Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 5


Gareth's shower was huge! It was one of those fancy ones where the shower head was a big square that was attached to the ceiling.

The hot water felt so amazing on my skin. I was still trying to come down from the hot make out session we had down stairs just moments before, I started imagining Gareth in the shower with me.

Him turning me around so my backside was facing him, and he pushes me against the shower wall and then slowly pumps his cock inside me. Moaning together as his speed picks up and we're both about to explode. I bite my lip remembering his moan from earlier, fuck that was hot. Hearing that I'm pleasing him was a huge turn on. I've never had the urge to touch and be touched like I did with this beautiful stranger. I have little control with him.

I finish washing my body with the Men’s Dove soap in his shower, and then my hair. The bathroom is very steamy. I turn the water off when I'm all clean, and dry myself with the towel Gareth handed me before I got in.

I wrap the towel around me and tuck the free edge under my armpit. I open the door and I'm back in his bedroom, but now with the light on and I can see. The room was very modern, with dark husky colors invading the space. The bed was obvious a king size.

I wonder how many women he has brought to this bed. I shake my head trying to get that image to disappear.

On his dark grey comforter he laid out a T shirt and a pair of his boxers. I put them on and the T shirt covered the boxers and hung just above my knee. After I dried my hair as best I could with the towel, I headed downstairs.

The food smelt amazing. My stomach was now growling, and I realized I hadn't eaten all day.

As I got to the kitchen, his back was facing me and while he stirred, and flipped the food, I could see the muscles under his clothes with every movement.

His lightly tussled hair was still in a sexy bun. My eyes wandered a little lower. That's a nice ass. I admired the way he looked in those dress slacks, the way they hugged his hips started turning me on.

I realized was biting my lip, Oh hell, you just met this man! You’re so infatuated. I walked towards him as he turned around, his face lit up.

"It's pretty sexy when a man can cook." I said and his white teeth gleamed, "You want to know what's even sexier?" There were loose strands of his blonde hair shaping his face perfectly. He set the metal tongs down and walked closer, "You. In. My. Shirt. And boxers."

And then his soft lips met mine again, but I knew he didn't want to get carried away this time. And then he stepped back to take another long look at me, "No makeup, wet hair... you are absolutely breath taking." He touched my cheek. His touch felt so nice.

I was sitting at the table when he brought both our plates over. He made steak, grilled zucchini, mashed potatoes and gravy.

"This looks delicious! Thank you so much."

"You are certainly welcome, beautiful." My steak was grilled perfectly, medium, the way I like it. "Wine?" He asked picking it up from the middle of the table.

"Absolutely." The red liquid filled the wine glass half way. "Thank you."

After our food was gone we walked over to his huge living room where he had started a fire, with our wine in hand. There was a blanket on the floor in front of the fire where we both sat down.

"So Rhaya, tell me about yourself." He took a sip of wine and sat it on the coffee table. "What do you want to know?"

"Anything, and everything there is to know about you." I shivered and he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around me.

"Well, my parents we're both a couple of druggies, so basically I was put into the foster system at the age of 5 when my father took off and my mother O.D.ed. I bounced from home to home, till the age of 12."

I could see sorrow in Gareth's eyes, he rested his hand on my leg, which was soothing.

"A family finally wanted to adopt me, and they were really kind until the adoption was finalized. They basically only wanted me for tax purposes. They were a bunch of alcoholics. It started with locking me in a closet for days without any food or water. And then they would pinch me and hit me, but only where my clothes would hide the bruises."

"Oh my god Rhaya."

"It lasted until I turned 15, when I was home with my adoptive mother when she found a bag of mine packed. I was going to run away. And she beat the shit out me, and this time she didn't care if my clothes would hide the bruises. My left eye was swollen shut, my body was black and blue, and she broke my arm by slamming it into the refrigerator. She locked me in the closet again, but over the years I figured out how to pick the lock with a bobby pin and while they were asleep, I ran to the nearest police station, and they were arrested. They are now serving 20 years to life for child abuse, negligence, and murder attempt." I was surprised I didn't start crying.

"Good god, what evil people. Did you go back into the foster system after?"

"Yes I did. And I was very broken, it was very hard to open up to having any parents again, the only ones I've ever known didn't protect or care about me. But after a few months in the system, I went to a very kind couple. Kim and Adam Kingsley. They basically broke down my walls and became my mom and dad. And I am forever grateful." He was rubbing my leg.

"That makes sense now, when I decided you were the one, they were very protective of you. They weren't going to let you go to some asshole. I found out they got a background check on me, interviewed family and friends. I knew they didn't want you to be chosen, so you could go off and live the life you wanted, not with some stranger. So I was hesitant at first, but after I met some of the men that were trying to be your suitor, there was no way I was letting you go to one of those pricks."

Anger was written all over his face. I got up and sat between his legs, and he wrapped his arms around me, resting them on my stomach. He finally relaxed and kissed the top of my head, "Rhaya, I'm so sorry life hasn't treated you well. But I want you to know that I will. I will protect you and I will always be there for you." A tear escaped from my eyes.

"I believe you. And thank you. So yeah, there's not much to know about me. Other than my favorite color is emerald green, I absolutely love pizza, and I am actually a damn good artist." I laughed at my own comment, “An artist huh?” He squeezes tighter.

"Yeah, I received an art scholarship to Kendover Arts College, which is extremely difficult to get into and only three hours away. So there you go, now you know everything about me, I don't even have to tell you I'm a virgin, Mr. Lockwood did that for me." We both started laughing.

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