Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 51


It was the last time Gareth ever had to drop me back off at the mansion. It’s already been a day since I’ve seen him, and I already miss him. But at the same time, I’ve missed Ian too.

It’s annoying that my heart still has feelings for Ian. I’ve been trying so fucking hard to get him out of my head, but truthfully, that’s not going to happen until I’m out of this mansion.

It’s Tri-Dp Exploration Week. A week I’ve been excited for, but also nervous about. My sexual naughty side has been eager. Eager for both Gareth’s and Ian’s cocks to both be inside me. At. The. Same. Time.

But before I get to enjoy that lustful experience… Damien finally gets what he’s been wanting for a long time… His chance to fuck me. And that’s what I’m nervous about. I still think back to the gangbang with Nicole, and the way Damien pounded her… At least Ian will be there. I feel better knowing he wouldn’t let Damien have his complete way with me.

And even before I get to explore with Ian and Damien, I have to observe them with another woman. That is what today’s lesson is.

I’ve been sitting in the viewing room for about five minutes. The same room Ian and I watched the gangbang in. I watch the empty room through the one sided mirror.

Ian explained to me that the reason behind me watching today, is of course to know what to expect, and observe the actions, but also to maximize my arousal. So he insisted I wear absolutely nothing and to touch and pleasure myself as I watch them.

A few months ago, I would have been embarrassed by the idea of this, but now that I have been through a lot of training, and kinky shit, this just makes me horny as fuck.

I watch as a woman walks into the room on the other side of the glass. That’s when I recognize it’s Hannah, the woman I watch fuck Gareth. Again, her beauty stirs up the jealousy within me. Her long blonde hair is straightened and flows to the middle of her back.

She pulls off her red lace robe and tosses it to the ground. Now all she is wearing is a pair of red heels. She lays across the bed on her stomach. Her ass is plump and quite a bit bigger than mine. She relaxes as she waits for Ian and Damien.

I untie my black silk robe and slide it off onto the floor. I chose the front row love seat so I could see all there was to see. I lay across the black leather. My bare skin lightly sticks to the material.

I’m lying naked on the couch, I stretch my arms above my head, when the door to the viewing room opens… I’m shocked to see Damien. He’s only wearing light blue jeans, and no shirt.

He’s stunned. The look on his face makes him seem like he’s going to ejaculated right there.

Again, a few months ago I’d be embarrassed and would grab my robe and try to cover myself, but we’re going to fucking tomorrow anyway, so I don’t see a point.

“Like what you see?” I ask bringing my arms back down, crossing them, and cup my breasts.

I watch the bulge in his pants grow. “Fuck, yes.” He says not letting his bright blue eyes stray away from my body. His blonde hair is slightly messy.

“That is the best fucking sight I’ve ever seen.” He smiles and then moves his hand on top of his jeans and grabs at his cock. His jeans grow tighter.

“But what about her?” I motion towards the glass.

Damien has to peel his eyes off me. He looks at Hannah lying on the bed for about three seconds and then his piercing eyes dart back toward me. His abs are very defined, and his arms are very muscular.

“She’s hot. But you…” He takes a few steps closer, “you are a fucking goddess… So fucking sexy.” I watch his eyes lower and then stop. My legs are pressed together, but he stares at the top of my smooth pussy. I watch as his tongue moistens his lips.

“Show me. Part those sexy legs for me.” He says as he grabs his cock again.

“I don’t think so.” I laugh and cross my legs.

“If you show me your pussy, I promise to not be so rough with you this week.” He continues to rub himself, and then his eyes come up to mine and he smiles at me.

The day he told me that Ian loves me, I told him if he didn’t fuck so hard, that him fucking me might sound more appealing; so he knows I’m not too keen of his roughness.

“And I don’t believe you.” I reply, his eyes piercing into mine. “I don’t believe you’re capable of anything but rough.”

Damien takes a couple more steps toward me until he is standing over me and smiles down at me, “Well then, maybe I’ll surprise us both tomorrow.” He looks back down at my body.

The look on his face is as if he wants to devour me. “Until then…” he grabs his cock again, squeezes, and moistens his lips with his tongue again, “Enjoy the show.”

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