Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 52


I watch as Damien enters into the same room as Hannah, and then a few seconds later, so does Ian.

Fuck, he’s sexy. His bare rippling chest is showing, and his dark denim jeans hug his waist perfectly. His brown hair is wet, he must have just got out of the shower. I imagine the smell of him, a subtle husky scent, and minty breath.

The thought of his skin on mine, causes a hunger deep within me. I cross my legs tighter to quench my need.

When I’m away from Ian, even for a day or two, my need for him to be inside me is sometimes overwhelming. The need for him to pump that beautiful cock inside my body drives me crazy.

Guilt still haunts me every so often, but I decided I’d only be here for one more week, so I’m going to make the best of it without the guilt.

I watch as Hannah gets off the bed and both Damien and Ian surround her. She slides one hand down each of their chests, and looks back and forth between them.

Their bodies were very similar, their muscle definition, their height, and I already know their cocks are too.

Hannah’s hands slide down and grab both their cocks, almost at the same time, their lips part with pleasure. Damien unbutton and unzips his pants, while Ian grabs both her tits, and then he kisses her.

I’m surprised my jealousy isn’t taking over, instead I cross my legs tighter and squeeze my tits.

As Hannah and Ian makeout, Damien licks his middle and ring finger. He then slides it between her pussy lips. With Damien’s other hand he pulls down his jeans and briefs, and begins stroking his already large shaft.

I watch as his fingers dart in and out of her, her juices glistening off his fingers. He continues to jack his dick.

“Take your pants off.” Hannah says to Ian.

As Ian starts to undo his pants, Hannah turns to Damien. She grabs his wrist and forces his fingers out. Then she slowly puts them into her mouth, tasting herself. She sucks on Damien’s fingers for a couple seconds, “Fuck.” Damien whispers.

Once Ian’s pants are off, Hannah turns to him and lowers herself onto her knees. His cock is big, but it’s not fully erect yet. She takes his entire dick into her mouth. By Ian’s face I can tell she is swirling her skilled tongue around him.

His hands are in her blonde hair and his head tips back, showing he’s enjoying it. “Oh.” I hear Ian moan out. His sound forces my fingers to pinch my nipples. I moan quietly.

Damien strokes himself as he watches her suck Ian. She gags. He must now be completely erect.

She pulls back and her saliva drips off Ian’s now huge cock. Hannah turns to Damien and does the same thing. Only this time, as Damien’s dick enters her wet mouth, he instantly thrusts himself down her throat causing her to gag again. He likes the sound, so he grabs her forcefully by the hair and begins to fuck her mouth.

She must have had a lot of practice, because even with Damien thrusting hard in her mouth, while gagging, she still reaches over for Ian’s cock and strokes it.

“You like that deep throat from my fat cock?” Damien grits his teeth.

“Ye-es.” She manages between a couple thrusts.

As Damien let’s go of her hair, Hannah pulls back then starts sucking Ian again.

Ian definitely isn’t as rough with her, but his sexiness makes me more wet. I watch as his ass muscles flex as he thrusts inside her mouth.

I lick my fingers and place them on my clit. I rub in circles as I move my hips to the pace of Ian’s thrusts.

His entire cock won’t fit in her mouth anymore. She can only take about three fourths of it.

Ian then pulls Hannah up and motions toward the bed. His face is serious, and his green eyes are dark. It’s hard to read him.

Hannah crawls onto the bed as Ian stands at the edge. She leans up on her knees and kisses him. Damien follows behind her on the bed, and as her and Ian are kissing, Damien leans up on his knees right behind her, grabs his large pole and jerks it up inside her pussy.

She cries out in Ian’s mouth, “Fuck!”

Ian begins to jerk himself off while using Hannah’s saliva as lube, as he watches Damien fuck her from behind. “Yes pound that pussy.” She says as she lowers herself on all fours and takes over Ian’s cock again with her mouth.

Damien pounds her hard which causes her momentum to go forward, causing Ian’s cock to go further down her throat.

I watch Ian’s face as I rub my clit. His face is always so sexy when his cock feels good.

They fuck her like that for another ten minutes, by this time my pussy is very wet.

Damien then pulls her back. As he lays on the bed, she is now in a reverse cowgirl position. But Damien holds her up enough to pull himself out and reposition his cock at her asshole.

Hannah tries to slowly ease onto his dick, but he pulls her down and arches his pelvis, so he can be balls deep. Hannah moans loudly, and Damien pulls her so her back is on his chest.

Ian gets onto the bed and in between her legs. Hannah’s legs are spread open, giving Ian easy access.

Ian spits into his hand and coats his dick with saliva, then he pushes inside her pussy, not too fast but not too slow. “Oh fuck.” Hannah moans as her eyes roll backward. Damien and Ian are now both inside her.

Damien can’t fuck her hard in this position.

The rhythm Damien and Ian pursue is as if they’ve fucked many girls together. While Ian is pulling out, Damien is pushing in, and when Ian is thrusting in, Damien is pulling out.

I insert my middle and ring finger inside my tight pussy and begin to moan. I rock my hips back and forth. The leather material under me sticks to my skin as I move. I imagine it’s Ian’s skin and as we get more sweaty, our skin sticks and slides together.

Minutes have gone by, their pace has picked up and Hannah’s moans are louder.

“Fuuuck! I’m cumming!” Hannah screams and both guys plunge faster.

Damien isn’t going to last much longer, his face says it all. His eyes are squinted shut and his mouth is opened wide, “Ooh shit!! Oh shit! Fuck me! I’m cumming inside your ass! Uuuuh!” He jerks hard up inside her hard and shoot his load.

As Damien enjoys cumming inside Hannah’s ass, Ian looks deep in thought. He then stops and pulls out.

I get up off the couch to get a better look. I’m not sure what’s going on. Ian grabs something from the nightstand and leaves the room, leaving Damien and Hannah behind.

The next thing I know, Ian opens the viewing room door and shuts it behind him, he’s breathing hard, and his cock is huge. He is holding a condom in his hand.

“I fucking need you.”

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