted, and I tense from the tightness. “Uh.” I moan quietly from the hint of pain.

Ian pulls his fingers out and brings the lube closer to my ass. Another pump. This time I can feel it seeping inside. “What’s our safe word?” Ian demands.

I watch as more lube pours on his fingers, “Gray.” I reply.

“Good girl.” His three fingers slowly push inside me again. Again, there is the slightest bit of pain, but nothing that is too much to handle.

“For most, especially an ass virgin, it is important to loosen these muscles. There are many nerve endings, and for someone who has not experienced this kind of stimulation, it can feel unpleasant at first. But again, if you trust me enough to know- I will make this feel fucking good for you, then it most certainly will. But if you don’t…. Just remember our safe word.” I’m finding his serious demeanor very sexy.

I trust that Ian will make this feel fucking good.

His finger thrusts are deeper, “That’s good. Your muscles are relaxing.” A slight smile washes over his face. He sees I’m trusting him.

After a few more minutes, it’s does start to feel very good. I never thought I’d enjoy this, but I do.

Then he pulls his fingers out, and grabs the lube once again. This time he smothers his condom covered cock with the smooth liquid.

“Now my cock is going to expand you even more, but just continue to relax, and know I’m going to be gentle and slow with you. Okay?”

I nod once again and feel the tip of his cock push open my ass. I keep my breathing regulated as he slowly eases inside, centimeter by centimeter.

“Fuck.” I moan and he stops. He lets me get use to his size before he continues.

He holds still for a couple minutes, once he feels my muscles relax more he slides deeper. I moan out again, but this time in pleasure.

Once Ian is cock length inside me he holds still again. My muscles ease on tension and then I feel his cock pushing the right spot. It feels like he’s hitting my g spot from inside my ass.

As my moans get louder, Ian begins to gently thrust. Holy fuck. This feels amazing.

“That feels so good.” I tell him and I see excitement in his eyes.

His thrusts continue to build momentum as he reads my body language.

Ian’s moans also become louder the faster he goes, “So fucking tight.” His eyes roll back and he pumps in and out faster.

He’s still not fucking me too hard but it’s enough I can feel my pussy expanding with liquid. I can feel a powerful orgasm building.

Our moans fill the air, “Rub your clit.” Ian commands as his grip around my thighs tighten.

I begin to rub my clit in circles as Ian watches me. “As you fuck my ass, I feel like I’m going to squirt.” I announce, not knowing if that was normal.

Ian’s pace quickens, now he’s fucking me so good. “Fuck yes! By all means, let that pussy squirt.” He grunts out. Sweat is beading all over this toned body. He looks sexy as he pounds my ass.

“Fuuck!” He yells out. He’s getting ready to cum too. His moans send my pussy spraying. “Uuuuuh!” I rub my clit fast and hard. I spray Ian’s rippled stomach. “Shiit!” I scream out. Once my pussy stops squirting, all my deep muscles contract and release with power.

Ian watches my pink pussy muscles clench, and he hits his no return point. “Uh!” He moans. Four more hard long thrusts, “Fuuuuckk!! Uuh! Uuuuuuh!”

He cums so hard, his eyes are forced close and his jaw muscles tighten, as well as his whole body. Then I feel his release and his cock throbs hard in my ass.

“Fuck.” He opens his eyes. His gaze locks with mine. All I’m trying to think about is how fucking sexy this man is when he ejaculates. But the look he’s giving me, is making me think about so much more.

“Rhaya.” His voice is soft. His swollen cock is still deep inside me.

“I’m so so fucking sorry. I…” The loving look is back in his eyes.

“Don’t.” I stop him. “Ian, please… just don’t. I told you, I need time.” I motioned so I could get up.

He grabs the base of the condom and holds it in place, as he pulls out of me. He pulls the condom off and sits on the bed.

I instantly get off the bed and get dressed. He watches me. We don’t say another word.

I look at him a last time and then leave the training room and shut the door behind me.

Tears sting my eyes, but I force them from falling. I just shared a ‘first’ with a man I’m trying not to love, and it’s fucking breaking my heart.

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