Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 53


Rhaya needs me too. It’s written all over her beautiful face. She’s only been gone for a couple nights, but god I’ve missed her.

Our bodies collide as if we can read each other minds. Her soft warm lips melt against mine. Her tits pressed up against me feels incredible, as well as my cock pressed between both our bodies.

Feeling her actual skin on my cock makes me harder. Our tongues roll against each others. She tastes so good.

Fucking Hannah was pleasant, but with Rhaya… everything is different. My body is charged by hers. Every little movement or sound she makes sparks something inside me. And then when I am inside her, that fire ignites.

“Fuck Rhaya. I need to be inside you.” I say breathing hard. My sweat is now rubbing between our bodies.

“Yes.” She replies in between kisses. I bite her bottom lip and then suck it into my mouth. She moans.

I gently push her back onto the loveseat. As I look down at the most beautiful body, I rip the condom open. It takes me a couple seconds to get it over my swollen tip. Rhaya bites her lip as she watches me.

I wish so bad, that I didn’t have to wear it. I wish I could feel her tight wetness around me again. But this time I abide by the contract.

Once I roll it up my shaft, I kneel on the couch cushion between her legs. I feel my cock pulse at the sight of her glistening tight pussy. Fuck.

I grab the back of her left leg and pull it over my shoulder. I lower down and position my swollen tip between her pussy lips, and then I thrust inside her.

Rhaya and I both gasp at the same time. Fuck. No other pussy feels this good. Not even close. The way her pussy muscles clench my cock. Her tightness is out of this world.

I push her leg towards her chest so I can sink all the way inside her. “Fuuck.” I moan and bite her thigh and she moans in return.

Her hands are in my hair as we look into each other’s eyes. This is the look she gives me, the look that tells me she loves me.

I pull my dick all the way out, and then just ease my thick tip in and out of her. I love the feeling of her pussy expanding over the ridge of my cock’s head. Her mouth is wide open; her chest raises and falls from her quick breaths.

Rhaya’s moans are the best fucking sound. Her needful pussy is so wet from my teasing, but I continue to just gently fuck her with my tip.

“Oh Ian.” She whimpers. Fuck. She hasn’t moaned my name in a long time.

“Mmm.” I moan. “Say it again.” I beg as I ease my tip in and out even slower.

Rhaya bites her lip.

“If you want all of me. Say it again.” I demand. I need her to moan my name as I make love to her.

I slow down even more. “Say it.” We watch each other intently.

“Ian.” She cries out and grabs my ass. I plunge my giant cock into Rhaya’s tiny pussy. We both moan out together. Fuck I need this. I need her. All the fucking time.

“Yes.” She whispers between moans. I push all of me inside her and then pulse my body into hers. I know she loves it because I’m pumping against her clit.

I move my mouth to her tit and suck on her erect nipples. Her back arches and I pulse faster, smacking my v line against her sensitive clit.

I bounce deep inside her. The tip of my cock continually hits the back of her pussy wall. Fuck, this feels so good.

“Mmmmm.” I hum against her nipple, and then grunt as I lengthen my thrusts again.

I jerk inside her and smack against her clit as my balls bounce against her ass.

“Rhaya. Uhh. Fuck. I don’t ever want to stop.” I say gazing into her eyes.

“You’re going to make me cum Ian.” Her mouth opens wider.

Yes. I need her to cum. I need her to cum on my cock. I need to feel that pussy thud.

I pump into her faster, making sure I smack her clit every time. I need her to squeeze me.

“Iiiiaann!!” She yells out, “uhhhh! Uuh!” And then her orgasm build up releases and she cums around my dick.

Her orgasm is powerful. It squeezes me just right. I’m going to cum.

“Uuuh!” I pump hard into her, “Uuuh!” I need a more. I pump in and out of her until I can’t hold it anymore.

I pull out of her. I rip the fucking condom off as fast as I can. “Fuuuuuck!”

I aim and shoot my hot cum on top of her pussy lips. “Uuh!” I grunt out as I pump my cock with my hand.

More and more semen sprays on her pussy.

The sight of my cum covering her sexy pussy keeps me going, and my ejaculation lasts longer than usual.

My body begins to quiver. I watch Rhaya lay there staring at me as she’s covered in my seed.

“Lay with me.” She breaks the silence. I’m shocked by her words. For the past few weeks, after we finished, she would instantly get up and leave.

So her words sent chills through my body. “Okay.” I whisper back and lay on top of her. I press my cock against her cum covered pussy, wrap my arms under her and rest my head in the nape of her neck.

We lay there listening to each other’s heart beat. That’s when I realize this might be my last time making love to her. Just the two of us.

Why did she want me to lay with her? Has she chosen me? Or is it because she knows it’s the last time we’ll share this alone time together?

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